Chapter one

The fire crackled and popped, smoked filled the cool night air, the sea crashed against the rocks on the shore. Cat and Tori were busy trying to pitch the tent as I watched them. She sat close to the fire for warmth, not knowing how the two girls were managing to stay warm wearing only shorts and vest tops. It was summer time in California, but the air was crisp and smelled of winter.

The reflection of the moon danced about on the dark water. I kept looking between the fire and the two girls who struggled with the multiple different poles and pegs; she could hear the two of them chuckling as they tried to make the poles fit in the wrong place. I had been sat alone feeding the fire since it had started getting dark, and now it had become the only source of light near me.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Cat bounding towards me kicking up sand as she ran, I could see her face in fires light, her lips turning a purple shade and her skin had started to become pale with the cold. Cat sat next to me rubbing her hands together and then stretching them out in front of her only an inch away from the fire. I could see goose bumps had started to form on the surface of her skin.

"We got the tent up" she said quietly, her hair blowing behind her in the summer's breeze. I turned my head to look behind me

"I see that" was all I said and I turned to face the fire once more. I was relishing in the heat from the fire and loved to be out in the nature. We both heard rustling coming from the bushes just in the out skirts of the small reservation where we resided.

We both snapped our heads to the left to see the three boys emerging from them with bits of wood and twigs in their arms. They, unlike Tori and Cat, had jackets and jeans on, as did I. I could see Cat shivering from the corner of my eye

"Did you not bring a sweater or a jacket?" I asked her in hushed tones, she shook her head before speaking

"I didn't think I would need one… it's supposed to be warm it was this morning" she never looked away from me when she spoke yet she faced her body towards the fire to warm it up. Beck, Andre and Robbie all sat beside us, and added some wood to the fire to keep it burning.

Cat moved closer to the fire as it got bigger I could see the orange flickers on her face and arms as the fire danced about on the wood. Robbie began to take off his jacket to give to Cat but she shook her head and refused his offer by saying

"I'm fine" she flashed him a smile and continued to sit close to the fire for warmth. Tori came from the tent wearing a jacket that she had not had on before the tent was put up, she came and joined us in front of the fire, held a blue cooling bag and put it on the floor near her feet, before unzipping and giving out some of the contents.

She handed us all a bottle of pear cider after she had opened them, each one fizzed and tiny bubbles spurted out of the top and popped as the hit the air, the bottle was cold in my hand and had tiny droplets of condensation that ran down the side stopping as they tried to flow over my fingers that clung to the cold glass.

Once we all had our drinks Tori lifted hers in the air slightly and said "here is to the summer" the cold caught her breath as she said summer, I took a small sip from my bottle, and the cold liquid fizzed as hit my mouth, the tiny bubbles danced on my tongue before I swallowed it

"So how did you get this then" asked Beck pointing at the bottle in his hand

"My mom bought for us, but my dad doesn't know he wouldn't let us have it, him being a cop and all" she explained flipping her brown hair behind her shoulder and giving a smug smile. The combination of the two annoyed me more than I cared to say.

"So how long are we camping for?" asked Robbie looking directly at Cat who didn't seem to notice, she was to engrossed in watching the fire to here was the boy next to her had said

"The week… I mean summers nearly over and we go back to school soon" Tori chimed in trying to take his attention away from the small red haired girl who sat to the right of me. "I brought enough drinks to last that amount of time and we all have money to buy food from the local cafés." her voice was chirpy, her attempts at stealing his attention had been unsuccessful, he only looked her way once or twice but for the rest of the time he only had eyes for Cat.

Beck kept feeding the fire every few minutes breaking bits off the twigs to make them last longer, it had gotten to the point where Cat had had to accept Robbie's jacket as the fire would no longer suffice. I sat with my knees pulled up to my chest to keep in the heat. I rested my head on my knees and closed my eyes, I just wanted to soak up everything I could hear, the waves, the fire, and the insects in the bushes; to me this was perfection.

One by one the others dwindle off of to bed leaving just me and Cat sat by the fire, she was still wrapped in Robbie jacket which hung off her loosely but seemed to be keeping her warm; she sat further away from the fire than before. I looked at the floor around us. The small area was covered in glass bottles.

"I'm going to bed soon" she said sleepily rubbing her eyes, she stood and began to move the empty bottles from the floor, collecting them in her hands. I stood and started to help her. We both heard a rustles coming from the bushes, the rustle was too big to me an animal, I stood slowly from my crouching position, and looked at Cat confused. We knew it was no one from our party they had all gone to bed long ago. I crouched again ignoring it. The rustling happened again, both me and Cat stood quickly and stayed quite still. The rustling stopped for all of seconds and started again, we heard heavy footsteps walking towards us, hitting the floor, leaves and bits of wood crunching under the weight of the person's foot. As we stood looking in the direction of the trees, a figure appeared just at the foot of them, a tall figure, broad, obviously a man. None of his features were recognisable in the dark. He started to walk towards us slowly. Both of us backed away nearing to the tent, his speed picked up, he came towards us faster than before, his footing was a little unsure, and sloppy, you could see that he was trying to be quiet and surreptitious, but it was hard given the way he was built, Cat and I made a run for our tent, diving in and zipping it up.

We heard his feet outside the thin material of the door, his breathing was heavy. Cat and I tried to be as quiet as possible. Tears began to fill my eyes, as he crouched, his hand was extending towards the zip, I felt Cat reach for me, her small hand trembling as she gripped my wrist. There was a shout that came from the direction he had come in, and like that he was gone.

Cat and I sat close to each other gripping onto each other's hand, our breathing heavy, my heart was drumming in my chest, and my mouth had gone dry. I put a shaking hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming.

Tears began to stream from my eyes, I used my hands to whip the tears away with my fingertips I turned my head to face Cat, her face had lost all expression, she just looked numb, we both sat, silently watching the door. We sat like this for hours, not daring to look away, in case he came back.