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Sorry if I spelled 'Sonikku' wrong. In truth I don't have a single clue as to how to spell it.

Chapter One:

Amy Rose Is Coming

"Dang…where is it?"

The blue blur was in a dusty tractor shed, looking for his wrench. The combine wasn't working again and he had no clue where that dumb wrench was; he needed it.

Sonic looked around the huge shop (shed type thing that you mainly keep tractors of all sorts in) and coughed, waving his arm around to get the dust away. He knew it wouldn't do any good but he did anyway.

His cell phone went off a second later. 'She switched my ringtone again?' he thought before picking up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello?" he heard.

"This is Sonic," he said.

"I know who you are, Sonic."

The voice wasn't familiar though. "Who is this?"

"Oh, come on, Sonic, don't you have a clue who I am?"


He heard a sigh then, "SONIKKU!"


He heard her laugh then he said, "Why…I mean I love that you're calling but why?"

"Well, turns out I lost my job….."

He was about to say sorry when she said, "A month ago; then I got kicked out of my apartment because I couldn't pay the rent, what are the odds?"


He heard her exhale noisily. "Maybe I could just stay at your place or someone else's since I know you have a girlfriend!" she said the last part really fast though.

"Well—wait, how did you know about my girlfriend?"

"Sarah?" Amy asked. "Oh, right. Well, I called your house and this really mean voice answered and then someone took the phone away and it was Sarah. Who else lives you? I thought it was just her…"

"Technically before I met her it was Shadow and me."



"Mr. Doom and Gloom?"

"The one and only."

"The dark one?"

"Yes, Amy," Sonic sighed.


"Why," Sonic asked. "You got anything against him? He's got loads against me!" the blue blur chuckled a little.

"No….then why do you live him?"

Sonic shrugged though he knew she couldn't see. He cleared his throat before saying, "Because, he pays for the house."


"Our farm."

"What's a farm?"

Face palming, Sonic muttered, "You city people…."

"What about city people!?"

"Nothing!" Sonic took it back.

"Okay…well I'm actually at the airport here…boarding a plane…"

"What! Ames, you gotta tell me before coming out here! Plus, what about Shadow!? He pays for the house and if he has another mouth to feed and care for he's gonna be pissed, he was mad enough with me moving in!"

She smacked her lips. "I'm sure Shadow will remember me as the one who reminded him of his promise to Maria and then let me stay."

"Things don't just go your way all the time, Ames; you gotta think about this, I mean this is Shadow we're sorta talking about."

"Sonic, I'll be fine but could one of you guys pick me up?"

There was a slight pause throughout the two while Sonic repositioned himself against the combine.

"Fine, what time?"

Sonic set the combine keys down on the counter before heading off to the fridge to get a water bottle. Heading to the living room he saw Shadow lounging on the couch, watching something on the TV.


Shadow ignored him as usual. Sonic waved a hand in front of his face. "Hello?"

"What?" Shadow growled.

"Guess who I got a phone call from?" Sonic said, sitting on the one person couch near him.

"Do I really care?"

"Shadow," Sonic looked at him with his glass of water on his knee. "Did you ever think about you getting a girlfriend?"

Shadow payed attention then. "What? Where did this come from?"

"Oh nowhere…but you see there's this girl….and…you gotta pick her up at the airport," he finished looking at Shadow.


"I got a meeting! I do have two jobs you know!" Sonic wailed, standing up.

"Well, why can't Sarah? If she's gonna live here she should be the one picking up some girl I don't even know," Shadow said, lying back down.

"Oh, but that's the funny part my friend, you do know her."

He knew Shadow was clueless by the look on his face so he continued. "She's…well…I guess you could say she's different."

"The only girls I've ever known are Rouge and Sarah."

Sonic sighed. "Before we split up and lived different lives, there were a couple of other girls you knew."

"Knew, you see, I don't know her now and I think I don't want to."

"Come on, you two would be cute together!" Sonic smiled at him.

Shadow stared at him, "Guys never say cute, Sonic."

"Well, I do!"

"See, this is what a girl does to you; makes you think like them, makes you dress all nice, makes you get things for them, and makes you buy things for them."

"They do not, I just chose to say cute," Sonic told him.

"Sure, you did," Shadow said with his attention back to the TV.

"Well then," Sonic threw the empty bottle away. "You gotta get our friend down here to the house by midnight."

Shadow looked at him strange, "Midnight?"

"Yeah, her plane comes in at ten tonight, I'll be gone and Sarah will be with the girls."

"So, I'm home alone…with this girl, till six in the morning?"

"Is that enough time for you?" Sonic smirked trying to hold his laughter.

Shadow glared at him, knowing exactly what he was thinking. "Faker…."

"Aww, I thought we passed that phase, bud!"

"We are not friends," Shadow growled.

"Sure, we are!"

Shadow watched as Sonic went down the hall and in his room. He sat on the couch for awhile when a thought hit him, "Sonic!? What do you mean bring her to the house!?"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention this," Sonic poked his head out of the doorway. "She's gonna be staying here!"

Shadow grumbled as he stood in the airport ten minutes early before her—whoever she was—flight came in. He sighed.

Who is it? Do I really know her? I remember girls back then when we were still together as what Sonic and them called a 'team.'

So who were the girls? There was Rouge but she moved away. There was…that little rabbit…what was her name? Vanilla? No, that was her mother. Tails mentioned her plenty of times, so why can't I remember what her name was?

He sighed and rubbed his head, too many thoughts could hurt his brain. He looked up at the board and noticed the flights were landing. Two were at ten o' clock. He looked at his watch and sighed, putting his hands in his brown coat pockets.

"This better be worth it, if Faker was pulling a prank…"

He stood there when something this morning popped in his head.

That phone call. It was a girl's voice and she had asked for Sonic, so who was she? Who was—?

He was cut off by the announcer. He listened to pass the time. Five more minutes he kept thinking. Just five. Four. Then three. Three went to two. Two went to one. One went to zero. Ten o' clock exactly he saw as he looked at his watch.

People came down the escalators and hugged the people who were picking them up, loved ones mostly. And what was he? More like a chauffeur.

Shadow watched until a pink flash caught the corner of his eye.

Of course…that girl that followed Sonic around. What was her name?

He heard a little cough to get his attention. His ears went the direction and he turned around to see the girl. The name clicked in his brain as he watched the emerald eyes that sparkled at him and the smile that nearly blinded him.

"Amy Rose."