Peter knew that spark in his sisters eyes. She was up to something. It was the look that every person at Cair Paraval new well, one that usually meant hours of chaos and headaches as the Queen had recruited helpers to whatever cause she had taken up, from decorating for a 'surprise' birthday party for someone who lived at the Cair to getting supplies to the Narnians who needed them most.

This spark had Lucy sitting into the night many nights in a row quietly knitting.

"Would you walk with me Peter?" Lucy asked one day, as she had apparently finished whatever had kept her occupied.

"Mum wanted us to stay in."

"Peter." She said, in her queen voice. "We shan't be long. I wouldn't ask if it weren't important." Peter reluctantly agreed. He could deny her nothing.

He watched as she carefully wrapped up against the cold and gathered the basket she had carefully packed.

Together they walked through the winter cold to a small house that looked tired and worn. Lucy confidently marched forward and knocked on the door. A tired young woman answered the door, a child on her hip.

"Hello ma'am." Lucy said with her sunny smile. "May we come in?"

The woman nodded warily and stepped back.

When they stood in the small entry Lucy turned to the woman.

"I'm sorry about your husband ma'am. He was always kind." The woman studied the young girl in front of her and didn't see a young child speaking, but a mature young woman who was no stranger for hardship. Nothing about the golden haired child spoke of pity, just calm understanding. She finally broke into the prickling of tears, letting them spill over in front of this child with too old eyes.

"May I?" Peter asked. He accepted the wailing child and rocked him into a calm before looking up to see Lucy and the woman sitting on the couch as she cried and Lucy murmured quietly.

Peter stepped closer to hear Lucy.

"…not very good. But I'm getting better." She said pulling out the scarves, hats and gloves she had been working on. "They are warm though."

"Thank you." The woman said, sincerity ringing in her words.

"I also had my sister make cookies. I'm dreadful at baking." Lucy's smile warmed the tired woman's heart.

"If you ever need someone to help watch the children, my sibling and I would be more than willing to help, we just live on the next street."

Peter smiled as he watched the compassion with which the young Queen spoke in same way familiar way she had spoken to her subjects at the Cair, after sitting with them and learning their struggles.

When they left the widowed mother smiled her first true smile in months and felt as if she had the strength to continue again, thanks to the young girl and her handmade scarves to keep her and children warm through the winter. When she wore them she felt not only physical warmth but the warmth of love.

As Lucy walked away, her arm looped through her brothers the compassionate Queen smiled.

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