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My Love

Loving the way every movement of the man's body was designed to draw more pleasure out of what he was doing, Alexei watched Hugo's face with rapt attention, taking his cues from every gasp and breathy moan for more. Every emotion and feeling was laid out on Hugo's face, the other man making not the slightest move to hide his pleasure or need for more.

Working the next finger inside Alexei flexed and moved them, not wanting to draw this part out any longer than necessary. Because his fingers weren't what he wanted to bury deep inside his Gryffindor, Alexei thought as he focused on preparing Hugo to take him. No, he wanted what Hugo wanted so much he could taste it.

The third finger took a little more preparation and lubricant, Hugo's body proving more resistant now even though the Gryffindor obviously wanted it and was trying to relax. "Been a while?"

Digging his fingers into his bed Hugo stopped biting down on his bottom lip long enough to answer that. "Actually, I loosened myself up earlier…but apparently I didn't do as thorough a job as I'd thought. Sorry about that."

Licking his lips as he imagined it, Alexei's voice was a mix of lust and erotic censor. "Started the party without me?"

"I thought of you the whole time."

"Then you're somewhat forgiven."

Slowly pulling his fingers back out again Alexei lubed them up again and then returned to his opening Hugo up that much more, though eventually he couldn't take anymore with Hugo moaning out his name and begging him to take him. The man really did have a way with words when he put his freakishly brilliant mind to it.

Needless to say Hugo cursed him out creatively when he withdrew his fingers the second time.

"I need to lube something else before I fuck you blind, Weasley."

"Oh. That's okay then. May I, please?"

Chuckling, the man sounded like he was asking for more sugar in his tea, Alexei handed over the bottle of oil with a shaking of his head, his amusement dying a quick death though as soon as Hugo had coated his fingers and reached down between them to fist his hands around his already aching erection.

Closing his eyes in pleasure as Hugo pumped his hand up and down, distributing the oil thoroughly over the length that pulsed for him, Alexei took his turn moaning and egging the Gryffindor on. Muscles that he'd spent countless hours in the gym honing quivered in sweaty surrender, and his line of vision began to blur so that he closed his eyes and gave himself over to the pleasure completely, doing some groaning of his own when Hugo's hand left him when he was so close to coming.

But that of course reminded him of what they were aiming for, highlighted by Hugo stretching out his body before him, offering himself up with a low whine of need.

And not about to waste any more time Alexei jerked the man's legs up high on his waist, reached between them to take himself in hand, and then positioning himself took what was his in one quick, possessive thrust that took him deep within Hugo's hot, tight body.

"Oh fuck. Oh hell. Shit." Groaning low in his throat Hugo words overshadow Alexei groans of pleasure. It was his next words that had Alexei going still while the Gryffindor obviously struggled to control his body's reaction to Alexei's deep penetration. "Oh Merlin but you're so much bigger than my fingers. I knew it would smart a little but fuck. Give me a sec."

The fact that the man was openly swearing and not apologizing for it was telling, almost as telling as the Gryffindor's other comment. And even though his brain was telling him that he was absolutely out of his mind to even entertain the idea, Alexei couldn't help but listen to the little voice that whispered seductively of the fact that he'd never once heard any of the man's former dates ever mention having had sex with Hugo.

"Weasley…you have…done this before…right?"

"Nope." And the eyes that Hugo had closed in concentration flashed open, his pale legs tightening around Alexei's waist despite the discomfort the movement caused. "And if you back off now I fucking swear I'll give you the beating you've been asking for for four fucking years, you Slytherin bastard!"

Having tensed at the sensations Hugo's movements had unintentionally caused, Alexei had to work hard to keep himself still, focusing desperately on keeping his voice even as he demanded to know how the hell the Gryffindor could still be a virgin given how many men and women he'd dated in the past.

"I made a deal with my family that if they didn't interfere with us and come after you because of me I'd date other people and give them a chance to change my mind about how I feel about you." Gaining some mastery over his body as it began to adapt to having Alexei buried deep inside, Hugo was just able to work up a rueful smile. "I only promised to date them, not sleep with them. Some of them did interest me sexually, but I knew it wouldn't be fair to them, when I was always wishing it was you I was with. I don't use people…I just occasionally manipulate…sometimes."


"Okay…you a lot of the time, but I don't with everyone else. I don't have to, since they find me so adorable."

Rolling his eyes at the man's matter of fact response, not to mention the totally bizarre pleasure he took in the fact that he was the only one Hugo was devious with, Alexei muttered under his breath that he was surprised Hugo's curiosity about what sex was like hadn't gotten to him. The man's endless interest in everything was one of his major weak points. And talking would, Merlin willing, distract them from the sex the fates kept interrupting them from having.

"I didn't say I didn't investigate the pleasure to be had, I just said I didn't take any lovers." Hugo informed him, the smile that curved his lips so sexual in nature that Alexei automatically wanted to bite them. "I'm very, very good with my hands, and there are alternatives to experiment with."

Eyes flaring at the mental images the other man was painting in his head, Alexei automatically leaned forward to bite down on Hugo's swollen bottom lip, the movement reminding them both of the fact that they were still joined.

Only this time the moan that escaped Hugo's lips was of pure pleasure.

"Oh. Do that again, please."



More than happy to do so Alexei slowly began to move, drawing out each thrust carefully this time, taking the time to steal quick kisses in between as Hugo relaxed beneath him and started to move into every thrust, the two finding a rhythm that worked for them. There were no more sounds of pain, only pleasure as they concentrated only on what brought them and the other pleasure.

His fingers digging into Alexei's shoulders Hugo's eyes remained open and focus on him now, his breath hitching and coming out in shaky pants. "Tell me you want me, Alexei."

"You're more a pain in my ass then I just was to yours…but yes, damnit to hell, I want you. And I'm having you now."

And he did, with a thoroughness that insured that both men were about ready to collapse from exhaustion and the building pleasure when Hugo climaxed under Alexei, the Slytherin following shortly after, betraying himself by calling the other man's name as he did so.

They both also rated their respective orgasms as being worth the four year wait, and fell asleep soon afterwards.


Lazily opening his eyes Hugo closed them again on a sigh of contentment as his brilliant, even when sleepy mind reminded him of the fact that the body he felt against his was Alexei's. The Slytherin hadn't tried to sneak away during the night, and at some point the other man's head had left his pillow and had moved to his upper arm slash shoulder, which was why he didn't have a whole lot of feeling there at the moment. Not that he minded in this case of course.

Alexei could indeed still surprise him, the Gryffindor thought with a rueful little smile. He'd figured it would take at least a couple months of semi regular sex before Alexei willingly stayed with him until morning.

Mentally evaluating his other predicted landmarks Hugo shifted the expected timelines with a great deal of pleasure and anticipation. Not that he hadn't been willing to wait four and a half years for the man to willingly tell him he loved him outside the bedroom, Hugo acknowledged with a grin, but it was nice to know that he could probably cut a year and three months off of that prediction.

That was still a ways away though so he'd concentrate on his next goal, which was-

"You're plotting, aren't you?"

Lips automatically twitching at the Slytherin's tone of voice, Hugo knew better than to deny it. "Only a little."

Remaining where he was and not even bothering to open his eyes, Alexei let his sarcasm make his point for him since he was too relaxed and worn out to put much effort into trying to move for the moment. "Right…and Father Christmas is a real person."

"He might have been." Hugo countered, perfectly serious as he slipped into his educational tone. "Many believe his root beginning dates back to Saint Nicholas, who was an actual person in Muggle history. Even the tallest of tales usually has some truths in it, would you like to learn more about him?"

Silence, and then….

"Weasley, you're pissing me off. You know what to do about that."

And knowing exactly what to do Hugo slid down the bed a little so that they were face to face and then pressed his lips against Alexei's, insuring that it would be a while before they spoke of anything but their desire for the other.


Note: Sorry this is a little short, the fanfic was only supposed to be two chapters to begin with. Anyways, hopefully you guys now understand why I ended 'For 10 Galleons' the way I did. I knew Alexei would draw things out so that it would take years before they got anywhere lol. Thanks for reading, will try to come up with something new for these guys soon!