I arrived in Gravity Falls a little after one-thirty on Friday after noon. At the insistence of Uncle Kevin I went, Gruncle Stan wasn't my favorite great uncle in the world, but I had no choice. Gravity Falls is a small town just south of Portland, Oregon with a rich paranormal atmosphere, and if you're anything like me, you'd rather spend your time looking into the actual history of a town; on the other hand I was somewhat of an expert on ghosts. For those of you who are interested my name is Alison-May Pines, I am sixteen and independent.

I took the town's only cab to The Mystery Shack, well to be more accurate, the road side attraction that cons people out of their hard earned pocket change. After paying the cab fair I made my way to the gift shop, I knew from past experience (please don't ask me about it) that business was always slow and everyone hung out in that part of The Shack.

"Hello, Gruncle Stan, Soos, Wendy, Cousin Dipper, Cousin Mabel, anyone here?" I called, hoping that an answer was soon to come.

"What?" came the growling voice of my Gruncle Stan. " Oh, it's you, Alison you are late."

"Nice to see you too, the place hasn't changed that much, except for the sign out on the roof says, The Mystery Hack, not shack."

"I told Soos to fix that, you start work tomorrow,"

"I'm not working for a fraud; I saw a Help Wanted sign in the window at the diner,"

"My brother has sent you here, so you will work for me, and not a word to the cops, understand?"


Dipper and Mabel came into the room. As usual Mabel was wearing one of her home made sweaters, this one was pink with a butterfly on the front, and Dipper was wearing the same ball cap with a pine tree on it.

"Ali, look I made you a sweater," said Mabel with a wide grin.

"Uh… thanks," I said taking the bright green sweater. "And how's Dipper?"

"Great, I didn't make anything for you,"

"You really didn't need to,"

"Hey, Gruncle Stan, maybe we could go over to the diner for supper tonight,"

"Kid, does it look like I'm made of money?" a dollar pokes out from under Gruncle Stan's jacket sleeve which he promptly taps back into place.

"Supper's on me tonight, and I just might tell a few tales,"

"Fine by me Alison,"

That evening we sat at the usual booth at the diner. Lazy Suzan took our order and I noticed Gruncle Stan's face go pink, trust me when I say he's heartless and miserly, but I never thought I'd see the day when he fell for the lazy eyed waitress.

"So, you still with high standing down at the Lodge?" I asked, trying to make the awkwardness go away.

"How'd you know I was still with the Lodge?" Gruncle Stan countered.

"The fez sorta gave it away,"

"Yeah, but the boys don't trust me like they did."

"Ali, where did you and Uncle Kevin go this year?"

"Go this year for what, Mabel?"

"Ghost hunting,"

"Well, I spent a few days at Hole in the Wall, seeing if I could find anything there,"

"That's on private property,"

"Yeah, but I asked first, plus the guy who owns the land knows Uncle Kevin really well,"

"Where is this place?"

"Wyoming," I stated dryly. "Rather be there then here right now."

"Catch any ghosts?"

"No, but I had this feeling that someone was watching me, so enough about me, you and Mabel staying out of trouble?"

"Yeah, I found this old book that has a lot of the weird things that hang around here."

"Here's your meals; and I'll be seein' you later Stan."


"They've been going steady for two weeks, blame Mabel."

"So, what kind of weird things hang around town?"

"So far, gnomes, manitors, convenience store ghosts, a lake monster, some weird kid named Gideon, and some old geezer that's had a little too much moonshine; oh and did I mention zombies?"

"Zombies don't exist Dipper, and do you even know what moonshine is?"

"Some sort of alcoholic beverage,"

"Well it's a bit more then that, it's made from corn, also goes by the name of white lightning because of it's clear color, and it's illegal; so if the old guy is making it then there has to be a still around here."

"How'd you know all that?"

"History books and educational television, so what shift do you want me to work?"

"You can help Mabel and Dippy with the second shift, that's noon to eight pm."

I took a sip of my sweet tea and finished my burger; I found it hard to believe that I would be spending the rest of my summer eating like this. I don't consider myself a health food freak but the food at the diner was a little too greasy for me, I guess that's why it's called Greasy's.


'Dear Uncle Kevin,

Two whole weeks have gone by since I have arrived in Gravity Falls. It's a nice town, once you get past the weirdness of the atmosphere. Gruncle Stan is, of course, making me work at The Mystery Hack (the S on Shack fell off and is laying on the roof) for my room and board. You'd never guess who else is here, Dipper and Mabel; apparently their parents had the same idea you did.

With Love,


"How does that sound?" I asked.

"Sounds like you don't want to be here." Mabel answered.

"I really don't but I hope something cool happens, by the way what makes Gideon so weird?"

"He sorta has a thing for me and hates Dipper with a passion,"

"Hmm… sounds like someone's got a crush on you, but wait isn't he Gruncle Stan's competition?


"He has this powerful bolo tie thing that makes things float around the room; he also clams to be physic." Dipper chipped in.



The storm had knocked the power out. I was leading a tour through the Hall of Fakes otherwise known as the Hall of Mysteries.

"Oi, perfect. Alright everyone remain calm, does anyone have a match?" I asked

"What do you need a match for?" One of the poor saps that bought into Gruncle Stan's tourist trap countered.

"To light this old rail road lantern so we can finish the tour, now is there any other questions?"

"Here's some matches,"

"Thanks," I lit the lamp and continued the tour. "To your left you will take notice of a peculiar red stone…"

A few hours later the power still had not come back on and between all of us there (Stan, Soos, Wendy, Dipper, Mable, and I) one of us had to go into the basement.

"How 'bout we send the new girl down," Wendy suggested.

"Oh no, I have arachnophobia and claustrophobia, and basements set them both off." I replied

"Quit whining and go down there,"

"Well if I'm not back in three days send a search party; someone hand me that kerosene lantern, please."

After I lit the lantern and descended the stares to the basement I came face to face with a skeleton chained to the wall. I let out a scream. Then I realized it was fake.

"Bet you ten bucks that was the arachnophobia," said Stan.

"I'll take up that bet with claustrophobia," Wendy replied.

"Maybe someone should go down there and check on her,"

"It'll be your funeral Dippy,"


"You owe me ten bucks Wendy."

"Seriously maybe someone should go down there and see if she's okay,"

"She's fine; those phobias are just in her head,"

"I don't know Stan, phobias like Ali's, can cause people to pass out."

While the others were debating on whether or not to come down and check on me I had found the fuse box and found that the storm had indeed knocked the power out.


'Dear Hayes,

Wish you were here in Gravity Falls. 'Least I'd have someone to talk to. I'm having an okay time here; my great uncle is forcing me to work for him at his tourist trap, to say the least it-'

"Someone has a boyfriend." Mabel said after reading over my shoulder.

"Sheesh kid, don't do that," I replied. "He's not my boyfriend; he's my… uh… best guy friend."

"Sure… he is. Is he cute?"

"Mabel, stop it will ya?"

"Thanks Dipper,"

"No problem," Mabel left the gift shop. "This guy is your boyfriend isn't he?"

"Yeah, the minute you even think about blabbing this you're dead, understand?"

"Secret's safe with me Ali,"


That night I went to sleep watching the western channel with Gruncle Stan, the only thing we have in common is our taste in movies and television shows. I dreamt of home and what it would have been like in the old west.

A/N: this is just a taste of what I have in store for Ali and the rest of the gang stay tuned for more.