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Harry James Potter flew past the old oak in the middle of the expansive backyard at Bones Manor. Hot on his heels was Susan Bones, riding her own broom.

He shouted with laughter as he took off towards the fruit orchard over the fence and a few hundred feet away. As he began weaving through the trees, a sharp whistle pierced his ears and he screeched to a halt, did a full 180, and began flying back to the Manor.

As he left, a slim figure shielded her eyes and sighed, eyes full of laughter as she flew up to join him. She followed him back silently. Not a branch wavered in the breeze as she passed, though it would have been hard to tell anyways as Harry swooped by.

This figure was Harry's Guardian Angel, Aileen. She was bound to watch over him and protect him to the best of her ability. Harry knew about her- which, in and of itself, was a unique fact.

For when Harry was six, his aunt and uncle had whipped him extensively. As he lay in his cupboard, close to death, Aileen appeared and gave him three warnings for the coming years.

Harry was special in more ways than one, though. He was a wizard, who went to a magical school called Hogwarts, deep in the English countryside.

Harry skidded to a stop in front of a stern-looking woman, who was wearing a monocle and a white shirt, dark navy skirt, and black robes. Susan came right up next to him as he set his broom down gently.

"There you are, Harry," Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, said. Her stern exterior was broken by a smile.

"Sorry, Auntie Amelia," Harry said with a grin. "Lost track of time."

"Sorry, Auntie!" Susan said as she hopped off her broom and trotted over to hug the woman.

Amelia laughed and gestured for them to follow her inside. "I half expected you to play for another hour, even WITH my whistle!"

"Has it really been an hour?" Harry asked surprisedly.

"Longer. You've been at it for almost two hours."


"Time flies when you're having fun!" Susan and Aileen chorused.

Harry and Amelia laughed cheerfully.

They settled down to lunch in the smaller dining room off the kitchen. The small house-elf, Trixie, served them against Amelia's protests.

As they ate their way through the small sandwiches provided as they discussed the magical world, both shortcomings and perks. It had become a favored pastime of all that sat at the table, minus guests. Amelia, being head of the DMLE had a sharp and witty view on everyone in the Ministry of Magic, as she had to deal with them on a regular basis. Susan and Harry had learned to fear her silver tongue when it came to getting out of trouble.

And trouble they had gotten into. Susan and Harry had gone on an exploration into the attic and had discovered Amelia and Edgar Bones' school trunks. Edgar had been a prankster, and had carefully recorded every prank he had ever done- both in and out of school. Fortunately for Amelia, Aileen, and the entire school of Hogwarts Edgar recognized the risks involved in later pranks and used an "Age Lock" on the later journals, meaning that only when the two were 13 would the third year journal open.

But the first and second year journals were open and Harry and Susan had practiced pranks all summer long. They discovered some useful things: namely house elves were immune to most trick spells and potions.

Their correspondence with friend's had hardly faltered. Amelia finally put a stop to the constant owls by showing Harry how to use Floo powder. After that she began limiting Floo powder use to about a tablespoon a day. Harry then discovered just how little Floo powder was necessary to call a person. Aileen laughed a bit at Amelia's futile attempts to get Harry and Susan to stop talking to friends quite so much.

Eventually the other six managed to find their way to the Bones Manor. Draco had a hard time of it- he had used the excuse of going to Daphne's and had Floo'ed from there. After many hugs and exclamations, the eight retreated to the safety of Susan's room. After reading the journals the eight agreed to pull as many pranks as possible in the coming year. Well, almost all- Hermione protested but was overruled.

Harry's birthday had passed and he was looking forward to returning to Hogwarts. Even though she was as happy as he was, Aileen was nervous for the coming year. After last year, she could sense it...

The Darkness was Wakening.