Chapter one

"You´re going to live at a married couple called, Jim and Melinda. They are very nice people." My social worker, Sid said when she drove into a driveway of a big house.

I stepped out of the car, and picked up my stuff from the back seat. I then started walking towards the big house, and knocked the door.

"Hi," a dark- haired man came to open the door. "I´m Jim, this is my wife Melinda. He laid his arm around the shoulders of a woman with long dark- brown hair.

"What´s your name?" Melinda asked.

"Minnie," I almost whispered.

"Well, hi Minnie, nice to meet you. Come in." I stepped over the threshold, Sid was right behind me.

"D´you want to see your room" Jim asked, I nodded shyly.

"Well follow me," Jim said and I followed him upstairs, and to a room on the left.

"This is your room. You can settle in for a minute, I´ll just go downstairs and talk to Sid. Fell like home." He smiled and turned around and walked out of the door, I could hear him go down the stairs.

Jim´s pov

I recognized Minnie seemed very shy. But I guessed that was just normal considering the home conditions she came from. I was sure it would be better after she had settled in a little bit

"I guess you know that to take care of a foster child is a really bid decision." Sid said when we sat by the kitchen table.

"We´ll do anything to change somebody´s life to the better." Melinda said…

"So…I guess that´s it. Good luck and bye." Sid stood up and walked out.

When Sid had closed the door, I and Melinda walked upstairs to talk to Minnie, when we suddenly heard a loud bang from Minnie´s room.