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A forgotten monster.

Ty the tasmainian tiger was walking in the forests while carrying some peices of wood towards the house he and Shazza made just after they got married.

It has been 2 years since that had happened but still, Sly wasnt able to track down Boss Cass so everyone assumed that he was dead.

Ty was thinking about everything that ever happened. He saved his parents, he saved the world twice, he got married to his love life, Shazza the dingo and now a small bundle of fur was on its way.

Ty contiuned walking through the grassy forest, his feet getting a little wet from his paws touching the wet drops when he smelled the familiar scent of roses, which is what Shazza loves to plant in the garden.

After a moment, his home was in his sight and a smile engraced his muzzle as he saw his house.

Ty then ran to the front door and opened it before calling out "Shazza I'm home!"

After he heard no reply he gave a smirk, knowing where she may be.

He walked through the hall of the house, walked up the stairs, found a door that looked as if it was made from a unique type of wood and slowly opened it to see Shazza who was looking down at her huge baby belly and she was in a rocking chair while rubbing her large abdomen lovingly and not taking any notice that Ty was there.

Shazza was smiling as she looked at her huge baby belly and she contiuned to rub it lovingly while rocking back in forth in the rocking chair.

Ty gazed at Shazza's baby belly and smiled at it lovingly, for his wife was most likely carrying the future of the tasmainian tiger race and after a couple of minutes Shazza drifted off and fell fast asleep.

Ty chuckled lightly before walking into the room and kneeling down and saying to Shazza's baby belly "Gosh kid, ya really do know how to tire out Momma dont ya?"

In reply the baby kicked and Ty chuckled again before rubbing it gently. Ty scooped up Shazza into his arms and placed her in the bed before tucking her in and he began to have a nap of his very own.

In his sleep, Ty was shifting and groaning and in his dream he saw horrible visions before him. First there was a vision of Shazza being captured, then there was another vision of Boss Cass walking towards him and picking him up by the throat, next was the sound of a baby crying. Ty wanted these visons to stop but then a voice says

"Ty, Nothing will change the events you see but there is a way you can make them better. I shall guide you."

Ty felt his heart rate rising frantically "No, No! This mustn't happen!"

The voice said "It's going to happen, Tiberus. Believe it."

Ty suddenly began to hyperventilate but then to top it all off, he saw a vision of himself holding a lifeless looking Shazza. Ty screamed "NO!"

Ty screamed, shot up from the bed and bumped his head against a wodden shelf and Shazza asked in a concerned expression "Possum, are you alright?"

Ty rubbed his head and said rather sorely "Owww... I just had a..."

The tasmainian tiger paused, he couldnt tell his wife of the horrible things he saw because he may worry her so much.

Ty laughed nervously and continued "I had a bad dream." he put on a fake happy smile.

Shazza gave Ty a look and Ty asked concerned "What?...Ya think I'm lying?"

Shazza spoke softly while putting both her hands on Ty's to capture them underneath as she held them "Possum, dont bother lying. I can tell when you lie because your tail wags everytime."

Ty suddenly looked at his tail and noticed that it was wagging violently and he captured it under the blankets with his gloved front paws.

Shazza said "Now," Shazza gave Ty a comforting look "We're partners Possum, you can tell me anything. I promise I wont tell anybody."

Ty looked deep into her big lime green eyes and he found himself purring at her beauty. Even though he just couldnt tell her the truth, it would break her heart.

Ty reached for one of his boomerangs, knocked it across his head and knocked himself out...litteraly.

Shazza sighed "What am I gonna do with you, Funny little Possum?"

She giggled a little and she kissed Ty's cheek and this made Ty smile in his sleep then Shazza tucked herself in and soon fell fast asleep right along with Ty.