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"Bring it On!"

It was all the invitation the Goddess needed in order to start doing speedy kart wheels, heading towards Xena, stopping within six foot of her. Magically, her sword appeared in her hand, and she charged the Warrior Princess head on. Xena didn't even bat an eyelash, of course. She just waited till she was close enough to deflect her sword. They began to battle, steel hitting steel.

Ares was watching on with great interest, he was relieved to see that Xena was better skilled with her sword then Astarte, making the Goddess lose a bit of her grip on it from the first three blows. Taking advantage of her opponent's weakness, Xena quickly hit her sword again, and then swiftly turned around, doing a round house, knocking the Goddess to the floor.

Cleaver as she was, the dark haired beauty decided to send the Goddess up the wall, aware that the more upset she was, the more clumsy she would be in her moves.

"Are you kidding me Ares? This is the Goddess of Warfare? Oh please, do you really expect me to waste my time with her? She isn't even worth my effort, a skilled mortal could give me a better fight then her!"she stated sourly and mockingly.

Astarte's burning stare fixed the Warrior Princess with such an outraged glare that Ares himself flinched imperceptibly seeing it. There was absolute fury glistening on the surface of her eyes, and when she got up and started screaming like a banshee, charging the Warrior Princess full force, his muscles tensed to the maximum. Unfortunately for her, despite the fact that the attack was much harder than the previous one, her moves were rather sloppy and forced.

Xena decided she would entertain her for a bit, so she acted as if Astarte had the advantage, allowing her to back her up a bit.

From the other side of the room, Ares was watching them warily. He didn't quite understand why Xena was faltering- she should have been able to take Astarte easily. He had fought her many times, much more harder then this and she had no problems facing him, and then it hit him. She had something planned.

As always, he was right, for, the minute Xena got close enough to the wall, she swung her sword harder, and kicked Astarte's knee with such force, that, had she been mortal, she would have certainly broken it.

The Goddess faltered and Xena jumped at the opportunity to back head her with tremendous strength, making her whimper in enviable agility, Xena turned around and ran up the wall, flipping over Astarte and landing behind her.

In less than a blink, she made it to the confused and in pain Goddess' side, placing the blade on the back of her neck as if she was going to behead her.

Seeing at she had the Goddess in a compromising position, she decided to reason with her.

"Give up! Don't put yourself through anymore additional shame."

Watching his Princess in action had made the God of War's eyes glistening with pride, seeing with how much reason and skillfulness she had subdued the pesky love sick Goddess making his heart pound crazily.

Now, he was just hoping that Astarte would admit defeat and get this show over with already, before things got completely out of hand. She was one of the main Goddesses of a foreign Pantheon after all, he didn't necessarily want Xena to make such type of enemies.

He decided to speak:

"Astarte, just give up already! We can pretend like none of this ever happened... If you continue, Xena has every right to your Godhood!"

Astarte growled lowly when she heard Ares' words, she knew that at that point, giving up was the wisest thing she could do, but her pride was too much in the way. …Just thinking how this mortal wench had bested her sickened her, she had never faced the end of anybody's blade , she started realizing that she should have probably spent more time studying the arts of War, instead of the one of seduction and desire.

Plus, that would have meant for her to throw away any chance of ever becoming Misses God of War. When this was over she thought, she would make sure that Ares taught her everything that he had taught this mortal.

Xena on the other hand was starting to lose her patience. She decided to press her blade firmer down on her neck to drive a point.

"Trust me Goddess, you don't want me getting impatient...And you certainly don't want to see me mad, take my word for it..."

Ignoring her rival's lines, the Goddess refused adamantly to admit defeat, and instead she tried to duck quickly, feeling in the process Xena's sharp sword slicing into her neck.

Jerking her neck away from the blade, Astarte maneuvered herself far enough from the Warrior Princess' blade. Luckily for her, Xena made no moves to try to slice her up in the process.

Turning around to face her again, she looked at Xena haughtily, as if she could really beat her this time around, only to see a wide, cocky smile on the lips of the God of War's protegee.

For some odd, unknown reason, Xena was grinning in satisfaction.

"You know Astarte, that was a really stupid move you pulled...You had such lovely hair too, it's a shame that you butchered it...You should have just given up...Well…guess there's not point in crying over spoiled milk." she said with a smirk.

Looking to the floor, the Goddess noticed in unspeakable horror that her beautiful long locks were scattered right about everywhere, and the shock almost made her sword fell from her grasp.

Looking at her lovely tresses scattered across the floor, Astarte could no longer control the rage building throughout her entire being. She couldn't care less about breaking the previously made promise about not to use her Godhood, she may have not be able to defeat her without powers but she was almost positive she could easily destroy this mortal with one tiny lightening bolt. It was all it took she was pretty convinced about it

And even if the rules changed, at least the mission was the same: she was going to tear the mortal wench into pieces and ultimately make her beg for death. However, first thing's first: she had to make sure that Ares wouldn't interfere with her plans.

Consequently, focusing all the power she could muster, she cleverly sent an incredibly strong wave of electricity in Ares' direction. Unaware about what she had in mind, the God didn't even have the time to react and was hit full force straight in the chest, literally flying till the other side of the room.

And if Astarte was smart about something, she certainly was when she had to choose her weapons: she hadn't used an ordinary blast-like the one she usually employed when turning to ashes the pesky mortals that had the uninspired idea to cross her in any way-but a more special one, that could leave any immortal temporary out of commission. Getting rid of the most important threat...she was not stupid at all...

Wile trying to to fight off the effects of the blow, still shaking his head after that terribly impact with one of the walls, Ares was vainly attempting to rise from the floor but it was almost impossible. He was still on, his knees. All that he could feel at the moment, besides utter confusion and rage, were the still fresh echoes of an unprecedented pain and agony , everything magnified a thousandfold by the desperate preoccupation of not letting his mind slip towards the corners of the blackness that had began enveloping him more and more.

He knew very well that allowing himself succumb to the darkness, meant even little protection for Xena and their child. Using what ever little bit of strength he had left , he tried to stand, but sadly his attempts were in vain. Unconsciousness decided to set in. He fell to the floor in a heap.

From the opposite side of the large room, the Warrior Princess was looking at him in total shock. She had never seen the God so weak in her life. She made a move towards his direction but stopped as the sound of Astarte's anguished voice reaching her ears:

"You'd better worry about yourself mortal trash,. You see, I have no intentions of destroying my future husband. Yes, I may punish him a bit for his idiotic betrayal but I have no desire of really finishing him off... On the other hand, I will enjoy hearing your deafening cries of pain while you beg me to destroy what will be left of your insignificant life..."


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