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So here's the chapter, Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up bright and early, ready to get to work. I was used to it after, six days of getting up this early. I went out, and saw that there were already crewmen swabbing the deck. I nodded 'hello', even though most of them didn't see me.
I went down to get the eggs and milk for breakfast. I didn't get much milk though, because from what I could tell from my first day, the crew didn't drink much milk. I made fried eggs, and I added some of the milk to them too. I ate some, then put the rest on the table so the crew could come eat.
"Zǎocān!"* I shouted, using the word that Zhu had taught me.
The pirates literally came running. I guess their native language had a better effect on them than English. I didn't stay to watch them eat, I just went to stand by the helm. I had grown accustomed to the wind in my hair, and the smell of the sea on the wind. I still missed my mother, after all it has only been a week since she was taken.
"Ye know, It not be long 'for we git ta Shipwreck cove now." I jumped.
"Wang! Ye- you are gonna give me a heart attack one day! Seriously."
"Sorry Tammy, its jest me opinion dat ye need ta be more observant of yer surroundings."
I smiled. I had gotten really close to Wang over the past days. I wasn't dating him, he was more like a brother to me and he was four years older than me. Apparently his family had thought that pirate school was best for him as well. I thought he was a great pirate, as pirates go.
"Don't you have duties to attend to?" I asked.
"Yeah," He replied, "But I don't know if we'll 'ave class together when we get to Shipwreck Cove."
"Oh, well we probably could see each other after class."
"Yeah, that would be cool." He ran off to see to his duties.
I sighed, wondering how my perfect life could end up like this. Even though I have great friends and am happy, I miss my old life. I sat musing for a while. I then realized show late it was, I had to start setting out the dinner.
I rushed back to the kitchen to start. We were far into our journey, so we didn't have a lot of choices for food to eat. I set out a plate of slightly stale biscuits, rum, and apples.
I called out to the crew, "Wancān!" The crew once again came running. I sat to eat with them this time, as always. I cannot help but listen to the stories that the elder sailors told. Well, the ones who know English at least.
That night, we all sat down for a game of liars dice. I won't go into details, but Gibbs won again. I went to bed after that game. I prayed, holding tightly to my mother's necklace.
I woke the next morning to the voice of Gibbs,"Look alive and keep a weather eye! Not for naught it's called Shipwreck Island, where lies Shipwreck Cove and the town of Shipwreck." I bolted out of bed to see this Shipwreck Cove. My, it was magnificent. When we docked, both me and Wang were led to a large building. When we walked in, there was a lady at a desk. She asked for our names, then told us where to go. I was not in the same class as Wang. I kept my head high and refused to look weak, but all of my preparations for that day almost crashed down on me that day.
For when I walked in that classroom, the first thing I saw was Him.

So, I hope you all liked the chapter. This should be moving much faster now when I find time to update. Happy Thanksgiving!
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