Prism Epilogue

A Transformers Prime Fanfiction

"Megatron, I cannot condone this," Ratchet gasped out his blue optics wide with confusion and anger. "I care not what that other youth told you. That was his universe not ours. How you could even consider this… He is your son! Your sparkling!"

"Jackson has not been a sparkling for many years," the larger black mech murmured as he stared out the wide portal at the stars.

The room they were in on the Arc had once been a cargo bay but a stray shot from a mercenary enemy had effectively welded the outer airlock shut. The space had been used for storage until they had arrived in Earth's orbit. When their human allies had requested a place to grow their crops and the old bay had been offered. Now it rustled with life even in the dark night cycle. Grasses, herbs, and trees grew up from the deck, climbed the walls and even clung to the ceiling. It had become a favorite meeting place for the two old friends when they needed a location that did not remind them of all they had left behind on Cybertron. But even the peace of the life surrounding them could not ease the tension.

"That is utterly beside the point!" the medic snarled cutting the air in front of him with a hand as if trying to shove aside the suggestion. "No human, no sentient being should have to endure what you are suggesting. Do you not remember what happened to Orion? How he changed?"

With a snarl of rage the larger mech spun on Ratchet.

"Do not presume old one! I can never forget that. Or do you forget that it was I who stood beside our friend when he accepted the duty from Primus; that I too received the burden of such a task."

"I am sorry Megatron," Ratchet murmured optics falling but hands remaining clenched. "But what you suggest…It is unthinkable, for so many different reasons. He, he is human!"

"I am aware of that," the Warlord sighed.

"He is so young," there was agony in the medic's voice now.

"He is my son," Megatron replied, and Ratchet fell silent, the pain and reluctance he heard in that voice was far deeper than any that he felt he realized with a pang.

"Then why?" the healer demanded.

The larger mech lifted up the item he held in his servos so it caught the dim starlight. The silver and turquoise device seemed to glow with an inner light of its own and even the war hardened medic couldn't help drawing in a sharp gust of air at its beauty.

"This is a key Ratchet; nothing more, nothing less. It could never contain what is the Matrix. The life force of Primus must have a living host. This much I know from my time in Cybertron's core. You were there when Optimus fell old friend. Tell me again what were his words and actions?"

"He handed me the key to Vector Sigma," the red and white Cybertronian murmured softly. "He told me to make sure it reached you but that you were not the one to carry it. You were to await another. One worthy to bear it until it would be claimed by the one who will preserve it until it is time to surrender it to the one who will light our darkest hour. By Primus, Jackson."

"I can see it in his eyes Ratchet," the larger mech whispered agony lacing his voice. "He has the strength to bear this burden. Do not misunderstand me. Were it at all possible I would take this task from my beloved son. But I cannot. We dare not hesitate."

"But Megatron; our soldiers will never accept a human Prime," Ratchet interjected.

"Perhaps not, but he will be a Matrix Bearer, not a Prime, until the one Optimus foretold comes."

"All of the risk, none of the reward," Ratchet muttered bitterly. "How long?" He demanded harshly. "How long are you asking him to bear this load?"

"My ignorance far outweighs my knowledge old friend," Megatron replied tiredly. "And were there any other way to preserve our race I would take it. All I can do now is offer my son this choice and be there to protect him when he accepts the burden to bear until the matrix will light our darkest hour."

Nodding in reluctant acceptance the medic turned to leave.

"I will prepare the space bridge to transport you both to Cybertron my Lord Protector Megatron."