A/N: This is my first Heroes story and I am a bit nervous about it. :) This scene is, basically, a scene from Season 3, but from Sylar's POV. Enjoy! :D

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Final Act

"You're not a killer, Peter. I am." With that, I released the bullet Peter had fired. It continued on its original course straight into Arthur Petrelli's forehead. This would be my final act as Peter's brother; keep him from turning into something he's not. Something he was never meant to be.

Peter looked at the gun; I had yanked out of his hands earlier. I knew what he was thinking. "There'll be no need for that. I'm not going to kill you. You don't have anything I need anymore." I turned and left, knowing that Peter wouldn't shoot me.

As the door closed, whatever brotherly love I might have developed toward Peter dissolved. I knew if we ever met again, we would not only be on opposing sides, but I will not hesitate to use the full force of my powers.

For now, however, I focused on getting to Angela. After all, she had manipulated me. She had given me hope that I might actually have a place where I belonged. That I had a family. For ripping this away, she will pay.

Images of Angela's blood splattering the walls and floor flooded my mind and made me grin. I will enjoy enacting these images.


A/N: I hope Sylar wasn't too OOC. :) I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. :D