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Ch.1: Brought Back Together

"There it is, right in front of me. A digital portal leading to the Digital World! But should I go alone and get to see Guilmon or should I get the others? Well, I know Jeri lost Leomon, but maybe she would like to go anyway. And for everyone else, I'll call them and they can ask their parents, but I have to get home and ask my mother and dad! And I'd better hurry! Or this digital portal might close too soon!" Takato said to himself.

Takato ran as fast as he could and in about five minutes, he got home.

"Dad! Mom! I need to ask you something very important!"

"Sure Takato, what do you need to ask?" Takato's mother asked.

"I hope it's not about getting in trouble at school. Is it?" Takato's dad asked.

"No dad, but it is about something I really need to ask you if I can do."

"Well, then what is it?" Takato's mother asked.

"I saw a digital portal where Guilmon used to be and I was wondering if I could go to the Digital World and maybe bring my friends along as well."

"What?! You're going there again!?" Takato's mother asked.

"Yeah, and I was hoping to have your approval. If it's okay that is."

"Well, I guess it's okay." Takato's father replied.

"Thanks dad."

"I'm not saying yes Takato." Takato's mother said.

"But mom, I've been to the Digital World before."

"Yes, but that was when you had Guilmon with you, but you kids going alone without your digimon is suicide!" Takato's mother said.

"No, we're going to the Digital World to find our digimon once again."

"Still, I can't take the chance you'll die!" Takato's mother said.

"Honey, you know how I told you before that we should trust Takato?" Takato's dad asked.

"Yeah, but that was when he had his digimon friend to go with him!" Takato's mother said.

"Then you didn't put full trust in him. You need to put your trust completely into Takato." Takato's father said.

"Well, I guess I should trust our son." Takato's mother said.

"Then can I go?"

"Yes Takato, you can go, but promise me you won't die and you'll be very careful." Takato's mother said.

"I promise."

Takato and his mother and father gave each other a big bear hug and then separated.

"Go get your sleeping bag because you may be in the Digital World longer than just one day." Takato's mother said.

After packing all his stuff and calling everyone else and telling them everything and to meet him in front of the place Guilmon used to live in, they asked their parents and they all could go. Takato was to meet them all in front of where Guilmon used to live in the morning at eight o'clock sharp. Takato got there a little early by about half an hour. He was waiting for the others though. He was a little worried that they might not make it and he would have to go alone. Takato heard some sounds from the bushes and Ryo came out.

"Ryo! You made it!"

"Yeah, you think I'd miss seeing Cyberdramon again?"

"That's just like you Ryo." Someone said.

Takato and Ryo turned seeing Rika.

"Ah, Rika, you also made it!"

"Whatever gogglehead. But where's everyone else?"

"They haven't arrived yet."

"Who says so," Someone else said.

"Henry, you also were able to come huh." Ryo said.

"And me too."

"You also got to come Suzie?" Takato asked.

"Yep, I can't wait to see Lopmon again!"

"We're here. No need for applause."

"That's just you immature attitude Kazu." Rika said.

"I'm here too."

"Hey Kenta." Takato said.

"Don't forget me."

"Hey Jeri." Henry said.

"Where are Impmon's tamers, Ai and Mako? Jeri asked.

"I don't think they got to come." Kazu said.

"Are you sure?" Kenta asked.

"I think so." Kazu replied.

"No, we made it." Ai said.

"We wouldn't miss this for the world!" Mako said.

"I'm glad we are all going. I wouldn't want any of you to miss this. And now, let's go." Takato said.

Everyone got into the place where Guilmon used to live and they all saw the glowing digital portal in front of them. They all went in.

What will the digimon tamers find in the Digital World?! Will it be peace or havoc?! Will they find their digimon or will they find their digimon and also something much more?! Find out next time on Digimon Digital Monsters!