Your name is ARANEA SERKET, and you have finally gotten what you've wanted for so long.

Right now you are in bed with your beloved morail, Meenah Piexes. You have always hoped for something a little…redder…with her. You decided to become her morail so you'd be another step closer to being her matesprite.

You are both kneeling in bed, facing each other. Meenah looks a little…flushed! Could this be? Does she feel the same way you do? You wish you knew but you're too scared to ask right now. If only you were as brave and tough as the troll who you're flushed for…

Before you have another moment to think, Meenah grabs at the back of your head and pulls you closer.

You must be in a dream bubble right now. This can't be real. You've waited for this moment for so long. This is where she…

Before you finish this thought the fuchsia sea-dweller is already pressing her lips against yours, pulling you even closer to her.

Your mind is racing. Does Meenah truly want to be your matesprite, or is she just being really impulsive? If you ask will she get pissed off and leave?

You wriggle your way out of the fuchsia Thief's grip and manage to say,


"What the shell are you doing, Serket? Don't you like me?"

"Shore I do…..I just need to ask you somefin."

"Heheheh…you're using fish puns again, Aranea. I know you do this because you want to win me over."

"You knew this?" you exclaim.

"Of course…you land-dwellers are so easy to figure out! Now, what do you want to let minnow?"

"I actually have a question….. We've been morails for so long, so are we going into a…..redder quadrant now?"

"Do you want to?"

You think things over for a moment. Do you REALLY want to be matesprites with Meenah? What a stupid question. Of course you do! You should say something clever right now, but you're too caught up in Meenah's net to even think right now, so you just do this instead:

"Does this answer your question?"

You throw yourself on top of Meenah and begin kissing her once more. Your legs get tangled up in hers, and even through her black sweatpants you can feel her tentabulge. You can't help but think about how flushed she is…she must want to fill buckets with you really badly…

You reach for her hips, and begin thinking about her warm, slimy fuchsia tentabulge. You'd be able to see it if it weren't for those stupid sweatpants of hers. You grab the meddling things and are about to yank them off, yet you hesitate for a moment.

"Whoa, you reely wanna go there already, Serket?" she manages to say.

You back off and your face begins to turn slightly blue with embarrassment. Agh…you're so stupid sometimes! 'You blew it, Aranea!' you tell yourself.

Meenah, appearing to be able to read your mind at this moment, says, "I mean…we can if you want, spidertroll. But I was hoping to have a little more fun with you first." The sea-dweller licks her lips right after she says this and chuckles for a moment.

What kind of 'fun' is she even talking about? Might as well ask her.

"We can have some fun first, Meenah. But what exactly do you have planned for me?"

She chuckles again, showing off her sharp troll fangs, and gets up. The sea-dweller walks toward her bedroom closet and looks around. You catch yourself staring at her, admiring the fuchsia sea-dweller's body. You want to get her in your sticky blue web so badly. You want Meenah to be all yours. You love her, from her legs to her thin body to her long black hair that's nicely braided to her fins to her tentabulge. Oh gog, you REALLY want to see her tentabulge. You want to be the only troll to ever lay her eyes on the heiress-to-be's tentabulge. You finally stop daydreaming and see Meenah standing by the bed, staring at you with a naughty grin on her face and licking her lips. She finally says,

"Stop daydreaming, Aranea! We don't have all day here!"

You respond, "Sorry, Meenah…..I just got caught up thinking about you."

She bends over and lightly kisses your forehead, seeming pretty happy with what you just said. Afterwards she stands straight up again and pauses for a moment, as if unsure of what to do next. She finally ruffles your hair and backs up, saying,

"This reely might not be your kinda thing but would you mind being handcuffed to the bed? Please, Aranea, it would make me happier than anyfin else!"

"Ummmmmmmm…..I don't know about that. The idea actually scares me a little," you nervously respond.

"Come on, don't be so shellfish, Aranea! Trust me; you'll like it a lot!"

You think things over for a moment. You are flushed for Meenah and thought you would do anything for her, but this actually scares you. But…maybe it will be fun, and if not you can always stop. You finally say,

"Shore thing, Meenah. I'll try this for you."

A wide grin appears on Meenah's face as she walks up to you and rips off your blue dress. Then she grabs at your wrists and pushes you down, forcing you to lie in bed. She then begins to handcuff each of your hands to one of the bedposts with two sets of pink handcuffs. You realize now that you cannot escape. Meenah has the only key to open the handcuffs, and you are now at her mercy.

Oh gog, what the FUCK have you just done? Are you stupid or something?

Meenah crawls into bed, and takes off your red shoes and white knee-high socks. She then crawls even closer to you, and slowly reaches for your cerulean panties, and pulls those down as well, exposing your cerulean blue tentabulge.

You're not completely naked in front of the troll of your dreams and handcuffed to her bed. What have you done?

Meenah begins to undress herself right in front of you, and you can't help but stare as she begins to throw her pink sneakers, shirt, and sweatpants on the floor. She finally reaches for her fuchsia panties, ready to take them off.

This is the moment you have been waiting for all your life. You're finally going to see her tentabulge…

She removes the wretched undergarments, finally exposing her lovely slimy fuchsia tentabulge.

You want to fill buckets with her right now, but knowing Meenah, she will probably tease you for a while…

The fuchsia Thief straddles over you and begins to kiss you, as the fuchsia slime from her tentabulge begins to drip on your stomach and legs. You kiss her back, and begin prodding her mouth with your tongue. The sea-dweller quickly gives in, and the sloppy make-out session officially begins.

You want more from your matesprite, and beg her to fill buckets with you. Her answer is,

"Come on, I said I wanted to have fun with you first, spidertroll."

You respond, "I knew you would tease me like this, Meenah."

Meenah giggles for a moment, and you know that you just can't wait any longer to get what you want, and there's only one way you're going to get it…

You have to use your mind-control abilities, which you swore you would never use for your own personal gain. 'Guess there's a first for everything,' you tell yourself.

You begin to concentrate on Meenah, and focus your attention on her filling buckets with you. The symbol of the Marquise appears on her forehead. It must be working. A dazed expression is on her face as she is about to lock tentabulges with you, but then she stops!

What just happened?

It looks like she managed to snap out of it just in time, or maybe you're just out of practice since you haven't used your mind-control abilities in so long. Either way, Meenah looks really angry with you.

The Thief of Life jumps out of bed and says, "I told you never to get inside of my think pan again, spidertroll!"

You're surprised though. You expected her to be a lot more upset. Maybe she doesn't completely hate you for this. She did call you 'spidertroll' after all. She can't be too angry if she's still calling you pet names, but you know what you did was wrong.

As Meenah begins to unlock the handcuffs you say, "I'm reely sorry, Meenah...I don't know what I was thinking...I just...I don't even know. I'm so sorry about this. I promised myself I would never do that again...I just wanted to..."