Hunger Games Mushroom Kingdom style! This does not contain any spoilers. Happy Plunger Games! Very short chapter!

"Welome to the 25th annual Plunger Games! I'm your host Wendy O Koopa! Remember the intense unclogging of toilets! The unbearable bathrooms! Two go in... one comes out the Super Plumber! Our tributes are... Mario Mario! What a surprise! And... Luigi Mario! This will be an interesting Games this year! May the stains be FOREVER on your overalls! Now, for a commercial break!"

"Wow bro! This is such a surprise! I had no idea!" Mario exclaimed, genuinely surprised.

"Surprising, even though we're-a the only ones! You are very sad-a!" Luigi rolled his eyes.

"I'm back on and so are you buffoons in thirty seconds!" Wendy yelled at them.

Thirty seconds later...

"Hello, and we're back with our tributes! How do feel about these games?" Wendy put the mic to Mario.

"I'm-a honored! Such a experience!" Mario told her.

"How about you Green One?" Wendy put the mic towards him.

"It's-a Luigi and I think these-a games are a waste of time-a!" Luigi informed her.

"Very different! You couldn't even tell they were cousins!" Wendy spoke towards the viewers.

"We're-a brothers!" Luigi corrected.

"Right! We'll see you in a few days for the Plunger Games!" Wendy finished.

"And cut! Great job, Wendy! Now, I'm Bowser the guy who made this possible!" Bowser introduced himself.

"Nice to meet-a you!" Mario smiled.

"You've been fighting him for years-a and you say-a 'nice to meet-a you?'" Luigi questioned disgusted. This was going to be a sorry 25th year.