Here we go! Another Walking Saints fic. Right from the off: the only thing that's from the Walking Dead is the walker invasion.
Pretty much every chapter except for the last couple of chaps will take place in Boston. We'll be following the boys (and some other characters) to a possible evacuation center, meaning they won't stay in one place for too long either. The first couple of chapters might seem odd, it's taken me some time to get back into the whole Walking Saints thing after all and writing crossovers is a hard thing to do. This story is part of a Walking Saints trilogy, but you can read each individual story as a standalone if you like. The one that follows this little fic here is called "Salvation" and I wrote it back in February 2012. Salvy includes the other Walking Dead characters as it is based on a Connor-Daryl dynamic, but I felt like I needed to explain what happened to Murphy, which is why I am writing this story here now. Punchline:

What this story is: Connor and Murphy try to escape walker infested Boston, It's Boondock heavy (concentrating on BDS characters/relationship) Part I of a Trilogy
What this story isn't: something that you need to read in order to understand my other fic, something that forces you to read the other fic, a story about the Conphy meeting Walking Dead characters (once again, this is happening in part II), a story that includes many original characters (it's about Connor and Murphy)

couple of notes:
- I am German, so my English+accents= not perfect
- there are some mistakes because I still have some grammar issues but I think you can read it nevertheless. (and I'm constantly trying to improve that)
- I do know that some stuff might be out of character and pointless but like I said, I ain't perfect. It's how I interpret the characters.
- I'm not from Boston (obviously) and I've never been there. So if there's any inaccurate descriptions and stuff that's just wrong then I'm sorry. I'm trying my best.
I work with Google Earth and Wikipedia, so you get the picture.


Chapter 1 - Apprehension

Murphy had expected their life to be way more exciting by now.
They were out of prison, they were free, so they were supposed to party and enjoy their freedom, right? Oh how much he wanted that to be true.
Reality, however, was different. They weren't allowed to go outside, they weren't allowed to call anyone, they were supposed to be invisible.
They didn't even know how Smecker, Eunice, Dolly and Duffy had managed to get them out of prison and away from the Hoag, but here they were,
hiding in a fairly big apartment in Fenway. It had been Eunice's idea to bring them there, simply because it was absolutely impossible
to get out of the city at the moment. For one because their jailbreak had been all over the news and police were searching everywhere,
and also because the city was practically under lockdown.

About a week ago some new sort of virus had caused the officials to put three of south Boston's districts under quarantine,
and judging from the news reports it wasn't getting any better. The younger MacManus was worried. Eunice and Smecker had assured them
that the building was a safe and good place to hide since the police didn't suspect them of hiding in such a nice neighborhood.
Their apartment was on the top floor and at the very end of the block that covered the entire south side of Park Drive, and when they looked out
of the kitchen window they could see Boston's museum of fine arts. They still had no clue who was paying for the whole thing and how,
but they were given food, mobile phones and even a laptop to make their stay as comfortable and easy as possible.

Since it was impossible and too dangerous for both Eunice and Smecker to come and visit them, an anonymous stranger had escorted them
and explained all the details, how to use their phones and laptop to get in contact with the FBI agents, what to do and what not do to.
Which basically meant staying in doors 24/7.

Apart from the whole lockdown Connor felt like he was in heaven.
He had hated the Hoag, all the people in there, the cells, the fences, everything. Not to forget about the constant fear of losing Murphy in a fight.
As soon as they first entered their new temporary home the older MacManus had started to cheer and giggle with excitement.
" Real fuckin beds Murph! And look at tha, a real fuckin couch! And holy shit is that a tv and dvd player?"
He had checked the entire dvd collection only to complain that it was shitty and didn't include any good movies, then he had sat down in front
of the small table by the window where a laptop was just waiting to be used. "How the fuck do you work those things Murph?"

Murphy couldn't share his enthusiasm though. Of course, he was glad to be out of prison, but there was too much shit going through his head.
He wondered whose apartment it was and if the person was trust worthy. He wondered who their neighbors were and if they knew about them.
And most of all: he wondered how they were supposed to work when they weren't allowed to go outside.

For him it just felt like they had moved them from one prison to the next. The younger MacManus knew that it was the right thing to do,
hide and wait for people to calm down until they could leave the city, but after waiting over two weeks he felt like the walls were crushing them to death.

It was day number 18 when Duffy came to visit them with groceries, cigarettes and booze. Both MacManus twins cheered happily.
After getting into three fights on the same day and being utterly sick of each other they appreciated to see a new face and hear an other voice.

"Finally, bout time ye bring us smokes, we're almost out cos Connor won't ever fuckin stop."
Murphy grabbed the plastic bag which was full of cigarette packs and grinned. His twin just glared at him and frowned.

"Fuck you, yer the one smoking like a fuckin chimney" he countered, took the bottle of whiskey from Duffy and turned around to head back to the couch.
Murphy opened the kitchen window and sat down right next to his brother. Both twins finally looked at the detective, who looked more tired and disheveled than ever.
And there was something about his eyes...he just didn't look good.

"So then Duff, how's things? When can we get the fuck outta here?"

Duffy sat down on the armchair next to Connor and sighed.

"Boys, I gotta be honest with you. I think it'll take a while t'arrange things. Yah seen the news?"

Murphy nodded and scratched his right arm, the one with the cross.
"Aye, what the fuck is going on? Looks a bit hush hush if ye ask me."

Connor snorted.
"Aye, Murph's being a baby about it. Paranoid and all, thinks it's a fuckin conspiracy or some shit."

Murphy growled and shoved him.
"Just look at the fuckin news, there's gotta be some seriously fucked up shit and it's all over the internet, 've seen videos..."

Connor rolled his eyes and sighed. "Here we and yer fuckin videos."

"Says the asshole who's always obsessing over Charles Bronson and yer stupid fuckin rope! 't least 'm interested in real useful shit!"
They both were just about get into another fist fight when Duffy interrupted them.

"Boys!" he shouted and they both looked at him, with hands still buried in each other's t-shirt. The detective growled and massaged his temples.

"I've been having the worst kinda headaches for the past hours and yah screaming ain't helpin. I've been working my ass off for 32 hours straight."

The twins fell quiet and let go of each other. Then Murphy noticed the bandage on his arm.
"What happened ta yer hand?"

Duffy looked up to see where the younger MacManus was pointing, then he looked at the bandage on his left hand.

"I was helping out in Dorchester, riots getting worse and worse there cos of the lockdown. The thing was really spinning out of control and
I was fuckin over-worked anyway, but then some stinking asshole ran right at me and bit me. Fucker. Hurts like crazy."

Murphy frowned.
"He bit ye?"

Connor snorted.
"There you go, fuckin conspiracy. I bet someone's trying to get our dear Duffy outta his office fer stealing too many pencils."

"Fuck ye Connor!" Murphy spat and glared at his twin.

Duffy sighed and leaned back. He looked very pale in the dim light and something about him made Murphy feel uncomfortable.

"Maybe you should rest fer a bit, ye look like shite."
Connor , who finally seemed to get that this whole thing wasn't a joke, suggest and got up.

"You want me to get you a glass af water? Beer? Whiskey?"

Duffy shook his head and put a hand on his forehead.

"Nah, I don't think so. You're right. I just need a break. Sleep a couple of hours. You boys ok, need anything else?" he asked and got up slowly.
When Murphy saw how weak he was on his knees, he rushed to help his friend. The older MacManus frowned.

"No, we're fine, but how about ye? Really though, ye don't look good."

Duffy shook his head and headed for the door.
"'s all right boys. Just gotta lie low. You need anything you call the number..yah know which one."

The twins went after him and looked at each other. Murphy raised an eyebrow and Connor nodded.

"Maybe ye should stay here fer the night? Murph'n I can sleep on the couch if ye want."

The detective just waved it off and opened the door.

"Nah boys, we can't risk that. Now..."
He turned around and smiled at them. Then he put a hand on Connor's shoulder and patted it.

"'t was nice seeing yah again."
Both twins nodded but looked worried.

"Aye." they said quietly and frowned when the expression on Duffy's face changed.

"Don't put your guns away boys. I'm telling you Connor, Murphy might be right about the whole thing. Haven't heard a word from Eunice and Smecker yet,
but I let 'em know about the South. Headquarters ain't telling us anything, no one seems t'know what's going on. I'll let yah know when I find out more."

The three men just looked at each other for a moment, then Duffy smiled again and saluted them.



The detective turned around and went down the stairs. Before Murphy closed the door behind them he could hear Duffy cough.

"'m telling ye, there's something wrong with 'im. Wrong with the whole riot shite."

Connor just looked at his twin, hands on hips and chewing on his bottom lip. Much to Murphy's surprise his older half wouldn't tease him again,
he just turned around and went back to the living room.

Connor was tossing and turning in his bed.
For the past couple of nights he had dreamt the most horrible things, and this night wasn't different. He dreamed that the fens in front of their
apartment building were filled with blood. He dream of children crying and thousands of people running and screaming.
He saw the skyline of Boston disappearing behind a big cloud of smoke and fire. And then he had the other dream.
The dream that was slowly driving him insane. Two months ago he had first dreamt about Murphy dying. Well, that was a lie.
He had dreamt about that more than once in his life, since this was his greatest fear. But no. This was a different sort of dream.
Because he was having it almost every. single. night.

The same things. The same room. The same setting. The same words. He dreamt that Murphy was trying to kill him.
The dream ended with him killing his younger brother. It was always the same. Murphy coming, Murphy running, Murphy growling
and trying to wrap his hands around his neck and squeeze and choke. Connor dreamt about stumbling and walking backwards, asking, begging him to stop.
But Murphy wouldn't listen. Please stop. Why would you do this? Murphy! BANG.
A clean headshot, smoke from his gun, his younger half lying dead on the floor.
BANG. gushes of blood, and a loud gasp.

Connor startled awake and screamed. It took him a while to calm down again. His heart was racing, and he was sweating heavily.
His boxers were sticking to his legs and behind, and for a moment he thought he was going to die from a heart attack.
The older MacManus turned his head to search the room for his twin, but the spot next to him was empty.
Connor gulped and rubbed his eyes tiredly. Just a dream. Just a fuckin dream.

He remembered a wave of blood rushing towards him, his twin's cold dead eyes and him lying on the floor. Blood dropping from his hands.
The older MacManus sighed, buried his face in his hands and shook his head. Now he remembered where the fuck he had gotten these images from.
He and Murphy had been watching the Shining before going to bed.

It wasn't like him to be scared because of a stupid movie, and when he got up he reminded himself that he wasn't scared because of the movie,
but because of the idea of Murphy dying. Even worse. Him killing Murphy.

He left the room and entered the bathroom to relieve himself and wash his face. When he looked in the mirror he saw that he looked terrible.

Af course ye look terrible, what do ye think you would look like after you killed yer brother, like a fuckin princess?

He shook his head and decided that it was time to get a drink. The Irishman switched the light off and entered the living room only to get another heart attack.
Murphy was standing there by the window, with a cigarette in his hand and watching something outside with a frown.

"Are ye fuckin crazy, I almost shat my pants because af you creep standing there."
Connor complained, but Murphy ignored him. The older MacManus grabbed the bottle of whiskey that was standing on the table and approached his twin.

"The fuck are you looking at?" he asked and looked over his twin's shoulder.

He saw a woman in her nightie staggering down the road that let to the tennis field. Connor snorted.

"My god's she drunk."

Murphy shook his head.
"Been watching her fer almost half an hour now Conn."

Connor started laughing.
"There ye go, you little pervert you."

Murphy turned his head and glared at his brother who wouldn't stop giggling. He was trying to hold it back but had no luck.
His younger half looked at the staggering woman again who stumbled after a cat that was hastily crossing the street.
They could hear her growling, which made Connor frown.

"What the fuck?"

"She came down the park, then I kinda lost her, I was just takin a piss and when I returned she was just fuckin standing there, staring at nothin."
Murphy murmured and shifted from one foot to the other. Connor bit his lip and shrugged.

"Maybe she's a crack whore or some shit like tha. See more and more af that lot these days."

A loud bang somewhere down the road startled them and made the woman turn around. They could hear sirens all over the city.

"Weird shit man." Connor murmured and turned around again to head for the kitchen. Murphy frowned.

"Shouldn', go down and help her?"

Connor shook his head.
"Ye know we can't go outside."

"Then maybe we should call te police or something?"
Murphy suggested and looked at the staggering woman again. Connor shook his head once more and snorted.

"Aye Murph, let's call the police and tell them "oh and by the way, heard yer lookin fer us, wanna take us with you, now that yer on it?"

The dark haired twin glared at his brother and growled.
"Why do you have ta be such a fuckin dick these days?"

Connor turned around and looked at him.

"Fer weeks you've been treating me like shit, making fun af me like I'm yer stupid girlfriend or some crap."

The older snorted and frowned.
"'m just makin fun af you, that's what brothers do Murph."

He sat down on the couch and took a sip of his whiskey.

"This ain't fun anymore Connor. 'm tellin ye there's something fuckin wrong here!"

The blonde just looked at his younger half for a while and for the first time he realized how much older Murphy looked.
For some reason, whenever he thought about his brother he had that certain image of him in his head, so young and childish.
Perhaps the whole pretending and acting like he was the older one was getting to his head. His brother was right. He wasn't a child anymore.
They weren't children anymore. And judging by all the crap that had happened to them with almost everyone either dying or falling to shit because of them,
it sure as hell wasn't fun anymore.

"Did ye have any weird dreams?" Connor asked quietly and Murphy frowned.


His older half shrugged and scratched his chin.
"I was just assuming that, since we were havin the same dream with god and Roc..that maybe you did dream about some weird shit, too? Again?"

Murphy came closer and folded his arms.
"Blood?" he asked quietly and Connor nodded.

"Blood, fire, screams, chaos, me killing ye..."

The younger raised an eyebrow.
"You killing me?"

Connor nodded and looked away.
"Aye. Just woke up fram it again" he admitted and Murphy sighed.

"'s all right Conn. 'm here."

The older looked up and smiled after a moment of just looking at his brother. "Aye."

"Ain't going anywhere. You'll have to kill me first" Murphy went on and smirked. Connor frowned.

"Nat funny."

The younger Irishman turned around to look out of the window again.

"But looks like the chick's gone."

"What?" Connor asked and got up. He and his brother searched the street for a bit, but the mysterious woman was gone.