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"War Burns And the Laws Fall Mute"

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.

(For among the times of arms, the laws fall mute.)


"Romulus?" Guinevere's eyes were wide in disbelief, and she looked back and forth from Admiral Ross to the Romulan senators Letant and Cretak. "You don't know what you're asking," she said, shaking her head.

"I don't need to tell you how important this conference is for both the Federation and Romulus," Admiral Ross countered diplomatically. "Now, Senator Cretak here has informed me of your past experiences on her world. But as for the Federation Council and myself, we agree that you would be the ideal bridge between Romulus and the Federation. If you think about it, you're already a bridge since you're married to a Romulan."

"But I mistrust both of your governments, as you all well know," she said firmly.

"Yes, we do," agreed the admiral. "That's why we want you. You don't favor either side, so you'd be more objective than most other mediators."

"Admiral Ross is quite correct," Senator Letant interjected. "My esteemed colleague," he gestured toward Cretak, "and I can think of no better person for this mission."

Cretak spoke, adding to her fellow senator's case. "The Senate has not forgotten their first meeting with you. And the news of your liberation of Nua Breizh has once more brought you to their attention. There are others besides Letant and myself who admire your bravery."

Guinevere considered their points for a moment. "Alright," she allowed, "So how would this benefit Romulus?"

"Admiral Ross is correct in pointing out that your neutrality is above suspicion," Cretak replied. "Furthermore, your past experiences among our people, though unfortunate, give you the advantage of an uncommon understanding of our culture and ideals."

"We will, of course, assign Commander Bochra to escort you to the conference, my Lady," Letant added, dangling the proverbial bait in front of her.

"You're points are taken," said Guinevere, "And I'm willing to at least consider your proposition." She folded her hands in her lap. "But there still remains the matter of my personal safety. You'll recall that last time I barely escaped Romulus with my life."

"No would dare risk harming you," insisted Cretak. "Chairman Koval of the Tal Shiar will see to that."

"The Tal Shiar?" Guinevere echoed in disgust. "They have their own agenda. Everyone knows that."

"Please, Lady Guinevere," Ross pleaded. "For the cause of peace, the Alpha Quadrant needs you."

"Very well," she said after a long consideration, "I'll do it."