Ayumu gathered his things and walked out the door to school. He never really liked school but he knew he needed to attend or his sister would get on his case about it.

He sighed and walked out the door. It wasn't like he didn't hate it. He enjoyed school. Or rather, who was at the school.

He gave a slight smirk as he thought about who would be waiting for him at the gate of the school's entrance. She always waited for him. That stupid girl. She was his special person he would die for, kill for.

He really didn't want it any other way.

He approached the school, his eyes narrowing when she wasn't in her usual spot.

Now where could that stupid girl be?

He gave a small frown. Was she not here? He shook his head, she probably was up late last night doing stupid things and she over slept and would be late. That was it. Either way, he ran a hand through his hair, he could make it one day without the hyper girl.

He sat in class when he heard the intercom that was very annoying since it rang whenever just one person needed to go somewhere.

"Yuizaki, Hiyono to room 34C please." It boomed.

'Wait. She's here today?' He thought. His eyes narrowed as he looked out the window. Why hadn't she waited at the gate like she usually did?

He heard footsteps outside the door, maybe she was walking past his room? "I need to use the restroom." He told the teacher, and got up and left.

Quickly he walked out of the room. "Girl!" He called, closing the door.

Hiyono continued walking, no matter how much it hurt her. She had someone else now, she had to get over him. "Girl!" He called again.

She broke out into a run.

He chased after her. Why was she running from him?

She turned the corner and hopped down the stairs, opening the door to room 34C. "Yes ma'am what did you need?" She smiled at the teacher. "Please take these papers to the teacher's room and file them."

"Hai!" With that she backed out the room.

"Girl." Ayumu stated, leaning on the wall outside the room.

"Im busy Narumi." She said, walking away coldly. He felt like he just got slapped in the face. He ran up to her and kept his pace with hers. "What did I do this time?"

"Look I need to tell you so-"

"Hiyono!" Her eyes widened and she turned. "Ah this is my boyfriend." She said to Ayumu. He felt like his world just flipped over.