"So, are you guys just gonna laugh all day long, or are you going to stop bad guys?" The Chief stated as he bounced up and down, trying to get the gang's attention.

Kitty Katswell farted loudly again, her deep pitched toot echoing throughout the headquarters as everyone pointed and laughed at Kitty, with Kitty growling in annoyance as she folded her arms.

"Well, we're definitely repeating the same material as the show," Kitty muttered as she glanced at her big butt, tooting loudly again, "And I'm gonna have to buy a new pair of underwear, too. Great."

Suddenly, Snaptrap and his DOOM Squad made a shocking entrance as they bursted right through the wall, all of them holding their guns.

"Freeze, TUFF!" Snaptrap exclaimed as his eyes rolled on their own, aiming oddly at Kitty. "Now that we have you surrounded, drop your things!"

Kitty farted again as her butt appeared bigger, her pants puffing up as Dudley tried containing his laughter, but failing.

Snaptrap stared oddly at Kitty. "Err, hey Katswell, are you okay?" He then pointed at her. "Your butt sounded like a tuba for a moment."

Kitty sighed as she passed gas loudly again, folding her arms. "Look, I don't know what came over me, but I'm forced to fart for the remainder of the story." She eyed Snaptrap. "Just go on about with your typical evil plot that will no doubt be foiled."

"...She's got a point, boss." Ollie pinpointed as he raised his right index finger.

Snaptrap thought for a moment as he placed his right hand on his chin, thinking. "Hmmm... this is gonna take me another chapter and seven more months to think of this situation," He mumbled as he rolled his eyes back and forth.