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Sorry, I didn't mean for it to take this long. But at least I'm writing it now, right? This chapter is basically about Diana's life through school.

I sighed as the leaves fell to the ground from the seat I was in during school. A few months have passed since I moved in to Nami-chu and befriending Sawada Tsunayoshi. So was quite tiring. Not that Tsuna was a bother, no the boy was a sweet kid. Awkward, yes, but sweet none-the-less. No, what was quite tiring were the constant bullying and discouragement he gets from his peers, and he doesn't seem to talk about this with his mother the only person he could talk to.

One of the main reason he stayed as the "No-Good Tsuna" or "Dame Tsuna" was because of his peers. No one stood up for him or helped him when he needed it. The lack of friends was not helping too. Sure he has me, but that doesn't mean it was enough. From what I gathered Tsuna was bullied since kindergarten. His whole life was all insults, sneering, and discouragement. He could never talk about this to his parents because even his mother is starting to give up on him slowly, Reborn was probably the last and final resort. His father was never in the picture so Tsuna can't even talk to his own dad, for all he knows was that his father was 'dead'. Tsuna is reluctant to talk about the problems with me, probably thinking that it would be a waste of my time and drive me away. There were times where I had to make him tell me.

Besides that, everything was going smooth. I do not get carried away with meddling his life for the sake of the plot, but I still pitch in to help. Comfort him when he needed comforting, help him with his studies to make sure he's passing, listen to him when he needs to let it all out, and just being there for him. That was all I could do before the ball starts rolling. Everything was going fine, it was peaceful and nice, but...

There are times when I felt sick in the very pit of my stomach. Sometimes even getting scared to go near Tsuna, but I push it down and put a smile on my face, enduring it. I don't really have much of a choice, if I were to avoid Tsuna than I could possibly destroy his trust and screw up the mission and that was a big no-no. The problem I had since the day I got here were the nightmares.

The nightmares of the battlefield, the noises, the scene, everything was so vivid. The explosions, the gun-fires and shouting. Sometimes the pain felt real in my dreams. The nights I have my nightmares would just be that, nightmares, when Cyrus wakes me up from those horrid memories. But other nights, other nights when I'm not lucky enough and the nightmares feels too real, I would lash out. Many times I apologized to Cyrus for my behavior.

Like tonight.

"I'm really sorry, Cyrus." If Cyrus was not trained by the Sortes I don't know what would have happened to him. Said butler sighed and smiled at me, patting my head.

"You do not need to apologize, Miss, I know what you are going through." He placed the cup of tea he got ready in front of me. I mumbled another sorry before taking a sip. "You have apologized enough to last a life time, enough." He chided.


"Enough," he said gently. "I am not harmed in any way, I am fine."

I sighed and rubbed my forehead. I was curled up on the couch, my knees to my chest, and a blanket wrapped tightly around me. If this keeps up I was going to get dark circles around my eye, well, noticeable ones anyway. It wasn't much of a surprise that I had PTSD; staying in a battlefield for too long would do that to you.

"How are you feeling Miss?"

Bless his soul. Cyrus always thought about my health first, asked if I was okay, what I needed, and just attending to me. It was like this when I first brought him to the Sorte house where he could be trained and educated, in the meantime I took care of him. That's a story for another time.

"Fine, I guess. I don't really have anything to say about this situation. It's the same, it's always the same."

"Maybe you should-"

"Cyrus, no, what would people say? A 11 year old girl having PTSD? They would ask questions." I took another sip of the tea. "I don't want to make things complicated as it already is."

"What about the Sortes? They might listen to you." He suggested. I shook my head.

"No, they're busy with their own trails, I don't need to worry them with my problem."

"You're too stubborn.

"You're too much of a mother hen."

"It's my job, Miss."



"Did you put something in my tea?" The world around me was starting to become blurry and it was hard for me to stay up.

"Yes, a drug sent by Mister Zach for your...insomnia."

"That's...not cool..." I mumbled out.

"It's for your own good." He answered. He was picking me up from the couch, birdal style. I would have said something about but the drug kicked in and before I knew it I fell asleep. It was a dreamless sleep, something I welcomed. It was better of dreaming nothing than dreaming at all.

The sun peaked through the curtains, the ray hitting smack dab right in my face. Making a face of annoyance I sat up on my bed and stretched out the aches in my body. A few satisfying cracks were heard. Ah, much better. A knock came from the door.


It amazes me how Cyrus knew I was awake without notifying him. "Yeah?"

"Breakfast is ready."

"I'll be out in a minute." I said.

The air around my room was silent, peaceful, and still. The room was bright with the sun wedged through the white curtains. The window was open, letting in the cool morning breeze. The atmosphere was completely different from last night, almost as if it never happened. But it did, it happened causing me to let out a long sigh. It was going to get better, the nightmares will stop. I need to be in best shape for the future's hectic events that will soon unfold when Tsuna reaches 13. So for now, I wasn't going to think much about it.

"Is Nee-chan okay?" Tsuan asked out of the blue.

Teal blue eyes met chocolate brown. "Why do you ask that, Tsuna?"

"Because sometimes Nee-chan would come to school with dark circles underneath you eyes. But they have been going away."

"You know what a dark circle is?"

The brunet nodded. "I asked mom what it was and she said if a person does not get enough sleep they start to get dark circles." Tsuna tilted his head, staring up at Diana. "Is Nee-chan okay?"

The brunette smiled and patted his head. Such a sweet boy, asking for her well being out of genuine worry. "I'm fine Tsuna, I've just been having nightmares."

"That's not good!" Diana blinked in surprise at his sudden outburst. "Nightmares are bad things! They're scary and mean! Don't worry Nee-chan! I will protect you from the bad dreams!" He decided, his cute little eyes blazed with determination. A smile touched Diana's lips. How sweet.

"Thank you, Tsuna." She ruffled his hair and laughed.

A few weeks later Tsuna presented her with a dream-catcher (with the help of Cyrus).

Amusement sparked in me.

Tsuna's cheeks were puffed and his glare was more like a pout. It took my all to not say "Aww!" afraid to upsetting him even more. I was now 13, moving up to Namimori Middle school while Tsuna still stayed in elementary. Tsuna does not like the idea that I am graduating from elementary. We were discussing this in my apartment living room on a Sunday afternoon, we had just finished watching an episode of the Classic Doctor Who (Tsuna surprised me by showing interest in the show). Cyrus was in the kitchen getting lunch ready for us.

"Tsuna, I'm only moving up a grade, I'm not moving out of town." I chuckled patting his head, a habit I picked up, now an automatic response.


"Tsuna," I gently cut him off. "You'll be fine. You can always visit me whenever you want to and we can hang out together as long as you want." I reassured with a smile. "I'm not going to forget about you."



The time here flew by with a breeze. Nothing really happened much and I was not in a rush, in fact I enjoyed it as much as possible considering what hell Reborn would bring. I shook my head and sighed. Let's hope that he does not get too carried away, but I shouldn't hold my breath. Right now, all I need to worry about was Hibari Kyouya. I have managed to stay under his radar and not get "bitten to death" by him.

"So, Tsuna, what school are you trying to get into?"

"Namimori Middle! Since Nee-chan is attending there." He grinned.

I smirked down at him. "Oh? Are you sure its just me? Or do you want to go because Kyoko-chan is going to go to Namimori Middle too?"

Tsuna's face turned bright red at the mention of his crush. "N-no! I'm not!"

"Oh, really?" I continued to tease him.


I put my hands up in surrender. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." I pinched both his cheeks. "You are so cute!"

"Nee-chan!" He whined.

I only laughed and hugged him.

"You still love me!" I smothered his cheek with kisses.

"Ew!" But he was laughing, trying to push me off.

"Miss, Tsuna-sama lunch is ready."

"Okay, kiddo, let's go get our lunch." I said my arms wrapped underneath his armpit, carrying him to the kitchen. Tsuna, being the little troll he was, made it harder for me to carry him by dragging his feet on the ground. "Oh my god! You weigh so much! What the heck have you been eating?!"

I swore under my breath. I cursed the skies and the Earth for my predicament. With heavy breaths I was running down the street and towards Namimori Middle School, late. This was bad, this was really bad! How on Earth could I be late for school?! I got up early, left home early, and wanted to get to school early! How the hell did this happen to me? Seriously, what did I do to deserve this? The morning was full of events it was like the universe was purposely making me late for school.

First, there was an old lady that had wanted to cross the road and nobody batted an eye at her. I helped her being the good citizen I was. After being thanked by the kind old lady I continued my way to school, still having time to go to school.

Second, there was a little boy and his parents, he had a balloon in his tiny hand. How strange, why would a boy have a balloon so early in the morning, but I did not really question it. Simply shrugging I was going to walk past them when a strong gust of wind suddenly blew. The boy, surprised by the wind and how strong the force of air was, lost his grip on his red balloon. The wind guided the floating object and got stuck between a couple of branches from a tall tree. The little boy started to cry, hoping that his parents would get his toy back, but the parents had no hope of getting the balloon. I, being the idiot I was, offered to get the balloon and climbed the tree. I gave him back his balloon who gladly took it with a huge grin on his face. His parents thanked me and left with their son. I checked the time. School was about to start.

Third, was by far the bizarre event that could have happened to me. The third time, I did not help anyone, I nearly got crushed. I was jogging slightly down the street when a hot dog car, I repeat, a hot dog cart crashed right in front of me, the cart few inches away. I was stiff, frozen, and staring wide eye at the object before me. My first thought: "Holy shit did that hot dog cart almost crushed me?!" The second was: "Wait a minute...why the hell is there a hot dog cart here?" Story of my life, the cause of my second death was a hot dog cart. The owner of the cart was...well...he was Russian. I did not learn a single Russian (what is a Russian man doing here in Nami-chu anyway? And what's he doing with a hot dog cart?), causing me to play charade with him saying that I was fine while he apologized. That took up extra time on my watch and by the time I left the horrified Russian hot dog cart owner school had started.

I was late for school! I was late for freaking school! I was always proud of my attendance record and now it has been soiled. Dammit! The universe was not on my side on today. I ran as if my life depended on it, which indeed it did.

Now, all of you are wondering why I was running like this, I mean, it was the second week of school nothing bad could happen (except for the attendance thing). To simply put it, Hibari Kyouya, that is all I'm going to say. Then, you guys are thinking he couldn't possibly have taken control of the Disciplinary Committee in just a week! No, of course not!

...It took him 3 days.

Yup, it took that 13 year old boy 3 days to take over the school and spread his deadly wrath around it. Another reason to fear Hibari Kyouya. Now, he watches for late students and any other rule breakers ever since.

Finally arriving near the school I stopped running to catch my breath. Should I just walk through the gate? No, if I do I would have to confront Hibari and get risk in being "bitten to death" and that was something I really do not want. I lingered in front of the gate a bit longer, wondering what I should really do when I felt someone approach me.

"You, herbivore."

The universe fucking hates me.

I slowly turned around, eyes wide with a forced smile on my face.

" morning?"

"You, Sorte Diana, for breaking the rules I'll bite you to death."

"Nope! I'll pass!"

I ran for my life.

By the time I finally ditched Hibari was probably halfway through the class. The teacher did scold me for being late but that was about it. I did not even bother with giving him excuses because it was just plain weird, even for me and that's saying something! I sat down in class in stride, keeping my calm and cool while in the inside I was a complete mess. My heart was pounding, lungs still trying catch some air, and my legs felt numb. Being late to school sucked.

Throughout class I could not help but wonder what that was all about. It was strange having all those events happen one after another, as if someone was pulling the strings to let it happen. Maybe I should ask Zach or someone else in the Sorte family about this.

"Sorte, answer this question."

Damn Nezu, he's picking on me again. This man seems to want my head on a silver platter with all the attention I'm getting with little effort. Biting back a sigh I answered.


Nezu glared down at me. "...Correct."

"As expected of Diana-sama!"

"She's so smart!"

I let out a quiet sigh.

The same praise over and over again. The teacher sneers while the students admire the popular student and moves on. The same thing happens everyday, even during in elementary school. It gets dull really fast and I just hope that Reborn comes into the scene early rather then later. The class went on after that with me taking notes and answering the teacher's questions. A normal boring day in Namimori Middle. Having a peaceful day isn't bad, not at all, but me being a soldier in my past life left me a little restless.

Before, I welcomed the peace that Nami-chu brought, it was refreshing unlike my time as a soldier, but now that I had a good dose of the normal life an itch formed in my body. The constant sighing made Cyrus worry and it was probably stressing him out. From past life to the training from the new life my body was not use to the large amount of normality. There was literally nothing to do in Nami-chu, my body has become abnormal. As if it wasn't abnormal enough thanks to the body heaven gave.

The lunch bell rang. Sighs of relief escaped from the students' lips while the teacher left to go back to the teacher's lounge to eat their own lunch. Others started to chat animatedly with each other talking about what they were going to do during the weekend, what was happening in their life, and basic stuff of a teenager's life. Smiling politely I turned down their invitation to eat lunch with them, saying that I wanted to eat my lunch alone. (still can't get used to that) were a little be disappointed but gave me my space.

Eating my lunch on the rooftop became a routine now. Something I never got to do during my first life when I was alive, no one was allowed up there a typical American public school rules. Eating out in the courtyard and eating on top of the of rooftop had a completely different feel to it. The view from the rooftop was great too, the baby blue sky that stretched all the way out to the horizon; the houses and building could be seen. No matter how bored I was there was no denying the scene here was gorgeous.

The soft breeze greeted me when I came outside. Smiling softly I sat down and opened the bento. Another round of applause for Cyrus, seriously this guy can cook! Finishing the bento was a no problem, setting it down I enjoyed silence around me. You really don't need to chat to pass the time, it can be a simple moments like this that can be good for someone's mind and body.


And it's ruined.

Holding back a grimace I turned to Hibari who had his tonfas out and glaring down at me. I smiled, keeping up a calm fa├žade and just to irk him.

"Kyouya." I said. It worked. A smirk worked its way up to my lips while I laid back against the wall, hands behind my head. "What can I do for you on this fine day?"

With a killing aura Hibari lifted his weapons up. "For disturbing the peace of this school, I will bite you to death."

My face scrunched up at his words. "Me? Disturb the peace? Since when? All I ever did was being late once and I have a good excuse for it."

"And that is...?"

"I almost got crushed by a hot dog cart owned by a Russian guy." I replied without missing a beat.





"...I'll bite you to death."


Hibari, by now, looks just plain annoyed and was not going to listen any time soon. Cussing in every language that was taught to me, my brain started to think up a plan to get out of this mess. I did not want to fight Hibari.

"Don't I get a second chance?!" I finally blurted out as he started to tower over me. "I mean, come on, I was only late once. Don't I get a warning to never do that again? Please?!" I scooted further away from him as he got closer. "This is so unfair!"

When I said I wanted action, I didn't mean this kind of action where it could get me killed! How ironic for me to think this, I am such a hypocrite!

Narrowly dodging a blow to the head I rolled out of the way. I stood up and quickly got into a fighting stance. Crap, this was not going so well. The only way out was blocked by Hibari. With a grunt I ducked to avoid another one of his blows. Why is this happening to me? What did I ever do wrong?! I did nothing wrong and heaven still punishes me! What the crap?!

Hibari rushed forward and I matched his movement by moving backwards giving us some distance. He didn't like the fact that I was running away and not being able to land a single hit on me. Talking to him will be rather useless since he won't listen to reason. I wouldn't blame him though, my explanation was a bit...far fetched.

He kicked, I dodged, a tonfa grazed my cheek; a stinging sensation settled into the flesh and something oozed down. Hibari wasn't holding back, of course he never holds back in a fight and was not giving me any openings. A grunt escaped from as I blocked his attack to my stomach with my arms; that was going to leave a nasty bruise. I aimed a kick to his stomach, but he blocked that with ease. We were both on equal ground(ish), I may be well trained but that's not enough to fight him off, the only thing I could do right now is dodge.

The bell rang. Saved by the bell.

"Looks like class is about to start! I'll take my leave!" In a rush I shoved Hibari and grabbed my bento. I was off the rooftop in mere seconds.

Relief was one of the things I felt when I was finally away from Hibari, but there was something else that I was feeling. The heavy feeling that clouded my chest, that always kept me sighing, was gone. It felt lighter, actually, my whole body felt lighter. The adrenaline was still pumping in my system and there was no denying of the excitement I am feeling now. Oh god what the hell is wrong with me?!

"...I'm home..."

Maneuvering my way to the couch the tension in my body finally gave out and I turn into jello. With a thump my body fell limp onto the furniture and slowly slid down the comfy black leather couch.

"Miss, is everything okay?" Cyrus came into the living room, wiping his hands dry from the dish washing.

I stared blankly at the plasma t.v. in front of me, not answering him. It went on like that for a couple of seconds causing Cyrus to feel restless from the lack of answers I was giving him. Lazily, I glanced over at him with a dull look. Cyrus frowned, opening his mouth to ask again when I cut him off.


"Yes Miss?" He answered without missing a beat.

"Does it make me a masochist if I really like being in deadly situations? Like, I mean extremely getting excited about it and makes me want more?" It was blunt question, no beating around in the bushes. The ebony haired butler was clearly lost for words.

"Um..." He picked the next words carefully. "Do you enjoy...being beaten?" He awkwardly asked.

I blanched. ", that's definitely not the case. But I do like the excitment in danger."

"Hm...maybe you're an adrenaline junkie?"

"..." That actually might explain a lot of things.

Dorain peeped through over her tea cup as she stared at her fellow angel, as said angel was smiling as she watched the screen with glee. Dorain set her tea down and watched the screen as well. An exhausted looking Diana Sorte was on screen. The white haired angel sighed and shook her head while her associate. The other angel was blond, she had bit of a smaller wing size than Dorain, but she looked older than the other. Her gray eyes twinkled, eyes never leaving the screen.

"Was that all necessary?" Dorain dully asked. The other angel swiveled around and faced her with a devious smile.

"Of course! It's my job to get things rolling." The blond wagged her brows.

Dorain frowned. "But a Russian man owning a hot dog cart isn't that a bit over the top?"

A snort escaped her and she rolled her eyes. "Oh please! You know I've done much worse."

"Yes but...really? A hot dog cart?" Dorain crossed her arms. "I have seen you do worse things, heck, terrible things even but this one is just...weird." She scrunched up her face. "Are you sure this is a good idea, Faine?"

Faine smirked. "Don't doubt my skills, I'm the Ange of Fate, I know what I'm doing. It's my job to have their fate set in motion."

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