Boarding school with Clare and Eli.

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Clare's POV

I was lying on my back. My eyes followed the birds in the light blue sky. No rain, no thunderstorms. Just me and my beautiful sky. I missed it, wanted to see those white clouds again.
Sometimes it looks like the sky follows your emotions. How things are going with you and with the people you love. When I was younger, I aways thought that something bad happened, or would happen if I saw those grey, stormy clouds above me. I never realy liked thunderstorms too. Too loud and scary. But, you know, when I saw those beautiful clouds again, like someone had placed white tufts up in the sky, I knew that everything was going to be alright. And this situation remembered me of him, my beautiful sky.
A few days ago, I remembered that I hadn't seen those clouds in weeks, months maybe. I saw them when we drove away from our old house to our new home, to my new school, Degrassi. Here, it was always thunder and rain. I saw my sky only once since I got here. When I went to the park with Eli. Yes, it was there before, but always hidden under a blanket of dark clouds. But now I could see it, enjoy it. Because everything is going good now, very good. Adam and Fiona are being nice to each other. More and more... A little too nice? Let's just say that I heard some kise noises and I saw something I didn't wanted to see. Let's just leave it with that.
Eli always thought that my theory about the sky was nonsense. He laughed a little about it. But I don't feel offended. People just don't get me and my sky. Give other explanasions for the weather. But you know, I have my own theory's.

Eli's POV

So, yeah, the peace is back. Fiona and Adam are okay and happy. I don't totally forgive Fiona for what she has done but Adam is happy now, so I don't have a reason to be mad at her anymore. And I have the idea that Fiona is becoming more then a friend, and you don't scold at your best friend's girlfriend. You just don't.
I look at Clare. She's looking at sky with a small smile on her face. Probably thinking about that sky thing. Ridiculous. But if it makes her happy, I won't say a thing.

I look at the small weaves smashing against the rocks. The sand between my toes. I just love the beach. Especially when Clare is lying besides me and my best friend is happy, doing something I probably don't wanna know with a girl. A girl I don't really like, but let's just forget about the details. Yeah, I think things are finally going good here. It took a while, though. But it is here now, that's all that counts. And there is something else that counts. A someone to be specific. And now that everything is good, I would like to celebrate with a girl, sweet curls, blue eyes. Maybe you know her. I rolled over to kiss Clare.

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