Burn Notice: I don't own it, I just like to play with it.

My shortest Burn Notice fan fic ever! Just a one-shot that wouldn't stop bothering me after watching last night's episode.

WARNING: MAJOR spoiler for episode 6.06 Shock Wave. If you haven't seen it, don't read this. And if you do read it, don't blame me for spoiling it for you. You have been warned!

One Shot

By WritePassion

One shot, one kill. That's all it was supposed to take. A 50 cal to the heart, and Anson was gone. No more games, no more terrorizing Michael Westen, his family and friends. The CIA was free of the threat he posed. If he'd been able to complete his plan, not only would the agency have been rendered useless, but his own black ops organization would have taken over and wreaked havoc on national security and the world. Civilization was more secure now that Anson Fullerton breathed no more.

In a way, it was anti-climactic. A bullet from a half a block away was so impersonal. But it was safer. No one else would get hurt. With civilians all over the place, anything else would have been too risky. Why he had to be at the casino, no one would ever know. The scope settled on the pool of blood forming around him. It was easier to look at that than focus on the collateral damage.

A dark shadow obscured the line of site for a moment. It was Westen. He was crazy. How did he know the sniper's only target was Anson? He didn't care. All that mattered was that his brother lay on the pavement bleeding to death. The round pierced Anson, went through Nate, and left a gaping hole in a sign behind him. He slowly dropped to the concrete, and it didn't take long. The look of agony on Michael's face was indication enough that Nate Westen was dead. The fact that he didn't have long to suffer was the only consolation for what she'd done.

Rebecca's vision blurred, and she let go of the sniper rifle and madly swiped at her eyes. She'd been so consumed with hate and rage for the man who made her life a living hell, browbeat her into throwing away her career and everything she worked for to do his bidding, all so she could save the one last piece of her family: her brother, Trent. He was all she had left, and in her obsession to keep him safe, she'd done everything Anson asked of her until that day she kidnapped Sam and wound up allying with Michael. She wanted justice. And revenge. And she was afraid that Michael wouldn't do what needed to be done, because he wanted Anson alive. Death was the only option in her eyes. And now, in the process of exacting her revenge, she stole away the life of Michael's brother. This is how she repaid the man who gave her a lifeline.

If anyone found her in the hotel room... She didn't even want to think about what would happen. Rebecca quickly packed up the gun in a large duffel bag, used a cloth to wipe down anything that would contain traces of her fingerprints, and hurried out of the room. When she got to a secluded place, she would remove the clean suit, burn it, and no one would ever know the truth. And if Michael found out, she hoped that he would understand that she didn't mean to kill his brother. She knew how important Nate was in his life, about as much as Trent was in hers.

Rebecca's eyes were filled with tears by the time she hit the parking garage, ran to the car, and dumped the rifle into the trunk. She hurried to the passenger door and got in to the running vehicle.

"Is it done," Trent asked.

"Yes. It's done."

"Aw, Beck, don't cry over him."

She couldn't answer Trent. She could only watch out the window as he drove them away from the scene.