The Secret Keeper

By Gracegoddess

Here we go; The Secret Keeper, RELOADED! I will be editing chapters 1-10 and completely rewriting all of the chapters and the plot for the rest of the story. I hope you all appreciate my efforts for this complete makeover of SK. Really; this is for my benefit, too!

I do not own Twilight.


BPOV (IT will only be her pov, from now to the end.)

My name is Isabella Marie Swan Volturi.

I am one of the original vampires, out of three. First was my eldest brother, Peruses. He is the most compassionate one of us all. He to be the protector of all things good; He spreads compassion in vampires. He was also the one to start the chain, the further growth of vampirism.

Next was my second eldest brother, Derek. He was the preserver of all things evil, bitter from being labeled from birth as such. He did not want to be looked at so negatively. Peruses and I are the balance and the heroes of this story. He was the villain. He knew he was the villain, but he believed that what he was doing was right. So he set out to become greater than everything, greater than what is written.

What about I, you ask? I was to know and record the existence of every vampire ever changed. I was to know everything about them. My ultimate mission was to protect love in the vampire world. In protecting it, however, that does not always mean that I was as companionate as my brother. No, that meant I was sometimes as cruel as Derek. They both knew that. For lack of a better comparison, our family feud was like a world war. I was Switzerland.

I record everything I know about every vampire in my Golden Book. The book also contains the contents of their souls, or in some cases, what is left of them. No one can see it but I. Not even my mate can see it. I can share basic information, if I so choose. Other than that, no one can touch the contents of the book. Not only was I trusted to safeguard it, it safeguarded itself. It had an impenetrable physical shield. Only I can enter its space, five feet on each side, from each angle.

It was my life's work. I had handwritten all of the information in it, from the time it was gifted to me, on my fifteenth birthday. Even back then I protected it like a bee does it's honey.

Plus, anyone who tried to pierce the shield turns to ash instantly, so if it's not on me, I don't tend to worry too much.

I am always working on it. Changing the ages, mate status, etc… Recording in that book was my life. I did nothing else.

Alas, it was hard at first, out on my own. I had to move inns frequently, which was inconvenient. I had to be writing in it, keeping it updated, anytime, no matter how inconvenient.

Things changed for me when I met Aro and his brothers, Marcus and Caius. They were trying to start a royal coven, and I was lucky for my mental shied, because it would have been embarrassing if he would have heard what I though of his idea. I thought it foolish and childish.

However, Aro is a determined and greedy character. We became mutual acquaintances. When we first met, you could tell simply from his eagerness, he though me a rare and precious jewel, one that would increase his power, one that would be his partner. One that would share all of the secrets that I safeguarded. So that he may convince and conquer other vampires with my born ability. One that would increase how well respected he was. After all, how could you deny the fact that Aro Voluri had one of the very first vampires with him?


Of course, as he soon found out, I was none of the things that he wanted. I took advantage of his castle for a place to stay inconspicuously. This was the only reason I stayed. I was tied down by duty to the vampire world.

Aro tired of my games, and he eventually formed a sour opinion of the only vampire older than himself. The only one who could be his downfall? This scared him, so for awhile, he kept me around, letting his power grow as he saw my power, more numerous than his, remain stoic.

It killed the greediest man on earth to watch as a resource as plentiful as I to sit by and write in my little book, noting down every little, insignificant detail of all of the worthless, powerless vampires, and only caring about the ones that he could gain from. Ones that would serve him willingly, just because they knew nothing else. It was a pity, really.

I speak, of course, not on my own assumptions; but rather the actual story engraved forever in his soul. However, it does not take my ability to see his greed, his thirst for power. One only has to meet him, to see such a thing that is written in sincerity.

So, eventually, he shut me up in the tower, convincing the people I was a threat, and having people guard my door. I knew, the ones that had, for the short time being locked up, guarded me, that they started to doubt his assumptions, as I was rarely seen, heard, or threatening.

They knew, at least, that I was dangerous. Being the third out the first three vampires does make you seem dangerous.

I was only dangerous when threatened.

Aro and his games posed no threat to me. I knew he coveted my book most of all. He once asked weather anyone could read it, as he eyed it greedily.

I smiled gently. Of course, I told him of the field of protection that protects it from anyone but I to read from it.

I left out that anyone who tried to break it would be turned to ash. I felt that detail insignificant, as anyone who tried would be hunted down by me if they even tried. However, my book could defend itself.

What about if I die? He asked.

I chuckled at his inquiry, and he perks his eyebrows up at me.

Oh, Aro, my dear old friend. Originally, if I died, my eldest brother, Peruses would have it. However, he is dead, and the universe would end if, God forbid, Derek gets a hold of it. So, if I perish, it will go on lockdown. Building a wall, it will block everyone out. When I reincarnate, for we originals must, I will come get it and finish my work that I missed.

Needless to say, I crushed his hopes about getting his greedy fingers on my book.

The last time that he came to me for information before my lock up, he had just finished up a reunion with Carlisle Cullen, a vampire who had, obviously, been touched by Peruses, for he was a vegetarian, just like him.

I knew he valued Carlisle for his extensive knowledge and brilliant theories, but other than that, he was just a friend.

When he approached, my top step creaked, breaking me out of my reverie. I had nothing to write in the book, as of now, but I spent some time reviewing all of the updated information.

I know what you must think; her job is nothing short of a label. I am more a secretary for all vampires.

It is far from this. I view their souls, watch their hearts, and feel what they feel. I get put into a vampires' shoes daily, at the least. I know them in and out. I know when they have a change of heart, when they have a change in futures'. Tis' exhausting, and my brain would have explode with all of the information if it wasn't for the fact that I was a vampire, and vampires have an unlimited memory.

Mine especially, because I exercised mine every hour of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every decade, of every practically insignificant century of my life. My life was my work. My life was recording everyone else's lives'; whilst I wasted away my own.

This was, however, just my bitter side, the side that resented the endless patient waiting, the meticulous and monotonous wait for the right time to emerge, to leave the Royal fools, to go and fulfill my life's mission. Then, to go back to my existence, which is to record the details, every framework, to clear and look around, to scour, to peruse the depths of their heart and wait for love to bloom their, lighting the otherwise dark abyss that their vampirism makes of their soul.

It would be a century before my own abyss was lit.