Eternal Moon.

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Chapter One.


That's it, I'm going to die, eighteen year old Bella Swan thought, through the hysterics in her mind. That's it, times up.

As she rattled the bars of her cage, which she'd been put into, by the men, well, animals, only an hour earlier. These same animals, now took her towards, where a large tent, seemed to be hidden, by eerily gnarled looking trees. Lord knows, what awaited her inside. Would it be worse, than what she already had to endure?

Her throat constricted, with the threat of vomiting. These, animals, were tall, all of them endowed with muscles, which seemed to ripple like an ocean as they walked, or should I, say stalked. Dark midnight black hair, covering their heads, which hung to their shoulders. Their eyes seemed feral, animalistic, if she was in a different situation, say in a bar, maybe she would have tapped that ass, so to speak, but it tends to freeze a rampant libido, when you've been taken and shoved in a cage, surrounded by a bunch of snarling men, sorry animals.

From inside her containment, she was being lashed from frigidly cold rain, which poured from a blackened sky. She tried to warm herself, by huddling in the corner of the cage, with her arms wrapped around herself. She was having a major freak out. Why today of all days, today was her birthday. She'd met the stroke of midnight and had become an adult; she'd been on the phone to her best friend, Angela. But, like Cinderella, at the stroke of midnight, her world changed.

Her purple room, at home, had started to swirl and fade, until she was faced, with this dark, dank place. She'd panicked, well, who in the hell, wouldn't, nothing was familiar to her. Maybe she was dreaming well more of having a nightmare, those she was prone to.

Almost, straight away, any hope had been quashed, when she realised, she was being hunted, that thought, can definitely bring anyone out of their stupor. Oh and panic set and I can panic with the best of them. These animals groped and grabbed any area on her body, she tried to fight back, but it was pointless, she was tossed into where she now resided.

In this strange place, she was desperate to escape and return to normality. How in the hell she ended up here in the first place, she was clueless. These… animals tried talking to her, I suppose to try and calm her down, yeah, like that was happening. She didn't understand them. Try as she might, she gave up, and maybe I should've tried charades.

Suddenly they came to an abrupt stop; she tried swallowing, which is impossible, when you have no more spit left. They entered the large tent, and placed the cage on the ground, her heart was pounding so hard against her chest, she thought, it would explode like the scene from alien. She was jostled, when they tried unlocking her prison.

Two arms, started to reach for her. "NO! Leave me alone!" She screamed at them. She kicked out, she must have made contact, for they let loose an animalistic snarl, how in the hell can a man make such a noise. She kept fighting, until she was grabbed by her leg and this move made her lay flat on her back and her head clash with the bottom of the cage, she saw stars. She was ripped from her prison, and she realised she was surrounded, by these hungry looking men, who all looked like they wanted a piece. Well shit!

I have no one to help, what can I do by myself. She was frozen in place. She still realised that they watched her, death awaited her. She might as well hold up a sign to say "come get me", I was a sitting duck.

"Please, please let me go." She begged as unshed tears clouded her eyes.

They all seemed to be angrily muttering things to her. "I don't understand what you want with me!"

She tried standing; they could see her struggling, so one of them hauled her to her feet and propelled her to the centre of the tent. Bella stumbled, but remained standing tall. When she was stationary, someone from behind, pushed her to the ground, and held her there, as in, meaning to remain, in the bowing position, being held in this position, started to restrict her breathing and her vision began the swim.

Then suddenly she was released, her lungs started to fill up fully again and then suddenly she realised she was alone.


Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god. What the hell am I going to be facing now? That thought made her body tremble with unwanted fear. Trying to conquer that fear, she started to raise herself and take in her surroundings. In the centre of the tent, was a makeshift fire, which was a blaze at this moment. To her right, oh my god, what seemed like a nest of furs, I'd rather not think about that at the moment, thank you very much? Next to the nest stood a metal tub, filled to the brim with steaming water. God, I could use one of them right this moment. She looked around, to her left, there stood a table full of glorious looking food, and at that her stomach, growled angrily in hunger. Beside all that glorious food, stood a man. Stood there, just staring at her. He too looked like the others, she'd encountered, but he held within him, an air of authority.

She stood, shakily to her feet, and compared to this mammoth of a man, well, she was only five foot nothing, dwindled in comparison to his nearly seven foot, it looked like.

Her final hopes that this was a dream, vanished. What did he want with her? All she could do was stare at his bronze coloured skin, with muscles that rippled like waves underneath. His midnight hair swung loosely around his shoulder and to match his hair, was his eyes, pure onyx, in colour, which were framed by long lush lashes. He was… exquisite, pure masculine.

He started to talk. "Deutsch? Francais? English? Española?" God the way he talked made her wet, god, she could get off, just from hearing him speak. Talk about desperate. No one she knew had that effect on her.

", I'm an A...American." She suddenly felt so self-conscious, stood here, being, scrutinised by this god. She suddenly realised, she was just stood in the nightshirt and not a lot else, she moved her sopping hair out from her eyes.

"Ah, English, then. How often have you been to this place, sweetness?" Sweetness, what the hell. What was up with the endearment?

"This is the first time I have ever… been brought here." She said wishing she could go back home, what she wouldn't do for a pair of ruby slippers.

"Happy eighteenth birthday, to you, then." He said smiling at here, with his predatorily gaze.

"How do you know about my birthday? What's it to you?" She said, renewed with fear, as to how he knew.

"Ah, you are a curious thing. Now be good and sit down." He said with that breath-taking mouth of his.

"N… No, I'll just stay here, thanks." I said with a stroke of confidence.

"It wasn't a request, sweetheart. Sit Down!" He growled out.

Her knees buckled beneath her, she tried to find an escape, but her body refused to budge anywhere. Something struck her, how odd it was that her brain couldn't seem to command her muscles, to move. Shit! It's got to be him doing this, there's no other reasoning for it.

He dragged a stool to in front of her, where he eased himself down onto it. "Now, what is your name, girly?"

"M… My name I… is Bella."

"That's a pretty name. My name is Sam. Samuel Uley."

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