Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: The Dance

Note: Alright this chapter is purely of my own making; it is AU after all. Some events will be taken from Book 7. This is the final chapter and I hope you all like it. Enjoy Lovelies!

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The war was over, it was finally over! Severus felt his eyes water when the thought finally sunk into his head; he was finally free! Harry had set them free to live their lives together! Yes, Severus would have much to deal with before they could have their happily ever after, but it would be worth it as long as he had Harry.

Severus pushed all those worrisome wandering thoughts away; he just allowed himself be held closely to Harry's strong body. Severus held onto his lover just as tightly, not wanting to ever let go again. The surrounding members of the Light celebrated their victory in the Final Battle between Light and Dark, completely oblivious to Harry and Severus.

Tonight marked a new beginning for wizarding world of Britain; Severus was elated that he could see it all come together now that the Dark Lord's cruel shadow was removed from their world.

~~~~~~***********Chapter 13**********~~~~~~~

Severus and Harry eventually let go of each other and surveyed the wreckage in the Great Hall; due to their planning not many from their side were wounded. That was a great relief to Severus; enough life had been lost already in this war. Harry gazed down at the shell that used to be Voldemort's body.

Severus grasped Harry's hand, allowing his lover a moment to collect himself in regards to what he had done. The older man knew it wasn't easy for Harry to cast the Avada that no doubt saved him, but Severus knew the only time Harry could have cast the killing curse would have been in defense of someone he cared about.

After a few minutes Harry looked away from the corpse of his greatest enemy, Severus caught that green gaze and smiled. "It's over Harry. We are all free now." Harry smiled brightly it seemed that this fact just hit him as well.

"Let's go help the others with rounding up the Death Eaters and get the Great Hall cleaned up as much as we can." Severus nodded; "Indeed, I'll need to speak to Minerva in regards to the students that we evacuated. We need to make a plan for them to return to Hogwarts and then return home."

Harry nodded, placed a kiss to Severus' cheek and made his way over to the tall form of Kingsley Shacklebolt. Severus made his way to the formidable Head of Gryffindor House, gesturing for her to follow him to his office.

Once they made it to the circular room Severus sat down tiredly and called for tea and sandwiches for himself and Minerva. Once they each had a strong cup of tea and a sandwich Severus began to speak; "We need to figure out what we are going to do with the students who remained in the Slytherin dorms.

First I think we should find out whose parents have been captured today during the battle. Once, we find out whose parents are captured we can find out if the Death Eater children have any relatives who can take them into their care. The Ministry will want to know who is going where.

If the remaining students who are of age choose to leave then we will get their names and turn them over to the Ministry. Hopefully with the Dark Lord gone those students who choose to follow him will rethink their decision to do so. Hopefully they will realize the error of their ways.

But I am confident they will now that they don't have the Dark Lord looming over them and their families. I'm sure the Ministry will want to speak with them about their affiliations in regards to serving Voldemort. I will be there to support these students seeing as I to fell prey when I wasyong and naive to Voldemort's spell of a better wizarding world."

"I agree Severus, I'll do what I can to make sure those that were left behind will be given every chance to reform their ways and understand the consequences of their prior actions. Now what of the students that were evacuated?"

Severus thought on Minerva's question for a moment; "We will call them back tomorrow morning and send them immediately to the Hogwarts express. Tomorrow morning we will owl their families to let them know their children we be arriving at the Platform at 6:30pm. The remaining Slytherins and Death Eaters will be held here until the Ministry gets itself in order."

"Alright I will get on the floo and contact Pomona, Filius and Horace so we can set up the times for the students to return here. I'll have them floo into the Hogs Head and the four of us can escort them to the train. Oh and Dobby!"

The bane of Severus' existence popped into the office with excited eyes; "Yes Professors McGonagall ma'am. What can Dobby be doings for you?" Minerva looked at the elf curiously before speaking. "Dobby I need you and the rest of the elves to pack up the evacuated students' things and have them brought to the train tonight. Make sure you collect everything from the dorms as well as their owls.

Do you think you all can manage?" The little elf bounced while bowing and sputtering his squeaky reply; "Of course Professors McGonagall ma'am! Dobby be telling the rest of the elves to pack the students' things." Severus spoke now and was quite satisfied when the little elf immediately stopped bouncing and shut up.

"Dobby make sure when you pack the Slytherins' things, only the students who were evacuated with the rest of the school." Dobby nodded before popping out of the office. "That elf is menace; I still have no idea why Harry keeps that creature around."

Minerva smirked; "Speaking of Harry Severus when were you going to tell us about your relationship?" Severus glared through the slight blush on his cheeks. "That is none of anyone's business least of all yours Minerva. Kindly refrain from nosing about in my affairs."

Minerva chuckled before standing to leave the office; "I have much to get sorted. I'll speak to you tomorrow Severus." The Headmaster nodded, watching his friend and ally leave the office. Once the door closed Severus slumped into his chair and allowed himself to relax for a moment.

After five minutes of rest the beleaguered Headmaster left his office and returned to the Great Hall to help get everything back in order. It was going to be a long night, hell a long few months.

Severus was correct in his assumption it took months to get their world back into order; he had made sure every Slytherin that was left at Hogwarts during the Final Battle was represented fairly; most of the students were let off with probation and counseling.

Severus himself stood trial; though it wasn't much of one with the amount of people who spoke on his behalf. The trial lasted a mere day and finally Kingsley Shacklebolt, the acting Minister of Magic, pardoned Severus and allowed him to go free.

Harry had been there for him through all of it; the Death Eater trials were the most trying on the older man. Severus was called to testify on behalf of the Ministry in regards to many of the captured Death Eaters. Lucius and Draco Malfoy were never caught and the Ministries' request for their extradition from France was denied.

The fact that Severus testified made him quite a target for Death Eaters who escaped capture, many attempts were made to kill him. All were unsuccessful but it didn't allow for a comfortable life knowing that someone was trying to end your life. How Harry did it for all those years was a testament to Harry's inner strength and will.

Harry and Severus had announced their relationship after the Final Battle; the Prophet had a field day with it but the two of them didn't care they were finally together. Finally they could go to sleep, wake up in the same bed and not have to rush off to do something.

No more hiding and sneaking around for the couple anymore. It felt good to hold Harry and not have to worry about who was watching or if someone would catch them and turn them into the papers.

Eventually Harry's friends and surrogate family accepted their relationship; even if they didn't Harry wouldn't have cared. Severus didn't want any derision between Harry and his friends though and made more of an effort to not be so snarky and mean toward them.

It seemed to work as their home was constantly bombarded by Weaselys, all of which wanted to know when Harry and he were going to start a family. A subject that Harry and Severus hadn't decided on even now; finding someone suitable to carry their child wasn't an easy thing but one day soon they would sit down and make a decision regarding the bearer of their children.

Maybe they would buckle down after the wedding; yes Harry had asked Severus to marry him a year ago on their three year anniversary. He of course said yes and together they were planning a small ceremony for those closest to them on their four year anniversary. Which was actually in a few days; Severus could barely wait.

He had resigned as the Headmaster of Hogwarts a year after the Final Battle so he could finally focus on potions. Severus' passion had always been research and experimentation; he wanted to recreate existing potions to make them more effective. Also, Severus wanted to discover new potions to aid in the treatment of Cruciatus victims and any other magical malady that had proved difficult to treat.

Harry went back for his last year, graduating with high marks in all his chosen subjects. Everyone expected Harry to be an Auror; his lover had surprised everyone but Severus when he applied for the Healer's program. Severus understood why Harry wanted to be a Healer; the younger man had seen enough death. Of course Harry was accepted and after two years was now one of te top Healers in regards to reversing dark curses.

So many things changed after the Final Battle; new legislation was passed involving the integration of muggleborns into their world from a younger age. Also, forming an administrative office to oversee magical children that were in mixed or muggle homes.

If any abuse was found to be happening the magical child would be removed and the offending party would be handed over to the authorities. Severus was happy for these new laws and bills; seeing as he was abused as child at the hands of a muggle, as was Harry. Many couldn't see past the fact that muggles could hurt a magical child, they changed their tune when Harry and he had shared their stories of childhood abuse at the hands of their families.

His lover donated one of Potter's larger Manor houses to a women's group so they could open an orphanage for orphaned magical children. Severus was proud of his lover's decision to help other magical children so they would have a safe home, and none of them would experience the continued abuse that he and Harry had.

Severus didn't have any regrets; he was happy with the way his life had turned out, after so much pain Severus finally found someone to love and someone who loved him just as much. Severus was pulled from his thoughts by a pair of lips on his.

"What are you thinking love?" Severus smiled to his lover; "About us, the war, our wedding, and our future children, all of it." A hum was all Harry had to say to that; before Severus could say anything he was pulled from his chair and led up the stairs toward their bedroom.

"What brought this on?" Harry turned, a lascivious look on his handsome face; "Do I need a reason to want to make love to my fiancée?" Severus guessed Harry really didn't and he would be damned if he turned down the chance to feel Harry inside of him.

Severus allowed himself to be led up to the third floor, into their large bedroom and stripped of his house robes. Once he was naked before his love Harry dropped to his knees and took Severus' semi-hardened cock into his talented mouth and began to suck on the quickly hardening flesh.

The standing man could only moan as Harry took his rigid length deeper into his mouth until the blunt head of Severus' cock hit Harry's throat. A strangled mewl left Severus' slightly kiss swollen lips when his lover swallowed around the sensitive head of his erection.

The onyx eyed man began to lightly thrust his hips, pushing his length deeper into Harry's mouth. His lover allowed him to set his own pace, and chase his own euphoria; soon Severus was thrusting hard and fast into that willing delicious mouth.

The older man moved his slender hands into Harry's raven hair, clasping onto the thick strands and tugged on Harry's head; encouraging his lover to speed up his ministrations on his engorged cock. Harry's large hands came to rest on Severus' smooth thighs to keep his balance while Severus had his way with him.

His end came when Harry raised his hand from Severus' thigh to massage and roll his tight balls in his large hand. The overwhelming pleasure Severus was feeling crashed down on him in a tsunami as he threw his head back and came hard into Harry's waiting mouth.

Severus' hands spasmodically gripped Harry's thick locks while he thrust his hips erratically, milking his orgasm for all it was worth. His lover continued to lick and suck on his still hardened cock until he was clean of his release.

A lewd pop came when Harry released Severus' member from his talented orifice, standing the taller man pushed his onyx eyed lover onto the bed. Severus didn't need any more urging than that and quickly moved to settle on the soft pillows at the head of the bed, his long legs spread wantonly for his lover.

Harry stood at the foot of the bed, heated eyes full of sensual promise surveyed Severus' flushed body and still hardened length. With a smirk the younger man summoned the lubricant from the bedside table and crawled onto the bed to join his waiting lover.

Harry moved with the innate grace of a feline, much like the animal his former house animal, until he was kneeling in between Severus' legs. Popping the lid off the jar of lube Harry spread the slippery gel liberally onto three of his fingers. Bringing his free hand to the back of Severus' leg Harry lifted the long limb onto his broad shoulder.

This shift had Severus' hips and lower body tilting to the side, opening himself up to his lover's eyes and lubed digits; a moan left his mouth when Harry's finger penetrated his tight ring of muscle. Merlin this always felt so good; just knowing it was Harry's fingers inside of him, bringing him this pleasure was enough to make Severus' cock leak pre-cum.

The older man began to grind his ass down onto Harry's intruding finger, wanting more of that appendage inside of him. "Harry mhm more, please!" Severus' response was a second and third finger being quickly pressed into his greedy hole. "Ahh fuck gods yes!"

Severus would normally have been appalled by his language but at this moment he couldn't give a fig. Right now the only thing that mattered to the now feverish and needy man was the feeling of being stretched by Harry's fingers as he fucked himself on those invading digits.

Severus whined in protest when those fingers were removed from his winking slick hole; a scream of ecstasy was ripped from him when Harry's thick lubed cock entered him to the hilt in one hard thrust.

Severus' leg was shifted to sit higher onto Harry's shoulder, while Harry's other hand grasped Severus' hip tightly as his lover proceeded to pound into his tight channel. The older man was in a daze of pleasure, Severus' thoughts were no longer coherent and all he could do was grind against his lover's thrusting groin as he babbled nonsense words and pleas of "Harder, Faster" and several other explicit words of encouragement.

Severus' prostate was struck harshly when Harry shifted his strong hips and with a few more hard hits to that sensitive bundle of nerves Severus' back arched, his hips rolled as his untouched cock spurted arc after arc of cum onto their sweating bodies.

Harry's release was ripped from him when Severus' inner walls seized his length as they shuttered during Severus' hard orgasm. A grunt like growl left Harry's lips as he thrust deep once last time releasing his seed deep into Severus' bowels, making the older man whimper as the hot fluid crashed into his already oversensitive prostate.

The younger man collapsed onto Severus, unmindful of the sweat and cum covering both of their bodies. "I love you Severus Tobias Snape-Potter. I can't wait for you to be my husband."

Severus looked into his lover's happy emerald eyes and felt once again that he was right where he was supposed to be. That after dancing through his life of deceit, death and cruelty he could finally sit down and enjoy life someone he loved. "I love you too, Harry James Potter. Always and I can't wait to be your husband."

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