Guns...that's what she was hearing. The was everywhere.

Diana's heart pounded against her chest, it felt like it would rip out of her if her heart continued to thudded like that. It was dark, she could barely see anything, but the noise around her was deafening. Adrenaline pumped in her blood, it kept her own her toes, and made her more aware with her surrounding. Diana clutched her AK 47 tightly as she ran the soft dirt ground.

"Diana!" A man's voice called out to her.

She turned around, trying to look pass other military arms men to see who had called her through all this chaos. There were only a few lights that showed her where she was and where she was going. A hand grabbed her shoulder, startling the woman, and she turned around to attack.

"Diana! It's me, Ryan!" The man said, trying to calm her down.

She sighed with relief. "Dammit, Ryan, don't do that!"

"Sorry, but we need your help out in the water!" He tugged on her arm.


"One of the tank is stuck in water and starting to sink, the door is stuck and the men can't get out!" Ryan informed. "We need your help."

Diana swore. "Okay, let's go!"

The two military soldiers ran through the field, dodging obstacles and other soldiers from their destination. They both jumped into the ice cold water in time with a bomb exploding behind them. Ryan led Diana to the sinking tank where others were trying to pry the iron door open, but to no avail. Diana handed her gun to Ryan and swam over to the door, pushing aside the man with a crowbar. It was shut tight, the water pressure not allowing the door to open, but allowing the water to go in. She could faintly hear the men crying help from the inside. Diana grabbed the bar and pulled.

"What's she doing? She can't open it like that!" One of them shouted.

"Don't underestimate her strength." Ryan said, watching his childhood friend give another pull at the door.

A satisfying creak was heard for Diana, and with another pull Diana ripped the metal door out of its joints. She dropped the door and reached inside, pulling on one of the soldiers strap and dragging him out who looked a little daze. She pulled out two more people out.

"Take them to the shores, now!" Diana commanded.

"No need to ask us twice."

They helped the others swim back to land. Diana was about to move when...she felt a tug and something pulled her back, to be more precise, something was pulling her down. It took a moment for her to realize that something on her body was caught onto the sinking tank. She sucked in the air before she was pulled underwater, she heard through the water a murky voice of Ryan calling her name.


Diana turned her attention to the tank. She reached for her pocket to get out a small flash light to see what she was stuck to. The blond mentally swore as she saw her foot somehow wedge between something she couldn't really tell. Diana tugged, but her foot would not budge; she was stuck. She felt a hand on her leg and she used her flash light to see who. Diana frowned when she saw Ryan. What was he doing here?

Ryan tugged on her foot, to at least budge, but it seemed persistent to keep her there. He tugged harder when he felt the oxygen in his lung was starting to run out. He couldn't go up for air, he couldn't leave his childhood friend...his best friend here in this dark cold water. Her hand reached out to him, making him stop to look at her. There was a look in her eyes that he didn't like...a look that Ryan never thought he would see from her.

The look of...submit...the look of defeat.

Diana smiled softly at her friend. This was it, she was dying here, in the battle field. Though she always thought that she was going to die of an explosion, stab wound, or bullet wound, but never drowning. Diana pushed Ryan up, motioning him to go. He shook his head, a determined look on his face. Suddenly, Ryan was hauled away from her and she saw his outline struggling to break free.

It wasn't a moment later her whole body ached for air. She opened her mouth, for some unknown reason she didn't know why, and the water rushed in. It hurt so bad as her body started to fill up with water from the inside and she could no longer move. Her world started to grow dim and her body felt limp.

Everything felt cold.

Diana's green eyes snapped open, she let out startle gasp. She sat up from where she was sleeping. A beautiful green plain field, the wind blew softly, and rustling the grass. Diana sighed, rubbing her eyes, and lied back down on her back. She was dreaming about her life before her death in battle. After her death Diana found herself sitting under a large oak tree, in a white silky sundress that came down to her knee, and her feet bare. She was in heaven. Never had Diana thought heaven was real or God even, and she was more then surprised to find herself here.

How long has it been since she's been here? In heaven apparently time did not matter, it was always morning here so she didn't know how much time had passed since her death. Diana sighed and sat back up. She was alone, she never saw anyone else, and it was kind of strange. Did people sin that much that they weren't allowed in heaven? Only just a few could enter? Diana had yet to meet any...souls yet.

With a sigh, she got up from her spot and started to walk again. That's all she has been doing, nothing but walk. Not like there was anything else to do here. The place was quiet, but it was too quiet for Diana. She liked a bit of rowdyness in her life, oh how she missed her family. She wondered how they were doing without her? Diana walked down the dirt path, the wind blew and tossuled her dark brown hair around, and she sighed again with her eyes now on the ground. Heaven is...disappointing. That's all she could say.

Looking back up, she surprised to say that on top of the hill she was hiking through was a tall handsome man. No, he wasn't a man, he was angel. Long blond hair tied in a ponytail, piercing blue eyes, soft pale skin, white glorious armor with a sword by his waist, and beautiful majestic wings that were folded neatly on his back. Her breath was caught up in her throat.

"Diana Broline?" His voice was full of authority.

"Um...yes!" Diana stammered, a bit flabbergasted by the angel's sudden appearance.

"I am Andrew, an arch angel. It is time."

Diana frowned with confusion. "Time? Time for what?"

"You're judgement for heaven, follow me." He commanded. He turned around and walked away before she can ask any more questions.

"W-wait!" Diana quickly rushed after the arch angel.

Diana caught up to him. He was a tall arch angel. She thought to herself and many other thoughts were buzzing around. What does an arch angel want with her? If this wasn't heaven, then what was this place that Diana had stayed in this whole time? So many questions she wanted to be answered, but she must wait. Diana blinked as she noticed a white portal was waiting for them. They crossed through and Diana stared in awe when they were inside a beautiful white room with elegent gold designs. The portal behind them closed.

"Wait here." Andrew ordered and left the room through a door.

Diana looked around and sat in a chair, waiting patiently for the arch angel, she fiddled with the hem of her dress. The woman jumped in surprise when the door opened again to reveal Andrew, who nodded.

"You may come in."

Nervous, Diana got up from her seat and followed in after him. The next room was larger then the other room, though it was mostly filled with bookshelves and filing cabinets. In the far end of the room, there was a desk and a woman sitting behind it. She was another angel with white hair that came down to her shouldrs, blue eyes, a white suit, and she was wearing glasses. The female angel didn't look up from the papers she was scanning through when she spoke up.

"Thank you Andrew, you may leave."

Andrew bowed and left Diana alone with the woman. With a soft click of the door, the room was silent except for the ticking of the clock and the shuffling of the papers. The woman looked up. Blue eyes met with green. Diana held her breath, wondering what she was going to say.

"You can take a seat." The angel gestured to the leather chair in front of her. "I'll be with you in just a moment." She returned to the paper she was holding.

Diana did as she was told and waited patiently for the other woman to finish. She wondered what the angels wanted with her, did she do something wrong? Was she going to hell? The thought of hell terrified her...hell doesn't really sound pleasent at all.

"No, it really isn't pleasent." The angel said.

She blinked several times. Did...she just-

"Read your mind? Yes, I did." The angel smiled softly. She picked up a fountain pen and signed the paper and set it aside. "All angels have the ability to read mind. My name is Dorain, the angel of judgement, it's nice to meet you."

"Um..." Diana didn't know what to say.

With the snap of her fingers, one of the files opened and a manilla folder floated toward Dorain's hand. The folder had her name on it. It was her file. Dorain, the angel of judgement and her name on the folder meant that this whole room was a filing cabinet full of records of souls and that folder was her life time records throughout the year she lived.

"Very good deductive skills Miss Broline," Dorain smiled approvingly. "Very good indeed, makes me wonder why you joined the army instead of the police force. Yes, this room has all the records of all the humans of the world, both dead and alive. Now let's see...Name: Diana Broline, only daughter of Jack and Maxine Broline. You have 3 brothers, alive and healthy. Born in Feburary ironic though, even you were born in the year of love your love life never really succedded." Dorain commented, making Diana flush with embarrasment. It wasn't her fault all the guys she dated wanted to be tougher then her. "You're right, they were just arragont. You died in the line of duty, drowned. You were...young weren't you? 26 is a young age to die, you haven't lived that long." Dorain gently shut the folder. "Now, you're wondering why you're here?"

"I'm to be judged." Diana answered.

"Yes, you are." Dorain stared at her intently. "Diana Broline, you are to become a ark angel."

"...Come again?" Did she hear right?

"You heard me correct. I have deemed you worthy of becoming a ark angel."

"Um...okay, then when do I-"

"You don't start now." Dorain cut in swiftly. "You maybe deemed worthy, but that doesn't mean your up to task. You need to pass a trial."

"A trial?"

"Yes," the angel nodded. "Your going to choose the world you want to go to and I'll assign who you will protect." Dorain explained.

"...I can't go back to my world...can I?"

Dorain gave the brunette a sympathetic look and shook her head. "I'm sorry, but your already dead in your world. But don't worry, I'm sure you know they are a strong bunch, they have each other to help support one another. And they loved you, Miss Broline, they still do, they would never forget about you."

A small smile touched her lips. "That's a relief."

"So, what world do you want to be in?" Dorain quickly changed the subject.

"There are more then one?"

"Of course, you know those stories you sometimes read, comic books, even games, they are all snippets of worlds you can go through. The meaning 'small world' is quite accurate to those who know little about the world, but those who know about the different worlds know it's large, and those world that are viewed by those who know is far larger than one can hold." Diana listened to every word the angel was saying because in a way, it sort of made sense...sort of. "You need to pass my trial to see if you are worthy to step into heaven. Now, choose, which world do you choose?"

Diana frowned and rubbed her chin as she let out a thoughtful sigh. "I don't really there is a world for anything?" Dorain nodded. "I don't really know what I should choose." Diana frowned.

"Then can I make a suggestion?" Dorain smiled.

"Sure, I don't got anything on the top of my head."

"How about the Katekyo Hitman Reborn world?"

Diana blinked a few times. "As in the Vongola and a little boy who is destined to become the boss of said mafia?"

"Yes," Dorain nodded calmly.


"You seem like the perfect role to be a guardian there considering your personality."

"Why a manga? How about 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?'"

Dorain blinked at her owishly. "Do you really want to be in that book?"

"...No not really." Diana shivered. As much as she loved the series, it still creeped her out. Good book, but she highly doubted that she could survive something like that. "So, I guess I'm going to Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

"Alright, then that is your final decision, correct?" Diana gave a firm nod. "Alright, your assignments will be," a file floated towards Dorain's hand and handed it to her. "Them."

Diana opened the folder. "Assignments, as in more than one?"

"Yes, unlike guardian angels, ark angel duties are a bit more...serious. A guardian angel is assigned, guardian angels protect the one's they are assigned to and must maintain hidden from human eyes. They guide them, save their lives, and make sure they have a good and proper life and there amongst those angels, there are some who fail to guide their assignment. This is where the ark angels come in. Ark angels makes the impossible decision unlike other angels.

"The ark angel must choose who is right and who is wrong, the will get to know both side of the story, create a bond that is unbreakable to both and they must choose who is right and who is wrong, they must smite them with their sword without any hesitation to their heart."

Diana's throat gone dry. A in befriend them before killing them. Maybe becoming a ark angel wasn't such a good idea. But, she wasn't going to back down, no.

"I'll do it."

"Remember, when the time comes, you have to choose, without any hesitation, no matter how much pain it will cause the other. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Diana nodded firmly. "But, how do I know it's the time?"

"That's for you to decide, Miss. Borline." Dorain smiled. "Oh, and I forgot to tell you that you will be the last one to fill in the spot you are in."

"Wait, what?"

"The others will explain it."

(I changed the POV, hope you don't mind)

I blinked a few times, clutching my head in pain. Damn, my head hurt so much. Clutching it I sat up from where I was lying, a very comfortable and expensive looking vanilla couch. I looked around my surrounding and to find that the couch wasn't the only thing that was expensive looking. The place was I in a mansion?

"Oh good, you're awake!"

I jumped in surprise, noticing the other person in the room. He looked to be about in his late teens, shaggy blond hair, teal blue eyes, and a tan skin, probably from being out in the sun for too long. He looked tall, lean and muscular, an average looking boy. But for some reason, my eyes would wonder right back up to his eyes; if I even look at it closely, it looked like it was even glowing!

"Um...who are you?"

"I'm Zach, number 22."

"Number?" I frowned, what the heck was all that about?

"That's the number we arrived in. I was number 22 when I arrived here in this world." Zach explained. "And you're Diana, number 55."

"How did you-"

"Dorain gave us a heads up about the new arrival. She didn't say what you trial is for."

"Oh, she said my trail is to become an ark angel." I answered.

"Huh, that's a first in many."

"What do you mean?"

"Ark angels are rare for humans to go trial on. Usually they would just make them in heaven, something about saying human emotions will get in the way and stuff," Zach waved his hand. "Ark angels are warriors of heaven and make the decisions heaven won't. It's like, the ark angels are like the will of heaven, they do what's right and have the heart of stone to do their job." Zach leaned forward and examined me. "Dorain must see something in you to earn you that spot."

"I...guess." I realized something. "Hey, Dorain said that I will be the last to fill in the spot, what does that mean?"

"It means that every world always has a limit, the limit is 55. You took in the last spot, number 55."

"Oh, I see."

"So, who's your assignments?"

"Byakuran and Tsuna, I have to get to know them first and I have to choose my own time to judge before well...I die."

Zach thoughtfully rubbed his chin. "Tsuna is a no brainer, he's a nice guy to begin with. But Byakuran...don't know that much about him."

"We'll never know until we try." I said and jumped off the couch. I realized something then.

I was...short?

Zach had on a sheepish look, which I didn't like. I looked down at my...tiny hands that were now beginning to tremble.

"Please...don't tell me..."

"Sorry, but it's kind of the requirement." Zach chuckled at my reaction.

"But why do I have to be a damn kid? Why not teenager?" I huffed, crossing my arms angrily. Dorain did not mention this at all. I have to re-live a kid's life all over again? Why? "Dammit!"

Zach laughed and ruffled my head, a twinkle in his eyes. "Don't worry kiddo, we all had to re-live as kids during the trials."

I blinked. "You too?" He nodded.

"Yeah, it's a requirement. Our body's aren't used to this world's environment, we need to train our body so we can withstand anything that is thrown at us." Zach got up from his seat. "It may take time to adjust to your new body, but trust me, you're going to need the training."

My shoulders slumped and I sighed. "I...guess you're right, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it." I crossed my arms and scowled.

"You'll get used to it, kid." Zach led me out of the room and into a hallway. Yup, definitely a mansion. "So, how old were you when you died?"

"26, I was part of the army." I explained to him. "How old were you?"

"I was 84 years old," my brows shot up in surprise. He was that old when he died? "Yeah, I had a long a fullfilling life...until I was murdered by my own family." He sighed.

"...What happened?"

"Money," he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I was on my dying bed and my two grandsons killed me, making it look like an accident, to get the will to the house and money." He sighed.

I gently grabbed his hand. He looks down and smiled, slipping his hand out of mine to ruffle my head.

During my stay here in Italy, I learned many things about the trial.

There is a time limit for every person who is on trial. We will all die the age we died and die the way we died. So for me, I will die at age 26 while drowning. Great, that's fantastic. I get to re-live my death, joy. I can infiltrate into the character's life, but never change the story plot in any circumstances. Not like anything big will happen, just the plot will change and I won't know what will go on after that. And most important of all, don't fall in love, it will only pain both parties. That's no problem for me, my love life is already screwed, so that wasn't much of an issue for me.

Zach was my trainer. He may not look like much, but when he gets serious about training or fighting, he gets dead serious. I wouldn't want him as my enemy.

David, number 32, is my language teacher. He will help me teach any language he knows to me for my trial. Japenese, Italy, Chinese, and even Spanish.

Monica, number 12, was my basically my history teacher. She taught me everything there is to know about the mafia, who to trust and not to trust, who to avoid and who to associate with. She taught me who the weakest family was and how even sometimes strength does define a person. She told me about our family.

We are known as the Sorte, translating to Destiny. We know all the destiny and fate bestowed on each person. Since we really do know what is going to happen thanks to the manga and anime, they decided to go with the name. The Sorte famigilia was created the same time the Vongola was and equally powerful. But the Sortes are mostly known for their top notch information gathering and people would pay anything for our precise and accurate information; not that it's cheap. That is also why we are the wealthiest bunch in the whole mafia. The Sortes are not open invitation to mafias, meaning no outsiders; it's rare for any member of the Sorte famigilia to join a family. Only those who have the teal blue (and glowing) eyes can join.

Yes, my green eyes changed to a teal blue glowing eyes. I miss my original eye color. Oh well, I guess I had to live with this as part of my trial.

Right now, I was meditating with Zach.

"You need to relax your body, you've be excersising a lot. A good rest will help you to cool down and get your strength you burned off." He explained as we meditated. "But that's no the only reason why we are meditating. You need to know your surrounding and use it without your sight. Close your eyes and feel the world beyond the sights we were given. Sense them and the world around us." He said.

I did exactly he told me to do, concentrating everything around me, my eyes closed and taking deep breaths. After a moment of silence I broke it, asking the question that has been bugging me for a while.

"Zach, Arinah told me that falling in love with people from this world is bad, but how come being friends with them is not?"

I opened my eyes, having a feeling that he was staring down at me, I was right.

"...It's's just less complicated that way." Zach sighed, breaking out of his stance. He rubbed the back of his neck, looking slightly uncomfortable. "I guess it's just hard to move on when the love of your life just dies on you. Friends have each other and support the other, but lovers...not a lot of people know what it's like to lose your other half. I've seen few Sortes fall in love and it looked so painful." Zach sighed.

"Do you know what happened to them, the Sorte lovers I mean."

"They moved on...some still regreted because the other was in denial of their feelings." Zach answered. "What brought up this question?"

I shrugged and faced the garden. "It was on my mind. Why is it so bad to fall in love, you know us being 'angels' you would think they would be all up for angels." Zach chuckled.

"Our concept of angels are so stereotypes, it's sad really."

"Yeah..." I paused for a moment, whether or not if I should talk about it. "Zach..."


"When I was alive, I was never afraid of the water, in fact, I was in love with it. Every summer I would beg my parents if we could go to our little beach cabin so I could swim in the ocean. But as if late...I've been so scared of it. The water I used to love, I adored...I don't want to go near any large body of water." I remembered the ice cold fear spread across my body as I neared the garden pound. My heart started to pound as my whole body started to tremble and my mind screaming and clawing at me to get the hell away from there. "Why am I so afraid of it?"

Zach looked at my sympathetically, patting my hair. "It's probably because you died by drowning. Your body and mind remembers how you died and doesn't want to repeat that incident."

"Will it go away?"

"No, because all of us die the same we first died when we hit the age. I will die when I'm 84 because of poison, Monica will die at the age of 30 being strangled to death, David will die at the age of 24 being shot straight in the heart, and you will die drowning at the age of 26." Zach solemnly explained.

All trial takers will die the same way they died the first time. Memories of me drowning flashed through my mind making me shiver. I rubbed my arms for comfort. This job got a whole lot scarier.

Zach called it a day with all the down mood he said there was no point in meditating with too much thoughts going through our heads, and I agreed. I decided to walk around the garden (avoiding the pound) and deep in thought. Thinking back to Monica, I noticed that she would always wear a scarf, even indoors and probably when she sleeps because of her own fear. David would alway steer clear of anyone who was holding a gun and looking mighty uncomfortable when he watches me and Zach practice with guns. David, well, nothing is poisoness here but that doesn't he won't be afraid. Every Sorte has a fear and if anyone knew about it that would be out down fall for this Famiglia. No wonder their so isolated from outside families.

"Hi," a voice brought me back to life. "A cute girl like you shouldn't have a face like that."

I looked up to see a woman in her early 20s or late teens I couldn't tell. She had sharp blue eyes, shoulder length hair with parts of her braided and pulled back, but what caught my eyes the most was her smile.

"A-Aria...san." I blinked, not believing in what I was seeing.

Aria, who was behind the fence, giggled at my reaction. "You must be the new and last member of the Sorte family."

"Ah, yes, that's right." Arai was the Sky Arcobaleno, the Sky Arcobaleno can see the future, so she possibly already knows about the situation. " you know...?"

"Yes, but only the rough cuts, I don't know everything about the Sorte famiglia." Aria smiled. "Is something troubling you?"

"A little...I'm thinking if I should even do this." I sighed leaning against the fence.

Aria reached through the fence and patted my head. "Don't worry, you don't know it but you have a lot of impact in this story then you think."


"I better go now, Gamma and the others will be worried sick about me." Before I could even ask about what she said, she was gone.

I frowned after her, completely confused. How on earth do I impact the story? If I ever meet her again, I would have to ask her more about it...if she is willing to talk about it that is. For now, I should just focus on my training.

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