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9 Reasons Why

Video 1- Scott

Scott looked at the message in irritation, his time with Allison was so limited that he didn't like being interrupted. He looked at the name and saw it was from Stiles, he almost didn't check it until he saw that it was a video message. He looked at Allison in confusion and she nodded to the phone, willing him to watch it. Scott shrugged and clicked on the little video icon on top of Stiles face.

Stiles looked at the camera with an almost empty look on his face, Scott felt his heart skip a beat when he looked into Stiles empty brown eyes.

"Scott...You are the first to recieve one of these messages but not the last. There are ten of these little videos running around our little group of...well...I guess I shouldn't say 'friends' anymore. Should I Scott?" Stiles eyes turned stony and his voice hardened slightly with anger before he sighed dramatically and fell back on what looked to be his bed. Scott felt his pulse rise at the the tone in his best friends voice and the way he mentioned that they may no longer be friends.

"Don't be so surprised, after all it has been some time since you have acted like my best friend. Well, let me get to the point then; I wont be here much longer and I wanted to get everything off of my chest before I left." Stiles eyes became unfocused for a second and Scott gulped at the implications, turning to Allison with worried eyes. She shook her head and looked at the screen with mounting horror. " I know, that sounded very dramatic, " Stiles released a dry chuckle. "that's because I'm feeling a bit dramatic tonight. Scott, I love you as a brother but I also hate you. I hate you so much, so much in fact that I made this nice video, just for you, for you to suffer when I am gone. This is the last memory you will have of me, and don't worry, I will make it a horrible one."

Stiles moved again and the camera shook as he took the phone across the room to his computer desk and propped it up, it once again focused on Stiles face and the camera had his full attention. His eyes were serious and hurt. Scott felt himself trembling as his friend began to speak about their lives.

"Scott, we have been friends for years, since we both could walk. I had thought that it would always be that way, that we would always be inseperable. I was obviously wrong, actually it's a miracle if you even watch this at all, after all...I know how you love your time with Allison. Oh, and speaking of Allison, there is a video headed to you too. Don't worry, it's just as fun as this one." Allsion's breath hitched and Scott felt panick mounting at the almost sad laugh Stiles released on the video, probably picturing their reactions.

"Scott, what you have is a gift, I know you think it ruined your life but it only made it better. You are now special and rare. You have superhuman powers man, what more could you want? Oh wait, you want the girl, but what's this? You have the girl? Well then, I wonder what is so wrong with your life? Why is Scott so unhappy, why is Scott so abandoned? You know what Scott? Got to Hell." Stiles glared at the camera and Scott felt his insides burn with anger then spread quickly to guilt as Stiles words registered in his mind.

"I would give anything to have what you have Scott. I would love to be special, I would love for someone to look at me the way Allison looks at you. I want someone to want me for me, love me for who I am, see beneath the facade of stupidity and clumsiness I put up everyday. I'm so tired Scott, so tired of being the best-friend to the boy who doesn't even know he's there. I'm just tired of it all, I can't blame you for all of my wariness but you are a major part. I can't even look at you in the eyes anymore man, I'm so afraid that you will see the anger there. Of course you don't, you never would have, because I noticed that you never look me in the eyes either Scott. You never see me, you just see what you think is conveniant for you to see. Well, welcome to the reality of it all. Welcome to the real world, now grow the fuck up." Stile eyes met his for a few seconds then flitted away to the side as a quiet sigh left his lips.

Scott looked at his friends face, tears threatening his eyes at the harsh truth in the words. He felt his heart clench in shame at the way he had treated his best friend, the way he had abandoned him for Allison, how he had blamed it all on love. He looked closer at his friends face and noticed for the first time the dark circles under his eyes and the bruises on his face. Scott didn't remember when he had gotten them, didn't remember if he told them where they came from.

"Anyways, if you did actually watch this, and I'm not sure you did, and you want to see what I have to say to the others on the list then you will have to find Lydia, she's next." with that the screen went blank and his heart beat picked up about twenty miles an hour. He looked at Allison and saw shame in her face as well, reflecting his. He sighed heavily, trying to regain some composure and called his Alpha.

"What?" Was the curt reply on his phone. Scott explained everything as fast as he could, trying to get Derek to understand the importance of his words. Derek seemed to understand immediately and said he would call the whole pack together, including Lydia. Scot thanked him and said he would meet him at Stiles house.

Scott and Allison drove to Stiles house much too fast and arrived in record time. No lights were on in the house and he could only faintly smell the boy on the surrounding area; he panicked slightly and was about to go look closer when Derek's camaro pulled in the driveway followed by the other packs' vehicles. Scott wasn't too surprised when Danny was with Jackson in his vehicle.

"What the Hell's going on? Derek just said it was a pack emergency." Instead of answering Scott took out his phone and started playing the video for the pack. Their were varied reactions but the main ones were glares in Scott's direction. Scott shrunk in on himself in shame and almost jumped when Derek's growl almost overcame the sound of Stiles talking. Scott looked up quickly and met furious red eyes. He shook slightly and Derek took the phone to steady the picture for the rest of the video. When it had ended everyone turned to stare at Lydia apprehensively.

Lydia looked white as a ghost as she took her phone slowly out of her pocket, the moment she did their was the sound of a text coming in. She swallowed loudly and looked at everyone around her.

"It's Stiles' next video." Her voice was scared and small and everyone crowded around to watch the video with her.