A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

Chapter 1

Through the inky blackness of space floated a ring of stone and science. No illumination displayed its massive proportions, no icons or symbols decorated it or declared the allegiances of whatever creatures had created the device. Like a faithful and obedient pet it followed in the orbit of a gleaming blue orb. That the majority of the inhabitants of the planet called Earth were unaware of its existence was a point of small pride and large relief to the device's creators. They were creatures to whom secrecy and concealment was a birthright; ingrained in their every fiber. However the nature of their creation was not always silence and darkness.

With no warning the gears embedded in the stone began to shift. A brilliant green light proceeded to swirl and pulse in the center ring, spilling outward and releasing an ebony black form before disappearing and leaving the cold of space undisturbed. Blue light flared as the powerfully built fighter jet altered its course to turn back towards the now lightless space-bridge that had carried it here. It seemed to pause and hover for a moment before it split apart and reformed.

A tall humanoid mech now landed on the outer surface of the transport hub. Power crackled between massive peds and the metal of the device as he landed. With long east strides only partially hampered by the magnetic lock to the surface he moved gracefully forward. Had there been light one might have marveled at the breadth of his shoulders, rising up in harsh angles to triple points. His wide chest flexed as he bent to examine meteor scouring on the ring, though his own surface was more pockmarked than the one he surveyed,

Two glowing red points of light swept around the ring; quickly analyzing it for any damage. Though the priority the mech's subroutines placed on the task was high it occupied very little of his processor. His was not the most organized of processors, not by far, (a recall program attempted to pull up a memory file, but the heavy emotional subfiles attached to it quickly dragged it back down into the depths of the ancient processor, allowing only a few tangles of code to escape; a flash of red armor, a warm smile) . Suppressing such thoughts was a long engrained habit. A survival mechanism he had developed over eons of war. Another significant portion of the mech's processor was devoted to the data he had gathered while away from Sol system. File after file of information crammed into his storage banks waiting to be analyzed.

But surging ever to the surface was something else entirely. The mech had given up attempting to suppress the thought and emotional subroutines that rolled to life whenever the topic arose. Right now he had one urgent mission after another to complete. The information he carried could, no would, turn the course of this eons long war. It would finally give his troops the power they needed to storm their enemies and crush them under their peds. A rolling rumble of expectation originated at the mech's core and spread out to diffuse into space. But there was something he wanted, the thought was interrupted as his organization bumped the priority up in obedience to his spark, there was an action he needed to complete first.

A small logical portion of his processor, set aside deliberately for these moments of what his second-in-command termed madness, sent a ping to his waiting warship. The Arc floated in the dark shadows of the asteroid belt; presenting a deceptively peaceful image to any who might have seen the heavily armored ship. Like her master she ran silent unless there was a battle to join. At her helm a tall purple mech noted their leader's return and let a small noise of dissatisfaction escape him when the rest of the code spilled in. Nevertheless moments later the ship resounded with the mech's emotionally flat announcement of their lord's return. A wave of anticipation swept through the ranks of troops only slightly dampened by the announcement that the supreme commander would be detouring to Earth first.

In the medical bay the amber and white healer paused to smile in approval at the announcement. He for one was pleased the battle hardened warrior was taking the time to indulge these needs of the spark. For far too long he had watched helplessly as the larger mech had pushed himself to near offlineing in the quest for victory.

He welcomed the burn of the atmosphere. The ex-gladiator had despised the dihydrogen monoxide rich gasses when they had first made landing on this planet, almost as much as he had despised the small organics who inhabited the surface. Now however he reveled in the feeling of the steam and fire burning away the accumulated grime of nearly a year away. As for the humans; the subroutines responsible for compiling time data sent a measurement to his central processor. It was marked with a reference to a particular Earthling, making the jet surge faster through the thickening atmosphere.

Soon his sensors detected his goal. A tall formation of the native minerals topped with various man-made structures sat in a relatively flat area surrounded by mountains. The planet was turning this section away from the sun and the light refracting through the atmosphere lit the stone a warm orange. The mech would have smiled in satisfaction if he could have in this form. His target was standing alone on top of the base the humans had granted their Cybertronian allies.

A wing of jets appeared on his sensors and moved to intercept him radioing out challenges. Smug satisfaction took up a portion of the mech's mind for a moment. These human pilots of course knew who he was by now, and they still challenged him. Firing his thrusters the mech shot through the formation before they could react, his wake alone knocked the smaller fighters to the side and he let out a chuckle at the curses and shouts hurled in his direction. They would not catch up with him now and his prey was still oblivious to his presence. He was traveling far faster than the speed of sound, the raven haired human would have no time to react.

The warrior took one clear image of the young man. The youth, finally growing into his lanky body, leaned lightly onto the safety rail. His blue grey eyes were closed and his head was thrown back, face relaxed. He wore a form fitting black flight suit edged with red seams. Fierce emotions rose up in the warrior at the sight. But he brushed them aside. His next actions would require perfect execution if his target was to survive.

Combat protocols honed by untold millennia of battle assumed precedence over his higher processor functions. He braked hard enough the atmosphere tore at his wings painfully but a gladiator lived with pain. In a single smooth movement he transformed, letting the turbulence roll him upside down. Long black talons reached out and snatched the human from the roof and the two beings tumbled together over the edge of the butte. A very small segment of the Warlord's processor noted the alarms going off in the base and the signals of the mechs scrambling to challenge him but paid them no heed. He had what he had come for.

By the time the Cybertronian had transformed around the young man his ebony mesh had almost grazed the sand of the desert floor. By the time he had ascended to the darkening sky the human had regained his breath enough to emit a scream. A rumble of amusement filled the cockpit and the massive mech began to twist and dive earning further startled cries from his passenger. Only when he sensed that the stress of the erratic flight was over taxing the organic's systems did he slow to a stop and transform.

The mech landed in a graceful crouch on a cliff face and stood to his full stature. The gleaming gold insignia on his chest plates caught the last ray of sunlight and then the shadows of night swallowed the black form. He held the organic in one cupped hand while covering him with his other. The double beat of the human's heart filled the warrior's senses and he waited patiently until it had slowed to a reasonable rate before drawing his servos up to his faceplates. He could feel the emotions rolling off the youth and reveled in them. Slowly he opened his hands wanting to savor what he knew he would see in those blue-grey eyes.


Joy and affection radiated out of the human's face as the organic sprang to his feet and placed his forehead between the Warlord's optic ridges, pressing skin against warm mesh.

"Welcome home my Lord Protector Megatron."