So, to make the long waiting up to everyone I´m updating all of my stories at the same time.

Jim´s point of view.

"Honey, I´m home." Melinda came through the door.

"In here." I called from the sofa in the living room.

"Ned and Delia are coming over for dinner at six." She came into the living room. "Where´s, Minnie?"

"Upstairs, she wanted to be left alone for a while." I sighed, "You, what happened, what were you guys talking about before I came into the store today?"

"Birthdays," Melinda came to sit down next to me. "She told me her birthday is next Saturday. I asked her what she wants. And she mumbled something about nothing, and that she doesn´t like her own birthday. And then she just, disappeared."

"I think I know someone else who doesn´t like her own birthday either." She smiled, giggled, and pushed my chest a bit. "We went to pick up something at her house; she walked into the garage, and came back with a big carton, wrapped in birthday wrapping. She didn´t open it, and she refused to tell me what was in it."

"Why so curious?" Melinda turned around to look at me.

"You know, I just can´t let go of the feeling that there is something special with that carton. And with her, and what she thought about when I came into the store this afternoon."

"Maybe we should just go upstairs, and ask her, if there´s something we should know about her. "

"I don´t think she´ll tell us more than she´s already told us, but it´s worth a try." We both stood up, and went upstairs.

Minnie´s point of view

I sat on the floor. With my back against the bed, and my knees bent. I held one of the skates in front of me.

"Minnie," Jim knocked the door. "Can we come in?"

"It´s your house," I said, the door opened and he and Melinda came in. "Hey Mel…. Jim" I lowered my knees ´til my legs laid flat on the floor and I had my hands, with the skate on my lap.

"So that´s what was in the box." Jim looked from the skate I held onto my lap, to the box, who laid, open next to me. "You´re a figure skater?"

"Not any more, we could have left them at my house," I sighed. "They´re too small." I lowered my head and sighed again.

"Oh, that´s great, then we know what you want for your birthday." Melinda smiled.

"Thanks, but… it´s not that simple." I put my right hand down into the skate, and reached for something. I found a thin chain, and pulled my hand up again. Holding a thin metal chain, with one half of a "best friends- locket" onto it. I twisted the chain around my fingers, and put the locket in my palm, and clenched my hand around it. I looked up when I heard Melinda´s cellphone ring. She pulled it out of her pocket, and walked out of the room. She came back with a smile on her face a few minutes later.

"So, looks like we´re gonna have three guests tonight." She said. "Ned, Delia and Rick."

"Who´s Rick?" I asked.

"Rick Payne´s a good friend of ours."

"ok," I nodded slightly. When the doorbell rang, and Jim went out of the room. to open the door, I heard him talking with someone downstairs, and then we heard three pair of feet walking up the stairs. Jim came into the room again.

"Minnie… there´s someone here to see you…" he turned his head, too look at the man and woman who entered the room. I stood up.

"V-v-Valerie and Joseph," I stuttered. "What are you doing here? I though you moved to Florida, like… right after…" I couldn´t say the last words of the sentence but I knew they understood.

So, Lizzie´s parents have come to see Minnie, what do they want? I know… haha, I know more than you do, I know more than you do. HAHA, I´m tired. And when I´m tired I´ve got a really weird sense of humor.

Well, soon, weird stuff is gonna start happening. Weird as in ghost. And this ghost, she actually just feels like nobody listens to her. Remember that mirror in the second chapter. "listen." Well, this ghost is not afraid to hurt someone (someone as in Minnie) to make somebody listen to her. But she´ll have to do something else as well, and I need ideas for "visions" or something like that. Oh, and by the way. The ghost was choked, if it means something.

So, the second chap ready for my "update-all-my-stories-at-once-project." Just five more to go.