The Child of War and his Chosen One

Story Summary: In this story, Ares is actually the father to Eve he does not remember his time with Xena and Xena is starting to feel guilty about him not being in their daughters life. The story takes place a few days after Amphipolis Under Siege.

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After the Siege of Amphipolis was over, Xena was deep in thought with Eve in her arms fast asleep. She kept remembering the look of hurt and pain on Ares' face after she had told him "I felt nothing", she knew it had been a lie. Another lie that was added along to that endless chain of the other multiply lies she had told those days. She wasn't only lying to Ares she was lying to her best friend, to her family, pretty much to everyone she knew, and the worst part of it all was that she was lying to herself.

Xena thought back to her warlord days when she and Ares were together, she was his Princess his one and only Chosen warrior and he was her Patron God. In those days, Xena would have never kept secrets from him, she could tell him anything that crossed her mind, starting with her fears, and ending with her darkest secrets. He was always there when she needed a shoulder to lean on, or to talk when she just needed a friend.

Till that very day, she could distinctly remember countless lonely nights during which he just held her close to his chest, whispering sweet nothings against her ear, making her smile widely….. everything was easier back then; no lies nor secrets.

That was before she betrayed him of course, and left with Hercules to pursue the noble concepts that Greater Good was tempting her with….

As for Ares, as much as she hated to admit it, there was no way around when it came to him: they both played different parts in their strained relationship, if you could even call it that, and he was as stubborn as a mule. Nothing seamed to click when it came to them and at the same time they were like two mirrors facing each other…Quite strange, one might think, but when it came to the War God and his beloved protégée, nothing was too much.

If one should give a proper definition for a love/hate relationship, they were the perfect examples to illustrate it, cause still, no matter what, Ares always came when she called for him.

That very moment though, she kinda doubted that the cocky God would still be at her beck and call anytime, any place , what she had done to him during the unexpected siege of Amphipolis being unforgivable.

Xena sighed: "Why can't I just stop thinking of him already? He is bad for me, I can't love him. We could never be together…and yet….. I can't forget him."

The next minute, the pensive Warrior Princess looked down at Eve and she instantly remembered why in Tartarus she couldn't forget him in the first place.

Eve was the spitting image of Ares: she had his curly black hair, his high check bones and face structure, only her eyes were a steely blue just like her mothers'. Every time she looked at Eve, the vivid image of the little girl's father invaded her mind.

As serious as she had wanted to be about it, Xena couldn't help chuckling softly:

"The fates really got a sick twist of humor, I'm trying to forget but they did a perfectly good job by giving me a special reminder."

And to top it all, Eve was also starting to develop her demi-god powers. Consequently, the Warrior Princess had to constantly watch Eve to make sure that Gabrielle or anyone else would not notice objects floating magically into the air.

Eve also had the ability to heal within seconds. Lucky, nobody had noticed that particular little detail except for her.

Gabrielle would constantly make comments about Eve looking like Ares though, the previous day the petite bard made another comment, making the Warrior Princess' jaw drop straight to the floor.

"Xena, you can say that Ares isn't Eve's father as long as you want to, but it's as sure as hell that she looks more like him everyday."

Pausing for a second, she then continued, a broad grin on her face:

"Strike that Xena, she looks a lot like a mini Ares indeed. I'm actually surprised he hasn't claimed to be the father." Gabrielle bursted out into laughter, and all Xena could do was roll here eyes in exasperation, and sigh deeply before replying apparently detached.

"Gabrielle you are just seeing things that aren't there, there is no way I would sleep with that Bastard. Besides, Ares has never seen my daughter and I'm not planning to allow him to even be in the presence of my child either. Now… can you please go get us some fire wood, so we can make camp?"

Luckily Gabrielle didn't question her friend's orders and went off to gather wood like she was asked to.

Thinking of Ares again, her eyes half closed while rocking the baby to sleep, silent in thought, she said to herself on the lowest of tones:

" Ares tried to use his only son in and attempt to kill Hercules, what in the world would ever prevent him from using my little Evie against me and Gabrielle?"

Plus, if Ares ever knew the truth about how Eve was really conceived, he would hate her from the very depths of that immortal soul of his. At least, that's what she thought.

It was no secret nor surprise that the Bastard might very likely feel tempted to try and take her daughter away from her and train her to become the most deadliest warrior the Universe had ever known.

Looking down at a peacefully sleeping Eve she thought sadly, contemplating the countless possibilities laying ahead of her sweet angel, none of them bright and shiny.

"With my dark past, and your father's identity, I can't risk you being corrupted or being taken away from me. I have already lost one child I will die before I lose you too.

Only one person -well… Goddess in fact- new the truth parentage of Eve, and that one person was Aphrodite, the ever so kind and ditsy Love Goddess., the one to whom Xena had turned to when she found out that she was with child.


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