Once Tia heard the loud crashing sound a few tears fell down her cheeks, even though Tommy was after her father he had been a good friend to her, just as Joe had "C'mon, the boys will be here soon and we can't fight them all off" she sniffed while helping her father up "Is your car here?"

she asked hopefully, he nodded and lef her to the other side of the floor before getting into the car, Tia rode shot gun and ducked down in her seat so the gang didn't see her "Tell me when we get out" she said, Nick nodded and drove them out of the car park.

After a lot of swerves and fast driving Nick pulled the car over while making sure no one was following him "Okay were out" he said a little out of breath, Tia sat up in her seat and sighed in relief "Thank fuck because I was about to pass out" she exclaimed chuckling nervously, Nick turned to her "Who are you? Why did you help me?" he asked confused, Tia sighed and knew she would have to come clean

"I'm your daughter" she replied slowly, his eyes widened "My Tiana's got blonde hair though" he said disbelievingly, Tia smiled and pointed to her hair "Wig, couldn't let Billy find out I was helping yah daddy" she admitted, Nick froze for a moment before pulling her into a tight hug "I'm so glad your safe, I saw you at the court but I didn't wanna say anything" he said holding her at arms length

"Wait, you knew I was there? Why didn't you follow me? Or drag me back home?" she asked now the confused one "You seemed to be doing fine on your own, though I did want to kill that fucker that put his hands on you" he said, Tia nodded grimly "That's Billy, speaking of which he's pissed at you daddy, he knows you killed Joe" she exclaimed, Nick nodded "I know, it was an' accident, I just meant to frighten him"

he said, Tia shook her head "Billy won't care about that, to him your just the guy that killed Joe and he wont stop until your dead" she told him, he nodded "Your friends with the people who killed your brother?" he asked angrily, Tia sighed knowing it was bound to come up "Don't make accusations when you don't know the full story, they've done a lot for me yah know and you should just be grateful I came here to help you, I could get it worse" she exclaimed also a little angry,

Nick nodded and sighed "I'm sorry, I just got a little overwhelmed is all" he said apolagetically, Tia nodded "I know daddy, but things are gonna get worse because now you've killed Tommy too, I just hope I can help you guys" she said more to herself "Get out of there Tia, get away from them and come home with us I promise I won't be an' asshole just come home with your family" Nick begged,

Tia shook her head "I'm in way too deep with those guys, I go and they'll come lookin' for me. I've missed you guys so much daddy, but I can't just run whenever I please things don't work that way down there" she exclaimed, Nick nodded and noticed the locket "You kept it on" he said smiling slightly, Tia felt her locket with her hand "I never took it off" she admitted "Doesn't your boyfriend wonder where you came from?"

Nick asked bitterly, Tia shook her head "I told him I ran away from home but he never asked why, he just took me in and I stayed there for about a year" she explained "But you've been gone for two years" Nick said curiously, Tia shrugged "Some things become too much daddy, I left him and I have my own apartment now, I found a stray puppy and took him in...named him Luke" she said, Nick smiled

"After your brother?" he asked, she nodded "I got a job too, everything I wanted I got, I'm independant now dad and that's all I've ever wanted" she said, he nodded and stroked her cheek "I'm proud of you Tiana, your so beautiful and even stronger than' before" he said, Tia smiled and a tear rolled down her cheek "Got it all from you daddy" she said holding back more tears, Nick sighed "What happens now?" he asked, Tia shrugged "I have to get back to my apartment and you need to get home, mom and Luke need you more than' I do" she said

"What about you Tiana? Are you gonna be safe?" he asked worriedly, she chuckled "Dad I've been on my own for two years now, I think I can survive" she said, he nodded "You want a lift?" he asked, she shook her head "Nah, gotta cover up my tracks, I'll get home fine' she said reasuringly, Nick nodded and hugged his daughter "I love you Tiana" he whispered, Tia nodded and hugged him back "Love you too daddy, now get outta here" she said playfully while exiting the car, as soon as she did he drove off "Hey baby!" someone shouted,

Tia spun around to see a greasy, fat biker checking her out "What do you know? My rides here" she muttered walking towards the man.

Tia was lying on the couch watching Jerry Springer in nothing but her blue girl boxers, white loose crop top and stripey thigh high socks, Luke was lying on the floor in front of her asleep but she knew he was watching over her, a pounding noise on the door caused Tia to jump and Jake to rise to his feet, he started barking at the door and Tia groaned while getting up "Calm down boy"

she cooe'd scratching her dogs head, he settled on growling instead and Tia approached the white wooden door "Tia let me in" Tia sighed in relief at the sound of Billy's voice and she removed the chain before opening the door "Hey" she greeted standing back, Billy entered the apartment and Tia closed the door "Billy it's 1:00 in the morning I didn't even think you'd be coming" she said surprised,

she leaned agains't the wall and watched Billy pet Luke "You know I never stand you up Baby girl" he said, she noticed the tone in his voice "What happened?" she asked sitting on the arm of the couch next to him, he sighed and leaned back agains't the couch while Luke rested his head in Billy's lap "We nearly caught him, but some shit went down and he ended up killin' Tommy" he explained angrily,

Tia sighed "I'm sorry, you don't even know where he lives so it's gonna be even harder now huh?" she asked playing innocent, Billy shook his head "We got the assholes briefcase, got everything in that thing but I'm gonna go through it later" he replied, Tia nearly froze in fear but she quickly composed herself "Sounds like a plan, why don't you go home Billy you look exausted and tired as hell"

she suggested, he looked up at her "You tryna get rid of me?" he asked though he was smirking slightly, Tia shook her head "You know I love having you around, you just look so tired" she said slightly concerned, he shrugged "Nothin' I can't handle" he muttered focusing on the T.V, Tia rolled her eyes "Okay bad ass lean forward" she said, Billy gave her a stange look but did as she said,

Tia took hold of his jacket and slowly pulled it off him before doing the same with his outter shirt, once she was done she put the jackets on her dressed and walked back over to him "What are you doing awake anyway?" he asked pulling her down next to him, he had his arm around her and her legs were thrown over his lap with his other hand on her thighs "You know I like to stay up late"

she said, he hmm'd and Tia started to pet Luke who had once again fallen asleep, Tia noticed a few months ago that Luke only relaxed once Billy was around her, it was as though he knew Billy would keep her safe as much as him "He's gettin' big" Billy commented, Tia nodded "Yeah, I'm startin' to hope he'll stop soon, though he makes an' awesome guard dog" she said proudly, Billy nodded and they both got into the show but soon after Tia realised Billy was asleep "I always did last longer than' him"

she muttered standing up, she nudged his shoulder with her hand and his eyes soon opened "Damn it Tia" he groaned tiredly, she chuckled "Sorry, but you ain't sleepin' on the couch" she said firmly, Billy sighed and stood up before taking off all of his clothes and falling onto Tia's mattress, he pulled the duvet over his waist and Tia rolled her eyes at the sound of his faint snoring "Bed time Luke"

she said kissing her dog's forehead, he licked her cheek and she smiled while turning off the T.V, Tia managed to get to her bed after strugglingly walking through the pitch black room, she pulled off her socks and shirt so she was just left in her black boxers and bra "Get into the fuckin' bed Tia" Billy mumbled into the pillow, she smiled and got under the duvet before facing away from him, she could feel the bed moving and soon something warm agains't her back, an arm made it's way over her stomach and her hand held onto it "Night" she whispered before closing her eyes.