AN: I rewrote the fight scene in hopes of making it longer, and more fast paced.

Kakko hovering over the smoke from his blast. "That light-" he dodges a ki blast from the smoke. "No one could have survive that." he stated watching the smoke clear, which Nami stood in the center, her Gi torn apart, revealing the purple undershirt. Her body is covered in cuts and scrapes. "Just DIE!" he shouted throwing a ki blast at her.

She strikes the blast, sending it into a building which crumbled down. While cupping her hands, "Ka-Me" she called out in a cold voice, "Ha-Me" while moving her hands to her right side.

He moved two fingers to his forehead, sparks fly off as he started to charge his ki. "Special" he pointed the to fingers at Nami, "BEAM CANNON!" he shouted unleashing the drilling Ki attack.

A smirk formed on her face as the beam came closer, "HA!" she fired the fully charge Kamehameha.

Both beam attacks met, the Kamehameha engulfs the Special Beam Cannon, "Impossible!" he shouted. The Kamehameha strikes Kakko's right shoulder, severing the arm,

She stood her stance, flashing a sinister grin, "Third time I fired that technique at any one, let alone a moving target."

Kakko grabbed his shoulder, groaning in pain, "You...filthy earthling.", he started to to scream, regenerating his right arm.

Her grin widens, "I forgot your species can regenerate missing limbs" she said as her thirst for battle increases. She signals him with two fingers, "Show me what you got."

Frustrated the Kakko tackled Nami into a wall of a building. He shoved his left forearm into her throat, she gasped for air.

She powers up, the force of her aura pushed Kakko away, along with creating a huge hole in the wall. She fires a volley of unrestrained ki blasts.

Kakko managed to dodge them all. He formed a ball of KI in his right palm, dashed to Nami, attempting to strike her with the ball of Ki.

Catching him his right wrist, she smirked. "Don't hurt yourself." she said snapping the wrist, and forcing his hand into his face.

Staggering back in pain, "Bitch!" he screamed in pain. He desperately fires a ki blast.

She struck the ki blast sending it back at Kakko. He dodges and it hits a building.

Bits of the build started to fall on top of him, he quickly dodge. He stared at his Super Saiyan foe. "What in the hell are you!?"

she started walking slowly to him, "You feel that?" she asked, moving closer. "The Pain you feel?" she continued, "The Fear you feel?" she 13 meters away, "Tell me, how does it feel when some one else does it to you?" 8 meters, "I am glad you can regenerate, because you're not going any where!"

He quickly glanced at his surroundings, and chuckled. "she isnt trying to protect the city.. unless she can't" he muttered to himself, "TAKE THIS!" he shouted, throwing a powerful ball of ki at her.

She jumped 20 meters to avoid it, "That's all" she taunted.

He laughed, "that's it" he charges a Light Grenade, "NOW DODGE THIS!" he yelled as he fired the beam attack.

She grunted at the poor attempt, and fires a Kamehameha wave to intercept the attack.

Both attacks lock in a power struggle. The force of the Kame Wave keeps Nami in the air. Kakko yells as he placed more of his power into his attack, moving his beam closer to Nami, 7 meters.

Ah-aha he chuckled, "You can't fly!" he mocked, "you got no where to go!" 4 meters.

3 meters. She let the Kame wave explode using it to land on the ground undetected. She dashed to Kakko, moving both arms behind her. "Double Kamehameha, Full Power." she stated without a ounce of mercy.


She thrust both of her hands into Kakko's torso unleashing the double Kamehameha, the wall of blue light obliterated mostly everything in it's path. As the light fade, there's nothing left of Kakko.

The golden aura fades, the untransformed back into her normal state. "I did it." she let out with a breathe as she passes out from the over use of her ki.

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