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A Change Of Bandages

After Eve had gathered herself up,

"Now, Eve, your society doesn't appreciate the language you use, i'm not going to be that hard on you, seeing how it is mostly bad habits, but we'll have to try at least." He said.

"I'll...try." she said. "but I'm not promising anything." she snapped. she looked around and then to the floor, "Can you put me on the floor now?" she asked.

"Are you sure?" he asked looking her over.

"Yes." She huffed as he shook his head lightly at her typical response but placed her on the floor anyway, though he hovered his palm by her as she slightly cringed at her wounds. "I'm fine ironhide, just a...l-little sore." She said though she liked the gesture of him being able to help if she asked.

"I can carry you, it's no problem." He offered.

"It's a problem for me, i'm not a baby." She moaned kicking her feet up. Eve looked at the rather large workbench that was near by, the only thing that was most mentionable seeing how Ironhides quarters were pretty bare, debris of machinery and bits of metal decorated the floor surrounding the bench that followed, "not as practical as you think you are. How is this child friendly?" she teased.

"I have not been in my quarters for two days. Plus count the other two days for me watching over you as you slept. " He said.

"you freak." She teased for being able to watch her for that long, "Hold on, two days?" Eve then started counting her fingers, "two days? Is that how long I've been sleeping? you sure?" she asked.

Ironhide nodded, "due to your status you have not been healing as fast as we hoped you would." He added.

Eve looked at her arms, "there probably just slightly scabbed." She said.

"Mm-hmm, they need to be changed soon too." He added.

"changed?" she said looking at her bandaged arms which she followed them up to her shoulder, then around her whole torso as she held her hands there, making her face turn red with rage and embarrassment, "who the fuck wrapped me up?!" she yelled at him.

"N-now E-Eve..."

"No one can touch me there or anywhere! Or Take my shirt off even when I'm sleeping!" she continued to yell.

"Ratchet is a medic, he was merely treating your wounds, it was professionally done and i was there for observation to make sure he did it right." He said slightly tempted to get his cannons out for defense.

"Ratchet?! And Who else?! I'm not a god damn frog being dissected ya know!" she said. "observation." she scoffed, "observe this." she added sticking her middle finger up to him.

"Eve it's nothing to be embarrassed about we all get repairs if you recall my not so fondness of my own repair maintenance." He said.

"y-you could've waited until i was conscious." She said dropping her face to the floor as a heat fell over her face, now she felt more sorrow then anger at this point.

"i did what i thought was best, being conscious may have been much more uncomfortable for you with the chemicals that were applied to your arms to aid the healing process." He said.

Eve then flushed embarrassed, "still, i was exposed...I'm not getting my bandages changed! I can do it myself!"

Without any warning again Ironhide scooped her up as she yelped again, "I'll be here with you." He said holding her in the crook of his arm but at this point she didn't care, she couldn't even bring herself to yell at him after what he did for her.

"I don't want him to do it...doesn't seem that hard to apply them if he can." She said her tone lowering.

"These procedures are never pleasant but it'll be quick and it's only for the last time." He said as he then placed her in his lap.

Tears slightly built up in her eyes, "i-i don't want to." She whimpered.

"I know." He said stroking her cheek and catching the tears that fell. "and i know that you will be going through different things around here but no one will make any comments, i won't let them, if they do so much as let a tear fall from your face they'll be pushing up lug nuts before they can hit the floor." He then said in a threatening vice.

Eve sniffed as she wiped her face, "is that like pushing up daisies?" she asked.

"in a sense, but that is basically what i mean." He said.

"That's sweet, hide but you can just have a fit at them it works just as good." She lightly jested as her voice was wobbly.

"you sure? It'll be as if they were never here." He said leaning his face beside hers in a tempting manner.

she giggled, and the sound was like wind chimes in comparison, "I'm sure, but death threats are fine." She added.

"what a sound, like a chirping Sparkling." Ironhide announced, "you should make that sound more often."

Eve blushed again, "Not bloody likely," she huffed sussing out for herself what he meant by sound.

"Shall i call Ratchet? If we get this done now we can tour the base so you can get used to your new surroundings."

She shuffled herself closer to him in a clinging manner to try and get as much shelter as possible, "don't like Ratchet either, that's a double negative." She said crossing her arms.

Ironhide lightly chuckled as Eve swayed lightly from the vibrations, a slight noise came from Ironhides doors as Eve instantly clinged to him more, "you can come in Ratchet." He said as he did so without a second passing.

He smiled at Eve though to her it was a 'patronizing' smile, "how are you feeling Eve." He asked.

"Fuck, you." She uttered glaring at him.

Ironhide snickered.

"Ironhide!" he snapped.

"o-oh sorry, er, Eve don't use that kind of tone on Ratchet." He said mock scolding.

"It's not her tone I'm referring to." He said but he shook his head as he knelt down to Eve who still clung to Ironhide. "Eve, i will be swift." Ratchet said but if this is his way of reassurance the Eve would vow to never let go.

"No! I don't care how fast it is!" she yelled flailing her legs at him.

Ratchet looked to Ironhide for help, he nodded as he tried reassuring her, he offered her a hand as she dived for it, "Ironhide pleaseeeee don't let him." She pleaded and this time physical tears were flowing as she shook with fear.

She killed him mentally, i guess that comes with the role, "Eve i pains me to see you like this really it does, but we are only doing this as we feel it's the best, i don't want your wounds becoming septic." He said.

"o-oh i hate life." She stuttered.

Ironhide raised her to optic level, "you don't mean that and I'll be here; just close your eyes and it'll all end faster." He said lightly patting her back.

Eve made a series of expressions as well as burning tears threatening to fall, with a frustrated growl she took grip of her top as she yelled, "as soon as i do this be fucking quick!" her eyes were still shut tight as she then threw her top off, her legs shook wildly as she was now exposed though the bandages were technically covering that though not for longer, nothing touched her yet and her bandages suddenly fell from her as she started whimpering in distress, Ironhide made slight 'shh' sounds as she let her tears fall.

"Oh, seems like they won't need changing after all" Eve slightly lowered her hands from her face upon hearing that, "the wounds have scabbed over." Ratchet said casually.

Eve froze then threw her top over her as her face turned brick red as Ironhide started to growl in his direction.

"You mean...i went through all that...and you didn't even need to change my bandages!" she screamed.

"You put her through all that distress for nothing!" Ironhide yelled also outmatching Eve's screams

"Yes, well..." he said sneakily.

"you fucking knew! He fucking knew Ironhide! you said i could trust your friends Ironhide!" she yelled.

Ironhide ceased hie growling as he looked down at her, "i know what i said Eve but unfortunately i keep bad company." he growled.

"maybe that'll teach you to speak to people in a proper manner now." Ratchet then added smugly in Eves direction.

"you exposed her, even though i had already updated you with the details of her physical abuse, she is self conscious in that section and you still choose to humiliate her!" he yelled standing up and placing Eve on the berth.

"w-what are you doing?" Ratchet asked slightly backing up.

"your going to apologize, your going to get on your knees and beg like a Primus forsaken Con!" He said.

"and you think you can make me do you?" he scowled throwing his face in his.

"i don't want eve to lose faith in me if i were to fail." He said with an evil grin.

A random human solider by the name of 'Dave' passed on by, he was content with his life, he was the soldier that everyone saw but never thought much of him, his role could be classed as somewhat minor but he knew his place and how significant he was despite how small, life was neither brilliant nor bad for this young soldier and that was fine...before his content life would come crashing down as he heard a lot of banging and crashing from one of the Autobot quarters, "get the frag off me!" came a voice he knew to be the Autobots medic.

"if you just get on your knee's and accept it this will be a whole lot easier and quicker!" a-and he then heard another voice of the weapon specialist, b-but 'Dave' kept his head down and thought nothing of it or whatever it was they were doing.

"she's the one with the big mouth! What i did to her was a small prize to pay!" ...'Dave' nearly choked on his own tongue as much as he liked to keep an open mind when mishearing things, he could not help but grow more concerned...of course how could he come to the conclusion of Ratchet being forced to get on his knees and apologize to a little girl.

"you exposed me against my will!"

The soldier suddenly froze at the sound of a child's voice, whatever he was thinking then made him scream in horror at that point as he fled the base throwing flailing arms and spouting on about how he should've joined the air force instead.

Back inside Ironhides quarters.

"did you hear screaming?" Ratchet asked raising a hand up in surrender for Ironhide to stop with his acts of aggression.

"don't change the subject." He said still trying to get Ratchets face to the floor.

"o-okay look I'll apologize but don't you dare force me into an undignified position!" he hissed.

"how is it any different from what you did to her?" he questioned.

"Ironhide i really meant no harm." He said.

"i have no tolerance for any kind of situation that puts her in any kind of discomfort." Ironhide warned.

"i didn't mean it as an act of humiliation, I'm serious now." He then looked to Eve then back to Ironhide, "can i?"

"She's there ask her." He said bluntly.

"Eve..." he started.

"piss off." Was her response.

"Eve, Ratchet wants to apologize, he's been a...dumb fuck? And he does generally feel bad." He said.

"well he can apologize from there, and I'm not forgiving you." She spat and she looked for something to throw at him at the same time.

"you don't have to Eve." Ironhide said as he looked at Ratchet, "now it will be months before she forgives you."

"you met a few days ago how will she not forgive me in that time?" he asked brushing himself down.

"because i'm not you." He said smugly.

He sighed, as he had reached a point of just wanting to leave, "Eve I'm sorry, at my age i shouldn't be sinking so low that i need to perform acts of cruelty on children especially those with a history of sensitivity." He said flatly.

"You call that an apology? you get a better apology from a dog when its just pissed on the carpet. and they don't even talk." she scoffed, "just go away." She said shooing him with her hands.

Ratchet growled as Ironhide shook his head at him, "Just walk it off Ratch, and maybe you'll become just as patient as i am." He said beckoning him to the door.

Ratchet scoffed as he muttered, "patience my aft..." he mumbled leaving this quarters.

"i really hate him." Eve said giving Ironhides quarter doors daggered eyes.

"come on now, when you get provoked you tend to come back ten times worse." He said sitting next to her, "you'll be living here now, and Ratchet shares the base with us. try to tolerate each other, you don't have to be nice to each other just try to find some common ground." he said.

"i could've thought about it, but then he had to embarrass me like that." she huffed.

"well, you don't have to be civil to him for a couple of months at least." he said.

"no crap." she said resting her head on her knees, Ironhide looked her cloths over as they were basically the only thing she had worn, her top looked as though she had to grow into it and her shorts were too small for her.

"we're going to have to get you some new cloths." he said.

Eve looked at her cloths as they were basically made up of old blood stains, "h-how?" she asked.

"let your government worry about that." he shrugged.

"wait the government is paying?" she asked as he nodded. "dude, I'll have some fries with that gaming console and a two hundred inch TV." she said rubbing her hands together.

"lets not go nuts." Ironhide said as the two fell silent on the berth, Ironhide let himself smile again as this whole situation was still very reliving, "do you want a tour of base?" he asked her.

she hugged her knees tighter as she looked at the door, "i-i don't know, after Ratchet I'm not sure i can take another prank, what about the soldiers and the other Autobots?" she asked.

"i had obviously put too much fave in my friends, so i no longer have a tolerance for the slightest joke at your expense, however." he started as he had already lost Eve's attention as she looked at her feet, "hey." he said nudging her, "you listening? eh?" he said pushing her over.

"I'm listening!" she snapped.

"yeah as i was saying, however, Optimus has been asking of you." he said.

"Oh yeah?" she said brightly then turning suspicious, "why? he's not been asking questions has he?" she asked.

"of course he asked." he said.

"and what did you say?" she said.

"i gave him a basic outline of the situation i didn't go into detail and he understood that." he said.

"thank you." she said relieved, that would be pretty embarrassing its bad enough anyone had to see her like that.

Ironhide nodded, "no problem, now about that tour?"

"W-Well don't rush me...and while we're at it why don't you introduce me to your so called friends?" she said.

"so soon?" he asked intrigued.

"might as well get it over with, so i can deduce who i have to watch out for." she said suspiciously.

"So paranoid." Ironhide tutted.

"oh yeah? well guess what mister laid back, did you know that Ratchet, Optimus and four other beings are standing outside?" she argued.

well yes he was aware but only because of his sensors, "h-huh, but how could you...?"

"When you've been chased by gangs of kids, beaten by your father and brother, restrained by the police, you get super-hearing." she said.

"I'll have to take note of that...well, lets get this over with..."

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