Okay, second chapter of my extremely nonsensical just for lols story. Not a bunch of jokes in this one, its mostly here to set up ones later.

Hope you enjoy it, and if you haven't read the Dark Chronicles all the Pokemon characters in this story are from my own fanfic.

Razor's point of view

I awoke in a very woozy state, but didn't feel refreshed in the slightest. As my brain turned on again I stared to feel the dull pain from intense beating I had received from three little girls and I once again was stuck wondering just where I had gone. I realized that I was sitting up on a chair ( a very cold one at that) and there was on obnoxiously bright light hanging above my head. In front of me was a metal table and around me was a very small terribly decorated white room. The place was maybe 10x10 meters was was freezing. I barley had enough time to get a thought in when a hard round surface hit me in the back of the head, sending my face to give the table in front of me an unwanted kiss.

"Oooooow..." mumbled lifting my head back up "What was that for?"

"Shut up!" yelled a young female voice before my mystery attacker hit be in my ribs. I was about to say something when she rounded the table.

"I remember you." I said distantly "You're one of those girls who attacked me out of nowhere..." I paused "What was with that by the way, I walk into a city and you and your buddies come and beat the crap out of me?"

My reward for my polite and gentlemanly question was another round numb of an hand in my face. I yelped again and shut up, whatever they were planing to do with me being a smart ass wasn't going to resolve it.

"I said shut up you stupid monster!" yelled the little girl again "Or are you too stupid to understand me?"

"Stop being to mean to him Buttercup." spoke another young sounding voice from the shadows "If we want to get information out of him he can't just insult him and beat him up more."

Very glad that I had a rational person in the room with me I smiled as the new speaker waled into view. Same as the bitchy, loud, short girl (You can make up your mind on who I know that shares those characteristics) this one had large eyes and a small head. However this one had an obnoxiously huge red bow sticking out of her red hair.

"Hi." I said with a smile "I think there's been a misunderstanding. You see I'm lost, really lost. I'm a Pokemon that's lost his trainer and his friends and I would be really thankful if you could tell me what region I'm in."

This new girl frowned "I can't tell you that, but I can tell you you're in the city of Townsville. I can also tell you that you're speaking with a Powerpuff girl."

I blinked "A what."

"Are you deaf?" yelled out Buttercup again "Blossom I feel like we should get kick his butt."

"No no no no no no, we can't do that!" shouted yet another female voice. Before I could react two hands grabbed my head and I was kissed on the cheek. Looking towards the kiss I saw another little girl, same description, except she was blond. She had blue on and pigtails on either side of her head. "I mean look at him, he's so cute!"

I was going to protest, but I am pretty damn sexy so I let the compliment happen.

Ruby's point of view

"I don't wanna go in, that town is the symbol of everything dark types are against." spoke Night with an idiot's frown on his face.

"What, intelligence and forward thinking?" I replied in a sharp tone.

He frowned "No, sunshine, rainbows, vibrant colors and happiness." the Umbreon paused "If I go in that town bad things will happen. I promise you that Ms. Vulpix."

Not liking his little nickname for me I snarled "If you ever call me anything but Ruby again..."

"Both of you shut up" spoke up Dexter, he blue eyes scanning both of us "It's clear that we are no longer in Kanto and it's also clear that most of the inhabitants of this world are petite horses." stated the Espeon "I saw we accept their welcome and see if we can procure a way back home."

"I second that, and if things get bad... we're freaking Pokemon. I can breath fire, and you and Night can literally make energy from thin air. If things get rough we can tough it out." I spoke with purpose.

Night sighed "Fine, I guess we'll go into town. But if one of them brings any glitter or makeup even close to me... they're getting a shadow ball to the face."

"Kinda like the one you gave that zebra back there?" snidely spoke Dexter.

To tell you the truth, I really wasn't so pumped about the town either. Like Night said, there were a few too many pinks and purples to make me feel comfortable. And from the look of it the only living beings around were small horses of differing colors and hairstyles. To make it even worse it seemed that there were no males... which would make reproduction really iffy.

"I don't like this..." spoke Night once again.

Dexter gave him a little kick "Shut up, it looks like everyone's purposely ignoring us."

Upon looking around I saw that the Espeon was correct. The pony people were walking away from us, going in their homes, even straight up cowering from us. "Maybe they're all xenophobes?" I spoke up.

Dexter shrugged "Perhaps... it seems they're all of the same race so seeing us must make their little minds freak out." he looked around "Maybe they have leader."

"Well if they do, I guess it would live in the center of town." I said while looking around "Perhaps its that big tree?"

Turning to see what I was looking at the boys looked flabbergasted. "Wow, a giant tree house." spoke Night.

He was being truthful too. It was literally a giant tree that had been hollowed out and appeared to be a large dwelling. "What kind of person would empty out an entire tree just to live in it? Plus... wouldn't that be really unstable... because you're living in a dead hollow shell of a tree?"

"The laws of physics must be different here... but it's our only lead so we've gotta take it." said Dexter as he approached the door.

"Wait a sec-"Spoke Night "This door is cut in half... why would they have a lower part and higher part of a door?"

"Shut up Night." replied yours truly.

"You hate everything." replied the Umbreon with a pout.

Dexter gave the door a couple of knocks and within a few seconds the upper part of the door swung open and a small purple horse with a horn sticking out of her head appeared "Oh.. hello."

Dexter put on his best fake smile and said "Hello miss, sorry to bother you but it seems we are lost and would truly appreciate it if you could help in anyway."

Claire's point of view


"Hey, you alive?"


The infernal yelling wasn't going to stop, so I decided to open my eyes and see what level of hell I was currently residing in. Standing over me was a thin human looking creature with very pale skin and long black hair. Despite her previous tone it didn't seem like she was too concerned about my well being from her uncaring expression.

So for all of you who don't know who I am I should tell you that I'm a Pikachu and that I work for Team Rocket. Usually I wear a combat suit and have daggers for attacks, but laying on the floor I realized I was nude and had no weapons.

I sighed "Hello human... "

"Hello mouse." replied the girl "And I'm no human, I'm more of a vampire."

I got to my feet "Hello then Vampire, and I'm no mouse. I'm a Pikachu." I looked around "Why are we in a cage?"

"We're in a jail... and I can't tell you why." replied the girl "By the way, I'm Marceline."

I nodded "Claire, good to meet you. Can you tell me anything about our captors?"

Marceline levitated off the ground "Yep, they all seem to be horses..."

I raised a brow in confusion "Horses you say?"

"That's what I said, plus they have armor on." continued the Vampire "You know I was going to get out of here, but I didn't feel like leaving you and your adorable self laying on the ground."

"Why thank you, but I can't see a way out." I responded "I guess you have a plan."

Marceline pointed behind me. I turned to see a giant window that took up most of the back wall of the prison. "Wow, these horses are pretty stupid." without hesitation I raised a paw and let loose a thundershock attack, breaking the window with little effort "There, now lets see if we can find out just where we are."