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…Seriously? You're asking a common sensed question that has a common sensed answer? They're there because they wanna be. What, people can't go to the mall just because they want to? My relatives go to the mall every time they're in town! Going to the mall has nothing to do with the wedding. They're at the dress store because it added humor to the story—implied humor, because if you can't tell that they're because they're bored and have nothing to do and want to hang out, I don't think you can tell about anything else in that chapter.

I'm still shocked someone would ask such a question when it has a simple answer. You remind me of someone I know that doesn't have common sense. Go get some.


To Joya (Guest) on Chapter Twenty-Three: One Week:

Yes, it seems like a lot for him to handle, doesn't it? But Shadow the Hedgehog can have patience—especially when Amy Rose is involved…at least, he does in this story. It's all about character development.



Guess Where

"Relax your jaw…"

"Relax your jaw…"

"My God, Flame, relax your jaw," Sonia reprimanded her husband while in the white room.

Flame, with Sonia's fingers and the tool picking away at his mouth, did his best in saying, "I am."

Sonia sighed and pulled away from him. She set her tool down—Flame would be damned if he knew what it was actually called (he called it a toothpick knife because it resembled a toothpick up until Sonia dug it into his gums)—and backed away from him on her short chair.

Her warm, gloved fingers went over his jaw and massaged it while he opened it. "You should really have a doctor look at your jaw, Flame," Sonia cooed while rubbing his jaw.

The bone popped and Flame moaned. "Ow…I'm fine."

"Alright," Sonia exhaled and picked up her little tool while Flame opened his mouth again. "Let's just finish cleaning here…"


Amy watched Shadow's leg jump up and down.

Either he had to go to the bathroom…or he was nervous. Amy looked around at their surroundings.

Dental office…Secretary typing away at the computer and taking random calls…the kids playing in the play room…While we're sitting here in odd silence on the couches.

The pink hedgehog flipped another page of the magazine she was reading. Sarah was across from her and reading a sports magazine while Sonic was, oddly enough to Amy, reading a book he brought along.

"So…How long has Shadow the Scaredy Cat been afraid of dentists?"

Sonic looked up and over at Shadow. "Uh…"

Sarah snorted and flipped a page of her sports magazine. Shadow glared at Amy. "I'm not afraid…"

"Huh uh…"

It wasn't from Amy.

Red eyes glared at Sarah. "Why don't you just take your husband over to the bathroom and have a quickie?" Shadow hissed across the room.

Amy's wide eyes stared from her friends to the woman between them sitting on the couches. The woman stopped and stared at Shadow before looking at Sarah and her reaction. The lime green hedgehog simply sighed dramatically.

"I would but I wouldn't want you to feel jealous of Sonic because I know you haven't slept with Amy yet."

Amy choked on nothing but thin air. Shadow let out a snort/laugh—Amy wasn't sure which. Sonic slowly looked up from putting the bookmark in its place. "Like right now?"

"Ugh," the woman got up and literally walked out the door to her car, waiting in there.

Sarah put her hand up to silence her mate. Shadow snarled lowly. "It surprises me you aren't pregnant yet…"

"Wouldn't matter—we're married," Sarah retorted. "Now if you impregnated Amy…ooh…" she made a frightened expression. "Yikes."

Shadow licked his lips, "Big words coming from the likes of you."

"I'm surprised you understood them."

"I understand everything."

"Then you'd understand how to lie—which I know you're doing right now because your lip curls into a smirk on the right side—you only do that when you lie, the other times it's the left side first," Sarah motioned to his muzzle.

Shadow frowned instantly and Sarah only smirked while leaning back in her seat. Sonic blinked and sighed, "So…not right now?"

"Oh, gross, guys, c'mon," Amy pleaded. "Shadow, are you or aren't you?"

"What?" Shadow asked.

"Gay?" Sarah leaned in and inquired.

Red eyes met brown once again. "You are asking for a death wish, lesbian."

Sonic's eyebrows lifted in surprise. "Are you two getting along today?"


Shadow flinched and glanced at Amy. The pink hedgehog pointed at him and then to Sarah. Another woman and her child came in, walking straight to the desk and oblivious to what the two were arguing about.

"If I hear another comment from you I will personally sew your lips shut."


"Together!" Amy hissed.

Sarah and Shadow both became silent. Amy leaned back and put her magazine away. "All I did was ask a simple question and you two took it to the next level. I want a quiet day and if I have to kill you two to get it—trust me, I will."

They were cut off by the woman and her child sitting down. Flame walked out and rubbed his jaw. "You're next, Shadow."

Shadow whimpered and hissed towards the two females and Sonic. "Fine, I hate people putting their fingers in my mouth—it's disgusting and gross."

"That's why they wear gloves," Sarah said.

Shadow sighed. "I don't care—it's still so…" he shuddered instead of finishing his sentence.

"Shadow…You're up," Flame repeated his sentence.

Shadow sighed and followed the grinning Sonia. Flame sat down in his spot and looked at his friends. They were all silent and insisted on not making any eye contact with one another.

"What happened to you guys?"

"C'mon, baby…C'mon…"

Silver pleadingly looked at the blue ball as it hit the pins and one wobbled, "Fall! Fall! Fall! C'mon!"

His yelling did no good and neither did his jumping jacks or bounds on the wooden floor. Blaze shook her head with a grin. "I didn't know you were in a league, Belle."

A tan hedgehog swiped her black quills out of her face while Silver sat down and pouted. The female grabbed her specially made ball with her name carved on it in bronze coloring. The ball itself was a mix of yellow, blue, and green.

Belle smiled and pushed her red glasses up. "Yeah, bowling is like a tradition in our family, now."

As the new addition to the group stepped up, Mike caught Blaze's stare.


Blaze only smiled and shrugged, "Didn't say anything."

Mike grinned softly. "Do you guys…like her?"

"She's quiet," Silver stated under his breath so Belle couldn't hear. "But even Shadow is almost fond of her company."

Mike tilted his head, "How so?"

"Well, for starters when we went to Pet Smart, Shadow entrusted her with Petunia for more than five minutes," Silver stated. "I would think that would be as close as she's going to get with the Ultimate Drama Queen."

"I heard that!"

Silver jumped while Shadow yelled from the doorway. Belle turned around. "Heard what?"

"Nothing," Mike reassured his girlfriend rather quickly. "Nothing at all," he finished off with a cheesy grin showing all his teeth.

Belle shrugged and took her stance. Going up to the foul line, she let the bowling ball loose and it curved from the left side to the right gutter, riding the gutter until it curved left and hit just between the front pins. The pins were left scattering and the scoreboard revealed a large X along with all her others.

She definitely proved she was good—especially when Silver tried to one-up her. He failed and blamed it on his "bad luck". Belle had just been bowling most of her life, was all.

Shadow took a seat next to Mike, slipping on bowling shoes. "We took the lane next to you guys."

"Where are the others?" Mike questioned and made Shadow look to the cashier.

Sonic was getting shoes with Flame. Sonia was walking over while holding hands with her children. The other two females were nowhere to be seen.

"Hm…" Shadow hummed and looked from the food concessions to the pinball machines. But no Sarah or Amy was found. "Maybe they went to the bathroom."

Mike shrugged and leaned back in his seat while Belle plopped down in his lap. Shadow watched her smile at him before squeezing his nose.


Shadow twitched away and grabbed her wrist but failed. The female was quick enough to use her boyfriend as a shield. Shadow growled. "Stop with the nose thing."

"It's the only fun thing about you, though," Belle pouted playfully.

"Hmph," Shadow stood up. "Here's your seat back."

As he walked off, Belle remained in Mike's lap but called after the obstinate hedgehog, "Nah! I like this seat better!"

"Are you flirting with him?" Mike teased.

Belle gasped, "Moi!? No!" she shook her head before kissing Mike with a smile.

"Ahem!" Blaze tapped her foot. "When you're done making out, Mike, it's your turn."

Mike merely pushed Belle aside—earning a squeal from the female—and went up for his turn.

"Gutter!" Sonic chanted while Mike held the fourteen-pound ball in position.

The grey hedgehog took time to glare at Sonic before letting the ball fly from his grasp. It landed with a sharp thud while the ball zoomed down the center of the lane and knocked the pins down.

"Got him angry enough, Sonic? Sheesh," Silver shook his head. "Now I'm really going to be beat."

Sonic scoffed while putting his bowling shoes on and staring at their scoreboard. "You're on the sixth frame and you're only at thirty-four? Dude, you got so many gutters," Sonic stood up and ruffled Silver's quills.

"Hey! I tried!" Silver whined and swatted his hands away, "Why don't you show me how much action you got from all that talk?!"

"Oh, you are so on," Sonic grabbed a ball and lifted it while testing it. "Now…first things first," he looked around. "Where's ma spouse?"

"In the truck still," Sonia walked by holding hands with Jeffery while carrying her bowling shoes she rented.

Sonic's eyebrows furrowed, "Um, why?" he calmly and bluntly asked.

Sonia shrugged. "I don't know. Amy just turned to me and said, 'You go on ahead. We'll catch up with ya later'."

Sonic gasped and smacked his fist with his palm. "They're planning something! …Or they broke something…"

"Let's hope not," Shadow walked around the blue Mobian to put his ball down and put their names in on the screen.

Sonia waved both of them off. "I'm sure they're just gossiping. Rumor has it that Knuckles might pop the question soon."

"He hasn't?" Sarah asked while rummaging through the back of the truck.

"No!" Amy squealed. "And Rouge said they went on a date last night. She had it perfectly planned and she was ready just in case he would ask her to marry him! But does he? Nooooo," Amy held out the vowel like it was a song note.

Sarah scoffed. "What a wimp. He needs to just ask her. Maybe he doesn't want this to affect the twins."

"They're only going to get older and the older they get, the more they'll understand," Amy stated.

Okay, so, Sonia was right. They were just gossiping. But Sonic was right, too.

Sarah grabbed what she was looking for and let out a whoop. "Duct tape! Shadow'll never know."

Amy laughed and rolled her eyes while helping the female duct tape the cup holders back in place. "You shouldn't have swung your purse so hard. What do you have in there, anyway? Rocks?"


"Or a buttload of condoms."

"Hey!" Sarah yelled. "No," she ripped the duct tape out of Amy's hold and threw it in the back, "Just things in case we have emergencies."

"Like what?"

"A flat iron, hairspray, blow-dryer—"

"Might not want to walk into Kmart, they might think you're stealing all their stuff," Amy interrupted her.

Sarah glared at her before grabbing the subject of the topic and swinging it over her shoulder. "And now, we shall go bowling. Is that alright with you, Miss Rose?"

Amy pretended to pull a cigarette out of her mouth and puff out a smoke of air. "Just call me the Striker."


On Amy's fifth gutter in a row, Sarah didn't try and contain anymore of her snickers.

While Amy glared, Shadow raised an eyebrow at the chortling female, Manic watched his sister-in-law with a cautious look, and Sonic just stared at her as if she were drugs.

"So, what's on the agenda for later?" Blaze turned around to speak over Shadow's shoulder.

The latter shrugged. "Home, hopefully."

"But I'm starving!" Sarah whined. "Feed me, Shadow! Feed me!"

Shadow blankly looked at her. "No."

Sarah pouted. "You're no fun, Ultimate Drama Queen."

"So, you heard Silver, too."

"Indefinitely, Mr. Doom and Gloom."

"Not another nickname calling fight again…"

"I'm afraid so, Jolly Rancher."

"Why am I called that one again?"

"Because Amy is Hubba Bubba like the gum, therefore, you must be another type of candy and instead of something gloomy, Satan, you must be ironically called something that has to do with happy and cheerful, thus, you are called Jolly Rancher—plus, you are technically a rancher."

Shadow rolled his eyes. "Satan is a little dark, don't you think?"

"Not at all, Cucumber."

"Why Cucumber?"

"Because you hate cucumbers in your salad, Doctor Evil."

"That is not true."

"Yes, it is, Red Eyes."

Silver leaned back and whispered to Shadow. "Does she just keep going on?"

"Oh, she's got nicknames for everyone if you sit there long enough to listen to her," Shadow answered with a threatening glare.

Silver's lips popped. "Ooh…"

"Yes, I do have nicknames for everyone here, you two—I call you two Oreo together, but separately, you are Cookie, Shadow—and Silver is Frosting, though I've never figured out what it's really called."

Silver blinked at Sarah while the group watched the female. He turned to Sonic. "Your wife is broken, dude."

"Nope, she's just keeping herself entertained."

By the time Shadow got home, he had made Amy drive and feed the animals.

Not like the pink hedgehog minded because afterwards she drew up her revenge. There, in the empty house with only the two lovers, Shadow the Hedgehog slept in his bed on his stomach.

Suddenly, the ebony hedgehog felt knees rub up on his arms. Hands smoothly rubbed up his arms to his neck.

"Hmm," Shadow hummed.

Lips kissed from his shoulder blade up to under his jaw. Shadow growled playfully as he turned on his back to meet his girlfriend. She straddled his hips and placed her hands under his shirt, working her way up while roaming his chest.

Shadow moaned. "Miss Rose…What do you think you're doing?"

"Not letting you fall asleep after making me do all the work," Amy began to suck under his jaw intimately while placing her hands on his cheeks.

Heavy breathing elapsed from both—one trying to get away from the other tiredly while the other continued to leave hickeys. Shadow put his hands on her hips and struggled to not moan.

"When did you get so bold?"

"Ha!" Amy sarcastically said as she pulled away and glared at Shadow. "You're saying I wasn't bold before?"

Courageously, Amy's hands roamed Shadow's body while she continued to kiss up and down his neck. Shadow could feel himself wiggle in her grasp as her hands ran over some nether regions.

And all I'm wearing are boxers…

Shadow blushed while Amy continued her session with his neck.

"Amy…" Shadow groaned lustfully. "Stop…"

Amy obeyed and sighed into his shoulder skin. "Hmmm…" her cheek replaced her lips as she lay down on his body. "What? Can't take the pressure?"

Before he was able to respond, she grinded their lower regions together. Shadow gripped her hips tightly, making her squeak.


Amy pouted while Shadow pushed her over on the other side of the bed. He got up to turn the bedroom light off before he crawled back into bed. He swatted her welcoming hands away.

"No, Amy."

"Shadow," Amy whined as red eyes glared into her own eyes. "I know you might want to take things slow…but…"

"No buts," Shadow stated as his arms roughly wrapped around her waist and brought her closer to his warmth.

He sighed as soon as he saw her apologetic gaze, "Rose…Amy…I just…"


"…It's embarrassing…" Shadow looked away and rolled onto his back, letting her go. "Only Silver knows…"

Amy raised an eyebrow before it hit her. She put her head on his chest and he instinctively wrapped his arms around her frame again. "Shadow…are you a virgin?"

Shadow growled and cringed. "…Yes…"

Amy lightly pecked him on the lips. "So am I."

"Hm," Shadow lifted an eyebrow at her. "Then let's not do it."

Amy grinned. "Save that night for something special?"

Shadow caught her in a lip lock, passionate yet rough. Amy gave in moments later, of course, while Shadow encircled his limbs around her. He whispered into her collar bone, "Like our wedding night."

Just the feeling of knowing that Shadow wanted to marry her in the future made Amy giddy with excitement. Oh, if the future came sooner—not just for the sex, of course.

Shadow wanted her as his own. They were dating, but Shadow wanted to be married to this female, this certain and only female of her kind. The only Amy Rose. The only girl that could break his barriers to his heart. There was just something about the thought of being in love with her that sent his mind and hormones of being a male in his prime to a crazy new height. There was just something about being her boyfriend that made his heart soar, as if he could fly.

He knew that if they would be married, he would feel like he was invincible. Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form was tough and the strongest living thing out there. But that still didn't mean he couldn't get hurt.

That was why he found a shield. He didn't force her to be his protector. Amy Rose waltzed into his life and became his guardian for even the stupidest reasons, like eating too much junk food. The pink hedgehog was glued to his hip. Amy Rose was his one and only love. The only girl he truly felt like this for. The only one that could make his heart skip a beat no matter how unhealthy it probably was. The only girl that could made him angry and then happy in the next second. The only girl that could possibly read him like a book.

They knew each other so well. Even after a few months and with little time together alone besides when they were sleeping. In just mental thinking and eye contact, Shadow felt like he knew Amy like the back of his hand and vice versa for her. They both knew that together they could stand along with their friends as inseparable pairs. Each one Mobian in their group was completely different, but together, they were beyond power itself. They were beyond love, friendship, family, itself. As long as they stayed together, they would all make it out in life comfortably.

Shadow knew one thing for sure:

Amy Rose would stay his shield as long as he stayed her sword.

Sonic woke up early Monday, July 4th. That Saturday was when the group had all went out to basically pre-celebrate the Fourth of July.

The blue hero was pulling on his jeans while standing at the edge of his bed when he heard lazy moaning from his mate's side. Sonic zipped his jeans up and then slipped the buckle on. As he did up the buckle, he leaned over to Sarah's side and pulled stray quills from her face.

He kissed her cheeks softly. "Good morning, love," he kissed her bare shoulder.

Sarah yawned in response to his actions. "Good morning…"

"Guess what's today?"

"A Monday…"

Sonic chuckled and kissed her cheek again, "The Fourth of July, Sarah."


"Cream said to make the potato salad before we head over to Tails'."




Sonic watched his wife as she never even fluttered an eyelid. Her tiny body seemed to become tinier through the summer days. He hummed and looked her over. "Are you feeling okay?"


As she uncurled her legs, as if knowing what Sonic's concerns were, she appeared to be her normal size. A female hedgehog just a few inches shorter than Sonic with thighs and love handles became noticeable under the sheets. She definitely wasn't going to run a marathon and she wasn't going to become one of those skinny girls on a diet.

Sonic didn't mind, though. He was content with just her. How she was, it was what he wanted.



This time her questioning moan came out irritated. To this, Sonic responded first by another kiss on the cheek and an added love bite on her neck. He was happier to see her slightly smile.

"Don't forget the potato salad."


"I'm gonna go feed the animals," Sonic whispered to her.

Sarah swatted his close face with her hand while still keeping her eyes close. Sonic grasped her wrist roughly and quickly, making her groan in laziness again. Sonic chuckled silently while kissed up her neck as she tried to resist.

When the male was done, he lifted himself up from his spouse and went through a pile of shirts. "Where's my shirt, Sarah?"

"Which one?"

"That white one, the one with the silver lining on the side."

"I'm wearing it."

Sonic wasn't sure if she was trying to seduce him or not, but she certainly had his attention.

He stood up straight and saw Sarah rubbing her eyes while only wearing his shirt and her purple undergarments.

Oh, she's just begging for it.

Sonic instantly wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up to the point where she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Sonic backed her up against the wall and started to unbutton the shirt. He kissed down her collarbone to her bra while unbuttoning until all the buttons were off.

Sarah continued to kiss him while she heard the unbuckling of a buckle. Her breath hitched as she heard the sound of a zipper and pants going down to the carpet. Sonic's hands roamed to her underwear as he crashed them both back on the bed.

The female in this entanglement moaned. "What about the potato salad?"

Sonic glanced at the clock while removing his shirt from her body. "It's only six in the morning; we've got time before noon."

Sarah gaped at the clock while Sonic continued kissing her jawline. "Six? Ugh," she rolled over and away from Sonic, leaving him bewildered.

Sonic grasped the sheets while Sarah curled up on his side of the bed. "What…just happened?"

"It's six in the morning, I'm not about to have sex at six in the morning."

Sonic sighed and grabbed his jeans, "Fine."

"Go feed the animals and I'll think about it."

At this, Sonic quickly put on his jeans and buckle. He slammed the door behind him, leaving Sarah sigh and fall back asleep.

That was after she wrapped herself in a cocoon of blankets that only she would be able to know how to get out of.


By eight in the morning Sarah was up in the kitchen of her new house.

Sonic came behind her and embraced her as she made the potato salad first thing. He kissed her neck. "When were we going to take a shower?"

"When was I going to take a shower?" Sarah corrected. "You're not getting laid twice in one day."

"It's a holiday…so, I was thinking more like three times a day," Sonic cockily answered.

Sarah smiled at his bravery. "No, Sonic…"

Sonic's hands tightened across her stomach. "Sarah?"


Sonic was hardly nervous with Sarah. It only ever made him nervous when they had a certain talk. There was the moving in talk, but that was a breeze. Then there was the first time they had sex and that conversation to prep for it wasn't the one he wanted to remember—ever. Now, it was something that mattered most to Sonic.

He had the land and a house. He had a mate as a wife and a good future ahead. But the house still felt empty. It was a paternal wanting—Sonic knew what it was. He babysat his niece and nephew and knew that he wanted as many kids as Sarah would allow. The only problem was that Sarah wasn't big on kids.

Sonic licked his lips. "I want a baby."

Sarah froze. Sonic hadn't meant for it to come out so…bluntly. Sarah cleared her throat and focused on the salad. "Why? We just barely got married."

"Sarah, we've been together for roughly five years now," Sonic continued to lick his lips. "You've seen how I am with Petunia and Jeffery…You never got the hint?"

"I got the hint you'd want kids, I just didn't imagine so soon," Sarah walked out of his grasp but still didn't make eye contact with him.

"Sarah…" Sonic looked down before back up at her. "Is it too soon for you?"

"Yes," Sarah turned around. "It's way too soon."

Sonic then walked up to her and held her in his arms. "Then when will be the right time?"

Sarah wanted to tell him in a hundred years. She couldn't fathom the thought of having children. But she knew Sonic too well for that. She was more thrown into the fear of him leaving her for another female who actually would bare his offspring. First she was pressured by herself about the idea of getting married. She knew this moment would come, but she never imagined it would come now.

Sonic got the message as soon as Sarah remained silent. "Hey," he cooed. "…We can wait…"

Sarah smiled gently. "I'm just…not used to the idea."

"Well, then," Sonic stated. "How about when the others are off and married, too? Is that long enough?"

Sarah's head went up slowly. "You'd wait that long?"

"The maximum I'd have to wait? Five years," Sonic smirked. "And that's if I didn't put my matchmaking skills to the test."

Sarah giggled while he nuzzled her shoulder. "Besides," he continued. "Our kids could grow up with their kids."

"You are such a girl," Sarah shook her head lovingly before kissing him avidly.

Sonic kissed her back. "We must have some of those…"

"Hmm…" Silver hummed as he searched through all the foods on the long table. "What to eat first?"

Shadow rolled his eyes while standing behind him in line. The group gathered as Tails' place because the fox was the only one that had a good enough and clear enough driveway to set off fireworks.

Amy sat back in a chair while Sarah sat beside her. "I'm loving this watermelon," Amy said as she ate the fruit.

Sarah giggled. "This chicken Aleena made is to die for."

"Milady," Sonic came up next to her. "Do you mind?"

Sarah moved up a bit for Sonic to come in and sit behind her on the lawn chair. She sat between his legs while his arms went over her head and his plate remained next to her on her lap.

Shadow, seeing how smooth Sonic was, came up next to Amy. "May I?"

"No," Amy snorted and crossed her legs while leaning back. "Go get your own seat."

Sonic had to stop his chuckling by digging his nose into Sarah's shoulder. Shadow glared at the Mobian before taking a seat beside Amy, after dragging the chair roughly across the yard.

Aleena smiled as she walked between Amy's and Sarah's chair. "Is everything okay?"

"Great, Mom," Sonic said before digging into his chicken.

Aleena smiled at her son and daughter-in-law before walking to her own seat across from them on the grass. Cream laid out a blanket and was seated there while feeding pieces of chicken to her little brother Sammy. Vanilla and Vector sat beside one another on shorter lawn chairs but the married lovers enjoyed the free time.

Espio and Alicia were in deep conversation while Mike and Belle insisted on sitting on their own blanket nearby while Belle mostly read on her back and Mike carefully fed her pieces of food. Silver and Blaze were seated on the grass nearby while the twins rolling in the yard behind them.

"Hey!" Knuckles called Dexter and Derrick over. "Come get some food!"

"We're not hungry, though!" Dex called.

"I don't care," Knuckles answered fatherly.

Sarah watched as the twins trudged to their adopted-like father. She turned to Sonic and raised an eyebrow. "And you want kids?"

"Our kids will be more disciplined."

"You're having kids?" Amy's head shot up and she stared at the two.

"What?" Rouge questioned from the food table.

Aleena stared at her son wide eyed. "Excuse me?"

Manic coughed up some of his lemonade while Flame gaped next to him. Sonia was holding on to Jeffery while Petunia played with Sunny. Blaze blinked up at them. Silver was too busy shoving food in his mouth. Belle looked up from her book while Mike dropped the piece of chicken on her neck, staring at Sonic and Sarah.

Sarah cowered down in Sonic's lap. Sonic's ears flapped back.

"You're what?"

The hiss came from a father. The father of Sarah the Hedgehog. Sarah's lips thinned while she shut her eyes. She decided to let Sonic take the reins on this one.

Sonic wasn't sure he liked that idea. He turned around and met Clark's icy glare. "Heeeey…"

"You…impregnated my daughter?" Clark growled and pointed at him threateningly.

"Now wait a minute," Sonic stood up, suddenly courageous. "She's my wife. I don't think you have the right to argue between us having kids, anymore."

"She's my daughter. I'm her father; I know what's best for her."

"And that's why you gave her away at the wedding," Sonic gritted his teeth.

Clark stopped while the others remained silent. Esperanza clasped her husband's shoulder. "Sarah, are you pregnant?" she looked only at her daughter.

Benjie and Lewis ate silently at the table, where there was some free space. Benjie shook his head. "Nah, she ain't, Ma."

Esperanza turned to them. "Boys, please."

"We know our sister," Lewis munched on his sandwich of roast beef. "Sarah's not getting pregnant anytime soon."

"We were just discussing the topic," Sonic searched for the right words. "Nothing's…official yet."

"Official?" Sarah leapt up, suddenly glaring at Sonic. "Official?! That's the word you use?"

"What do you want me to say?" Sonic turned to his wife. "Nothing's going to ever happen?"


"Then what?!"

Shadow watched intently as the two fought…again. He honestly didn't see how their relationship worked when half the time they argued.

"You could say something else, ya know!"

Sonic's nose cringed up as he glared at his mate. "Then do you have any ideas or should we just stick with the "I'm not ready" part?"

Sarah glared before she huffed and walked back into Tails' house. Sonic closed his eyes and ran after her. "Sarah!"

The lime green hedgehog stomped through the kitchen to the bathroom while her friends and family remained outside and perplexed. Sonic rushed in after her but she closed the bathroom door just in time.

"Sarah, c'mon. What do you want me to say?"

"It's not what you said; it's how you said it!" Sarah yelled while sitting on the toilet seat lid.

Sonic leaned his head against the door. "…Sarah…"

A buzzing in his pocket stopped him from his apology. He took the phone from his pocket and walked further into the hallway. "Hello?"

Sarah huffed while listening to her husband travel away while talking on the phone.

So much for a decent apology…Ugh…

How he said it set her off. It sounded like she was bought and owned and would be forced to have his kids. True, she probably shouldn't have acted the way she did—especially not in front of everyone.

Her stomach growled.

Damn, I'm still hungry…and I left my plate of food outside…


Amy fidgeted in her seat while staring at the house. Everyone had pretty much gone off the topic of Sarah blowing up while Sonic raced after her.

Amy sighed and got up, handing her plate of food to Shadow. "Here, have what you want," she stated while walking inside.


"She's in the bathroom."

Amy turned to the hallway where the bathroom was. Sonic was sitting down across from the closed bathroom door with his head leaning against the wall, his knees brought up, and his phone in his hands.

He lazily stared at Amy before pointing to the door. "Can you translate?"

Amy rolled her eyes playfully before knocking on the door. "Sarah? Are you…better?"

"No! I'm not a piece of land!"

Amy's ears flapped back. "…I never said you were."

"Tell Sonic that then!"

Amy turned to Sonic but the blue hero motioned he heard loud and clear. Sonic stood up and cleared his throat. "Sarah…I never meant it to sound like that…"

"It doesn't matter—I'm humiliated in front of them now!"

Sonic glared at the door. "Well, that's kind of your fault, isn't it? I had it perfectly under control and you burst out like usual."

Amy wasn't sure if she should leave or not. It was kind of awkward being in the same room as them when they were making out—but it was terrible endurance to see them argue and then try and make up. Normally, though, only one tried to meet the other half way and normally, that one was Sonic. Sarah was just temperamental and had anger management as bad as Sonic—but the blue hedgehog didn't show it as often.

Sarah sighed and opened the door. "Fine, it is my fault…again…"

"I just got a call from Billy," Sonic interrupted their topic, making Sarah frown. "I'm leaving for a few more days than normal…"

Sarah tilted her head. "What? What do you mean?"

"It'll be tomorrow," Sonic breathed unevenly. "Sarah…I'll be…gone until the end of July…"

"What? You're never gone more than a week," Sarah wailed, her ears flipping back against her head.

Sonic's hands went to her arms. "It's just a few weeks, Sarah…"

"We can keep each other company."

The lovers turned to Amy who reminded that she was still there by speaking. Sonic sheepishly looked away, remembering the pink hedgehog was there. Sarah sighed.

"I suppose so…"

Amy rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on, you big baby—a few weeks without sex never hurt anybody."

Sonic chuckled before looking up at both of them. "You won't believe where I'm going, though."

Amy raised an eyebrow while Sarah smirked. A thought hit their head at the same time. Both Amy and Sarah turned to Sonic with a humorous grin.

Sonic returned it.

Oh my gosh! The end! Haha!

Where do YOU think it is Sonic gets to go to expand the company he works for?

Also, the sequel will be called, 'Those Country Boys'.

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Those Country Boys

Also, compared to what Sonic said and compared to the title, you'll know one another tiny detail of what'll happen…

The last prologue (or part two) will be the beginning of 'Those Country Boys' and it will be mostly Amy/Sarah/Sonic as the characters in the chapter and it'll be Sonic leaving, blah blah blah.

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