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Be Careful

After stowing away from his Quidditch gear in his locker Alexei Dolohov briskly bid his fellow teammates adieu and then headed out of the locker rooms, the look on his face keeping anyone from hailing the famous Quidditch seeker for a quick word or an offer to get a drink with them. The man's temper was as well known as his playing skills, and since everyone in the Wizarding World knew about him due to his strange connection to Hugo Weasley…well they just stayed out of his way a lot of the time even when he seemed to be in a good mood.

Since he was going to see Hugo his mood was not a good one.

He had had enough of the man leading everyone to believe that they were a couple and tonight they were going to have it out, Alexei silently fumed to himself as he headed for the exit. As embarrassing as it was, he was going to order the curly haired idiot to write out an announcement for his aunt to have placed in the Prophet. By Monday everyone would know that he was not the property of the annoying Gryffindor and that if the Wizarding World wanted the Weasley to live they would stop saying otherwise.

Hugo Weasley was not his lover and never would be. Maybe they'd made out a few times but that did not a relationship make. They'd never been on a single date, for Merlin's sake. He ended up making out with the Gryffindor a few times every year because the other man tricked him into it, simple as that. The man was an expert when it came to making him do things he didn't want to do and most of those tricks seemed to end in foreplay.

In fact, he was starting to think that manipulating him literally was foreplay for the messed up Gryffindor.

But he'd never let the man trap him into going to bed with him, Alexei reminded himself, hanging onto that fact somewhat desperately at this point. That was never going to happen. He'd put his wand to his head before he'd ever let that happen.

Though he'd die of the shame regardless.

Not that people seemed to realize that. No, they all seemed to think that just because everyone else couldn't help but like Hugo he was the same. And every time he tried to educate them about just how wrong they were they either backed off because they feared him or pointed out that since they'd graduated from Hogwarts he'd scared off a number of the men and women who were interested in dating the Gryffindor seriously. Apparently that meant he did care about Hugo but refused to admit it. As if. They just refused to grasp the fact that he'd gotten rid of those people not because he was jealous or anything, but because they so obviously weren't right for the man. And the more time the idiot wasted on losers the less chance Hugo had of finding the right person who was actually meant for him. Hugo wasn't going to give up on him completely until he was in love with someone else and therefore of course he wanted the other man to find that special someone.

He was not jealous. He didn't love the Gryffindor. End of story.

Unfortunately the vast majority of the Wizarding World was so stupid they thought he was living in denial, which was why he'd decided that if Hugo didn't agree to write the damn announcement for the paper when he got to the man's house, well then he was going to get violent and prove once and for all his feelings on the matter.


Walking up to the small cottage a short time later Alexei couldn't help but appreciate the scents and vibrant colors that surrounded him since Hugo's gardens were in full bloom. The man's cottage really was picture perfect, the ideal example of a small English cottage with its deceptively simple design and climbing plants growing over it to make it a part of the land surrounding it.

It was really too bad that the place's owner ruined his enjoyment of it every time, Alexei thought darkly as he stopped in front of the door and knocked hard. And oh but he better be there or else.

Moments later the door opened, the Slytherin blinking in shock as he stared blindly at the man in front of him while he tried to process what he was looking at.

As far back as Alexei could recall Hugo Weasley had never been the sort to care about his personal appearance. He'd seen the man not only wear two different socks, but two different shoes at the same time, so it was a blow of epic proportions to see just what the man could look like when he put serious effort into it.

He actually looked…sexy.

The man in question was dressed to the nines, wearing sharply ironed black trousers paired with a black dress shirt, vest and tie. His curls had even been sexily styled to fall in appealing ringlets around his head instead of falling wherever they pleased. The closely cropped beard Hugo was sporting…it drew his eyes to the man's lips in a way that was really making him uncomfortable.

And as icing on the cake Alexei's senses were assaulted when he finally managed to draw a breath, the scent of the Gryffindor mixed with spicy cologne throwing him that much more off balance.

"Why the hell are you dressed up like that?"

Blinking once at the Slytherin's tone of voice Hugo just smiled pleasantly, used to it. "I have plans this evening. Hello, Alexei."

"Some political thing your mother's dragging you to?" Embarrassed by his unexpected reaction to the other man Alexei moved closer to the man without thinking, getting another whiff of the cologne in the process. Dammit, what was the man wearing to make him feel so hot and bothered all of a sudden?

"No. I have a date."

Alexei wasn't even aware that he'd flinched a little as Hugo's words registered. He was dressed this way for someone else, made the effort to look more than just presentable for him or her when the man had never cared about that when it came to him before.

Stupid as it was, that was all the Slytherin could think as he struggled to keep his voice unaffected, reminding himself that he'd lectured himself repeatedly about occasionally getting these possessive feelings where the other man was concerned. Such feelings were not allowed.

"You're on your way out then?"

Again Hugo shook his head, not for a moment indicating he was aware of the man's conflicting emotions. "We're staying in for the evening should everything go according to plan. Actually, if you'd excuse me a minute I really need to check on the chicken. Take a seat in the parlor if you like or stay out here, I'll be back in just a moment."

Following the man into his house without asking himself why, Alexei trailed after Hugo, trying to get his head on straight because the fact that the man had a date should not have thrown him for such a loop. It was a good thing after all, it meant that the idiot was finally moving on and therefore would stop deliberately and inadvertently screwing with his own life. Of course if the person didn't suit Hugo that would be another story, but it had to be serious if the man had willingly gotten all dressed up for this guy or girl. How long had this been going on, anyway? They hadn't talked in a month because Hugo had been out of the country on a busman's holiday of some sort.

And then he saw the dining room table all decked out for the evening, making the Slytherin forget all about the fact that he was supposed to be acting like he didn't care a whit about Hugo getting serious about someone else. Because the fancily made up table, complete with flowers and candlesticks, was obviously set up for a romantic dinner for two.

He wasn't one of the two.

In some small part of his still functioning brain Alexei knew that he should be pleased, hadn't he told the other man countless times to give up him and instead find himself another man? Hadn't he even done his level best to throw Hugo at other men and women, hoping something would start so that he would be free to date men who didn't break up with him quickly because they couldn't stand to hurt the Gryffindor's feelings by poaching? He'd been pushing Hugo away for four years now, it was only natural that his words would finally get through the thickest skull he'd ever encountered.

So why did he feel such…such pain?

"Sorry about that. I don't tend to do very well in the kitchen, too easily distracted as you might imagine. But everything looks as it ought to…I think. I'll test it before I serve, just in case. Rosie thought that would be best."

None of what he was feeling must be on his face, Alexei decided, for the man to speak to him so casually as he walked into the room. But that wouldn't last for long, especially as he struggled to accept what the pain he was feeling indicated. "Since you have company coming I'll return at another time."

He wouldn't, but he wasn't about to admit that.

"I have time now unless you've remembered a prior engagement. It must be something important after all, for you to come out here to see me willingly. Avoiding me is more your style." Holding out a glass Hugo watched the man take it and then brought his own glass to his lips, taking a sip of the cool iced tea.

Taking a sip of the tea, finding it sweetened exactly to his preference which just pissed him off, Alexei stare down at the glass as he rolled it around between his hands. "You know once I start yelling at you I have a hard time stopping, Weasley. And lover girl or boy must be coming soon for you to be all ready. I hate to be interrupted."

"My visitor is male."

That made it worse. So much worse somehow. "So how long before lover boy shows up to rescue you from my evil clutches then? Or is he such a pansy he'd take one look at us fighting and run in the other direction to avoid me taking him down as collateral damage?" Now that thought did appeal to him.

"Pansy is not a word any person would apply to him, no." Hugo was obviously amused at the very idea. "And I don't know exactly when he's coming; he didn't deign to inform me. I just know he's coming this evening."

"And you're letting this assehole treat you like that? Making you just wait for him to show up when it suits him? Where's your bloody pride as a man, Weasley?"

Shrugging like it was no big deal Hugo followed up the gesture with a nod to indicate he did understand where the Slytherin was coming from. "You aren't the patient sort unless it involves a snitch, Alexei. That you don't understand is…well…understandable. I consider him worth waiting for and that's really all that matters, isn't it? And I expect to be well rewarded for my patience so the end justifies the means so to speak."

"So what, as long as he eventually shows up to shag your brains out you don't get your pants in a twist about the fact that he treats you worse than I do?"

"My pants can't be in a twist at the moment since I'm not wearing any. Though I suppose there are some in my laundry basket that might possibly be twisted since I do tend to throw my clothes in there without straightening them out first." Hugo's gaze went thoughtful as he considered that.

"You're not wearing any…WHY THE FUCK AREN'T YOU WEARING PANTS?" Setting his glass down so hard on the table it was a wonder it didn't shatter, Alexei got as up and in the other man's face as their difference in heights would allow. "GO GET SOME PANTS ON THIS INSTANT!"



"Well that's not really a good reason, especially since I'm hoping to have my clothes torn off my body very shortly. The less articles of clothing I damage the less I'll have to replace at a later date. I hate shopping."

Twitch. Twitch. Twitch.

Making a sound perilously close to a snarl Alexei moved behind the Gryffindor and started physically propelling the taller man out of the room, Hugo making no move to protest or dig in his heels. Which was a damn good thing because the Slytherin was holding onto what little control he had by a few very frayed threads at the moment.

Because while he knew that he wasn't behaving rationally, that his head definitely wasn't on straight, Alexei just didn't give a damn as he directed them to the staircase that would take them up to the second floor, giving Hugo a light shove to indicate that the other man was to head up.

"If you insist."

"Oh I do."

So they both headed up the stairs with Alexei following close behind, ready to force Hugo if that's what it took. But the man made no effort to resist and when they reached the top the Gryffindor willing pointed out the way towards his bedroom when Alexei demanded to know.

Propelling the man through the open door as soon as they reached it Alexei eyes made a quick scan of the room, those last remaining threads starting to slip from his fingers one after another.

The bed had been turned down in preparation of being used, a bottle he would bet his year's earnings was meant to provide lubrication rested within easy reach on the man's bedside table. There was an ice bucket set on the other side of the table, the top of a champagne bottle visible over the rim. The whole room had been thoroughly cleaned and several small, full vases had been placed around the room to perfume the air with scents that combined seductively. Hell, there were even candles scattered here and there, though they at least looked used.

And clutching the final thread in a death grip Alexei glared at the Gryffindor who was simply standing there, watching him with a vaguely curious expression on his face. "Quite the setup you've got here. No restraints so that he can't run away when he realizes the trouble he's gotten himself into?"

Hugo raised a single eyebrow as he seemed to consider it. "No, though I suppose I could use my tie for that if I had to. Personally I'd rather be the one tied if given the choice."



"So you like to be tied up, do you, Weasley? You love to be at the mercy of another man, helpless to stop him as he does whatever he likes to your body, uses you for his pleasure while you struggle beneath him, completely at his control and mercy." All but purring his words Alexei's eyes were nearly black and all predator as he reached out to finger the Gryffindor's tie, sliding it between his fingers from the top to the bottom before he wrapped the material around his now fisted hand, yanking the other man down so that their faces were closer together. "Well, Weasley? Is that what you want, what has you waiting for this lover of yours so eagerly?"


Honesty was not the best policy in this case.

"Well then, let's make it easy for the both of you then. You're not wearing any pants so they won't get ruined, well why don't you just strip now and save the both of you the trouble? I'll be more than happy to tie you to the bed so you're all laid out and waiting for him when you lover finally arrives. That way he'll know exactly what you want from him, won't he?"

Something flickered in the Gryffindor's eyes then, but only for a second. "And why would you help me?"

"For old times' sake." Was Alexei's flatly delivered answer.

Hugo considered this and then pointed out that he couldn't do as he was suggesting while the man had a grip on his tie.

Letting go of the tie Alexei felt the air leave his lungs as he watched the man undo the tie and then hold it out to him, the Slytherin taking it reflexively, never taking his eyes off the man's long, beautiful hands as they returned to remove each layer of clothing he wore, taking off the vest and then his shirt, calmly undoing each button before shrugging off the garment and allowing it to slide from his fingers and hit the floor to join the vest. From there the Gryffindor's hands went to his belt, undoing it quickly before undoing his trousers, allowing them to fall from his hips to pool at his feet.

Stepping out of them Hugo stood before him as naked as the day he was born for a moment before giving him his back as he walked over to climb into his bed, shifting over until he was lying dead center before raising his arms above his head, silently inviting the other man to come over and secure them there.

Walking over Alexei placed one knee on the bed, leaning over to quickly use the tie to secure the other man's hands to the headboard. And when that was done he looked down, meeting the brown eyes that stared up at him.

"Bad idea, Weasley."