Plot: The kanima attacks again, this time catching Scott off-guard. His secret ends up revealed to his mother in order to save his life.

Rating: T, for swearing

I do not own Teen Wolf, or anything to do with Teen Wolf. I just love writing Scott stories ;)

"Get the door Stiles!" There is a note of panic in the male's voice.

"I'm getting it! Geez! Now what do we do? Are you going to have to break his arm like you did with Erica?"

Melissa McCall sits up in bed and looks at the clock. 2:32am...what is Stiles doing busting down my front door at 2:32am? Scott better be with him and be ready to explain this!

"We need his inhaler, now! Find it!" The stranger gruffly yells.

Melissa jumps out of bed, searching for her robe. A vice seems to tighten around her heart. The same vice that appears every time Scott has an asthma attack. She can't help but be a worried mother, terrified really, knowing that at any point in time Scott could have an attack without his inhaler nearby and no one around to help him. She finds herself thinking back to their last interaction, wondering if that would be the last time she would ever speak to her only son. Wondering if he would be alive tomorrow so that she could remind him of how much she loves him.

"There is a spare in the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. Let me grab it. Derek, get his coat and shirt off. He always finds it easier to breathe when he is cool, and right now he looks like he's sweating buckets."

Stiles could be heard rummaging around in the kitchen by the time Melissa throws her bedroom door open and dashes for the stairs. "SCOTT!" she screams.

"Oh shit. Come on Stiles! Running out of time here!" A dark haired man in his mid 20's wearing a leather jacket and dark jeans is sitting on the foyer floor with a limp body draped across his arms. He appears to be whispering in his young companion's ear while rubbing his back slightly. Melissa hits the bottom of the stairs and stops.

Stiles races past Scott's mother shaking the spare inhaler while popping the mouth piece open. "Here, here, sit him up a bit."

Melissa stared at her son, strangely unsure of what to do. She has honestly never seen him so far gone. His bare chest was heaving, covered in a thick layer of sweat. He clearly wasn't able to hold up his own weight, as the stranger was now leaning him forward while maintaining his hold around Scott's middle with one arm and a hand on his chest to keep him from toppling forward. Her son's lips were very blue, and his eyes where barely open. His head hung limply forward from his shoulders. He didn't seem to be aware of his surroundings. Melissa then noticed how Scott's left arm seems to be mangled, with smears of blood running down his fingertips. She briefly takes note of his shirt and jacket in a pile just inside the open front door.

"Damn it! This is taking too long! We need to make sure he can keep breathing before I try to get the venom out. But the longer the venom is in his system, the more damage it does! And where the hell are the others?"

"I don't know, but I need you to hold his head up. Derek, I'm not even sure that this will work. He doesn't even look like he's with us, ya know?" Stiles slides to his knees in front of Scott while this Derek fellow readjusts his hold so that his body props Scott up while his hands hold his head up and level. The wheezing coming from the boy is nearly deafening at this point.

"Scott, buddy, I have your inhaler. Can you use it?" No movement from Scott. Melissa feels like she should be doing something, but she is frozen. "Ok, I guess not, Scott, I'm going to hold the inhaler for you. I need to the take a deep breath when I tell you to, ok?" Again, no sign that the teen heard his best friend. "Derek, this won't work. What should we..." The sound of a snap filled the room. Scott grunted and opened his eyes wider. He made eye contact with Stiles and tried to take a deep breath to speak.

"You didn't have to break his fingers! Jesus! Scott, don't talk. Breathe. Here we go buddy." Stiles held the inhaler to his friend's lips and activated the medicine. Scott took a breath to try to get as much as the medicine into his body as he could before nodding towards him. Stiles shook the inhaler again, repeating the process. And a third time followed. After that, he seemed to breath a little easier. He closed his eyes as Derek laid him back on the floor.

"I only broke one finger, and he will heal. It worked, didn't it?" Derek smirked slightly. Stiles just glared before leaning over his grimacing friend.

"How do ya feel, buddy?"

"Hurts." That one word seemed to snap Melissa out of her daze. The tightening in her chest lessened somewhat.

"What the HELL is going on here? Stiles, you know to take Scott to the ER if he is ever REMOTELY this bad. And Scott, where the HELL is your inhaler? You know you are to keep one on you at all times. This isn't a joke! I don't care if you haven't needed it as much as in the past. You still need it! And YOU!" She turns on Derek, "Who the HELL are you?"

All three boys jumped, as if just realizing that she was in the room. Scott tried to sit up to face her, but failed when he tried to put weight on his left arm. He collapsed back to the floor with a gasp. Stiles looked terrified. And Derek...well, Derek just looked tired. At this point, three more teens clamored up the front stairs, skidding to a halt just inside the door.

"Erica? Erica Reye? And you, you look like Isaac Lahey. I've seen your picture on the news. And who does that make you?" Melissa stares at the newcomers.

"Umm...I'm Boyd, ma'am. I uhh..go to school with Scott."

"Ok, so let me get this straight. It's almost 3 o'clock in the morning. My son is hanging out with his gang when he has a severe asthma attack. His idiot best friend brings him home rather than the hospital, which is where he should be right now, and..."

"Umm, Mrs. McCall, not to be rude or anything, but Derek, man, shouldn't you be taking care of that?" Boyd points down the floor, drawing everyone's attention downward.

Here ends Chapter One. Let me know what you all think. Will start working on chapter two at the beginning of next week since I work all weekend :( Thanks so much for taking the time to read!