Later on that morning Nick woke up warm and slightly confused as a pair of arms gently pulled him closer to a warm chest. Nick blinked a couple times then slowly looked up into Jeff's sleeping face. Then the events of earlier in the morning came back to him. Nick smiled and nuzzled Jeff's neck then placed a gentle kiss on the soft skin of Jeff's collarbone.

Jeff smiled happily in his sleep as Nick placed sweet kisses on his jawline. "Mmm…feels good" he mumbled slowly waking up.

Nick smiled and kissed beneath Jeff's earlobe and froze a blush spreading a crossed his face as Jeff let out a surprised moan.

Jeff was now wide awake and sheepishly looked at Nick a blush spreading a crossed his face as well "S-sorry I didn't mean to do that you just surprised me and it felt soo good"

Nick chuckled "It's ok, I just didn't expect that reaction and I wasn't trying to turn you on, only wake you up"

Jeff laughed "I didn't think that you were trying to turn me on Babe, I mean we've only been dating for a few hours" said Jeff smiling "What time is it anyways?"

Nick checked the clock "about 10:30" he replied "a much better time to get up if you ask me" he said smiling at Jeff

Jeff chuckled "I couldn't help it I was excited"

"I know Jeffie, but 6:30?" replied Nick rolling his eyes.

Jeff kissed Nick on the forehead "You had fun and you know it! Plus if I hadn't gotten you up and made you go outside with me we wouldn't be laying here now cuddling and having this conversation." Jeff said smiling.

Nick nodded "True, it was worth getting up and almost freezing to death to have this right now"

Just then Nick's phone went off "Who on earth is texting me?" he said as he picked up his phone

To: Agent 3

Hey you guys get your blankets and come down to the Senior Commons. Don't worry about getting dressed we're all in our PJ's were gonna spend the day watching movies and hanging out. Make sure Jeff comes too! We've got hot chocolate and coffee waiting on you guys so HURRY UP!

From: Agent Dapper

"Blaine wants us to grab our blankets and come down to the Senior Commons apparently we are hanging out in there today." Said Nick starting to get up.

"Just grab that big quilt your mom made you that thing is huge! We can share that….unless you don't want anyone to know yet that we are dating" Jeff said hesitantly

Nick smiled "Are you kidding I want everyone to know that you are mine so no one else tries to cuddle with you" he said giving Jeff a sweet but passionate kiss.

Jeff brightened at that "So that's a yes on the quilt?"

Nick laughed "Uh….Yeah!" he said as he got up pulling Jeff with him "You grab the pillows, I'll grab the quilt" he said

Jeff nodded grabbing pillows off the bed and following Nick down the hall to the Senior Commons.

When they walked in they found the other Warblers already there in various positions around the room. Blaine was sitting on the love seat with Kurt in his lap and a blanket wrapped around them. Thad was on one of the couches with Trent sitting next to him sharing a blanket and Trent had his head on Thad's shoulder. Wes and David were on the floor sharing a comforter. Beatz was sitting on one of the other couches cocooned in a blanket with only his face sticking out, as well as the other various Warblers around the room. Nick and Jeff walked in and sat on the couch with Thad and Trent. Nick leaned back against the arm of the couch and Jeff leaned back into Nick then they wrapped the blanket around them

When Jeff was settled Nick kissed his hair. Then they noticed everyone looking at them.

"What can't I cuddle with my boyfriend?" asked Jeff innocently.

The other Warblers laughed and congratulated them with a few "it's about times" thrown in as well.

"Alright everyone let's leave the new lovebirds alone what are we gonna watch?" said Blaine turning on the TV with the remote and then turning on the DVD player.

Nick looked at Blaine and said "Why don't we do a marathon of something like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?" he asked

Blaine nodded "Sounds good to me, Warblers?" he asked everyone else. The rest nodded their consent and they decided on Harry Potter because there was more of those movies.

Jeff cuddled back into Nick and settled in to watch the movies.

Nick smiled wrapping an arm around Jeff and kissed his temple. "Wanna sleep in my bed with me tonight?" he asked

Jeff smiled and nodded "Yeah, that sounds good" he said.

They spent the rest of the day cuddled up together as they watched movies and the rest of the Warblers looked on in approval.