"Nicky! Nicky! Get up! Get up!" shouted Jeff bouncing on Nick's bed.

Nick groaned and rolled over "Why?"

"Cuz it snowed! Come on let's go outside!" he said as he continued bouncing on his roommate's bed.

"Jeff it's like.." he paused and looked at his alarm clock "6:30am and they canceled classes last night because of the snow we were gonna get. Go back to bed and we will go outside later ok?" he said as he covered his head up with his blanket.

"Come on Nicky please! Please, please, please, please, please!" Jeff begged.

Nick groaned "Really Jeff? Are you really gonna beg and plead like a 5 yr old?" he said looking at his roommate raising an eyebrow.

Jeff looked at Nick and gave him his best puppy-eyed pout "Please Nicky?"

Nick sighed "Oh all right" Nick said getting up and throwing on jeans, a shirt, a hoodie, and his boots. "Come on get dressed he said to Jeff as he put on his coat, hat, gloves, and scarf.

Jeff nodded and ran around the room putting his clothes and coat on and was about to walk out the door when Nick stopped him.

"Jeff you need a hat, scarf, and gloves" he said handing the items to Jeff "I'm not gonna let you go out there without them then listen to you whine when you get sick"

"Yes Mother" Jeff said laughing.

"Shut up Jeff!" Nick laughed back aiming a swat at Jeff's head.

They made their way outside and Jeff took off running through the snow. Nick laughed at his roommate's antics. All of a sudden Nick was hit in the face by a snowball. "Hey! Jeff that was uncalled for!" he yelled as he picked up and formed his own snowball. He threw it at Jeff and hit him in the stomach.

"Ooph! Ouch Nick you don't have to throw them so hard." Jeff laughed and launched another snowball at Nick that hit him in the shoulder.

They continued throwing snowballs at each other hiding behind things trying to dodge the other's snowballs until they were both covered in snow and about frozen. Nick was cautiously walking around the grounds looking for Jeff who had disappeared a few moments ago when all of a sudden he was tackled to the ground by Jeff who had his hands full of snow and was currently trying to show the snow down his shirt. "Jeff! Jeff stop!" laughed Nick trying to knock the snow out of Jeff's hands and not get it down his shirt.

Jeff was laughing too as he tried dodging Nick's hands and find away to get the snow in his roommate's t-shirt. But as Jeff looked at Nick below him; eyes sparkling with laughter and face flushed from the cold he realized just how beautiful his best friend and roommate was. Without thinking and before his rational mind could catch up with his actions he leaned down and kissed Nick. After a few seconds he pulled back and then realized what he had just done. "Oh my God Nicky I-I don't know why I did that I-" he was cut off by Nick pulling him down for another kiss.

When Nick let go he looked up at the beautiful boy above him and smiled "Jeff I've been wanting you to do that for months" he laughed.

Jeff smiled back "Really? I've wanted to do that for months" he laughed

"Hey Jeff could we maybe continue this conversation inside? I'm starting to freeze lying here in the snow" Nick said grinning sheepishly.

Jeff nodded "Ok here let me help you up" he said as he got up and offered Nick his hand.

When they got back to their dorm they shed their Winter wear and changed back into their pajama pants and t-shirts. Nick crawled back in bed and huddled under his comforters.

"Hey Nick I have an idea" said Jeff and piled his comforters ontop of Nick's and then crawled in Nick's bed next to him. "Come here Nicky" Jeff said holding his arms out to Nick.

Nick nodded and cuddled up to Jeff "Much better and warmer" Nick chuckled. "Jeff, does this mean you want to be my boyfriend?" asked Nick nervously.

Jeff laughed "No need to be nervous babe, and yes I do want to be your boyfriend silly" he said then he tilted Nick's chin up and kissed him sweetly.

Nick smiled and then yawned "Sorry for yawning Jeffy, I think maybe we should catch up on our sleep that someone interupted when they thought we needed to go outside at 6:30 in the morning" he laughed.

Jeff laughed and nodded cuddling closer to Nick "Yeah now that you mention it I'm still pretty tired too." he said yawning as well and chuckled when Nick nuzzled his neck.

"Goodnight Three" said Jeff kissing Nick's hair.

"Goodnight Six" Nick replied smiling and closing his eyes snuggling into Jeff's chest.

Jeff smiled and wrapped his arms a little tighter around Nick and closed his eyes drifting off to sleep.