Pioneer Days was drawing to a close, with the barn dance that was to be held on old man Mcguffin's farm. I hadn't given it much thought since Gideon had asked me to go as his date.

"Ali, you gotta come check this out!" Dipper shouted.

"Check what out Dipping Sauce?"I asked.

"This old trunk Mabel and I found in the attic!"

I followed Dipper up to the attic. 'An old trunk, what's so special about a trunk?' I wandered as we went into the part of the attic that was storage; knowing Gruncle Stan, it was probably full of fake oddities that hadn't made it into the tourist trap. We found the trunk, after navigating through the endless boxes of miscellaneous odds and ends.

"Well, it is interesting," I said sarcastically.

"Open it," Dipper replied.

I opened the trunk; to my surprise it held many relics from the 1800's.

"How did you find this; the Gravity Falls Historical Society would love to add something like this to their collection."

"Gruncle Stan told Mabel and I to clean up the attic while you were out at Pioneer Days yesterday. He said to throw out anything that looked like junk."

"He classified this as junk? I mean look at all of this, clothes from the 1800's that are made of silk and not moth-eaten, old newspaper clippings, the first six fingered hand book…."

"What, no way,"

I grabbed the book out from under several layers of cloth and opened it. 'Property of Dr. Frank J. Elwood' was scrawled on the inside cover. Under that, in neat handwriting, was 'and Sarah M. Hampton'.

"Well that solves the mystery of who wrote the books." I said while flipping through the pages.

"You still going to the barn dance tonight?"

"I don't know Dipper, with Hayes still barley being able to walk and Gruncle Stan hating this event with every fiber of his being and that whole Gideon thing from the other day, I just assume not go."

"Oh, well enjoy the trunk then."

I looked through the six fingered hand book. So many weird creatures were listed, floating eye-balls, gnomes, ghosts (this one excluded Sarah's name), vampires, fairies, pixies, sprites, and many others. I took a closer look at the trunk; from reading various books on antiques I learned that some trunks from the 1800's had secret compartments built in them. I ran my hand expertly over all the surfaces of the trunk, then felt over each of the rivets, and then I found it. One of the rivets was a button that opened the small compartment. Inside there was a note and a cameo necklace that was strikingly similar to the one that I had noticed around Sarah's neck; hold on, if this here book once belonged to Sarah and… this was Sarah's trunk.


That afternoon I had all of my dresses laying out on my bed, trying to pick one out that I could wear to the barn dance; I had been able to narrow it down to three possible choices the Civil War ball gown, an Edwardian style tea gown, and one of the dresses from the trunk. Mabel came up to the attic and began to act like she was reading one of her vampire romance novels.

"You're still debating on which dress to wear?" she asked.

"Well at least I got it down to three; alright the Edwardian dress is out." I said as I packed the cream colored linen dress into the trunk.

"One down, two to go; hey Wendy and Robbie are going maybe she can barrow one of your dresses."

"Send her on up; I'll be glad to help."

A few minutes later Wendy was in the attic looking at a few of the pieces I felt would suit her personality.

"Have anything in plaid?" She asked.

"Nothing that constitutes for a dance, although I could dress up this blouse and plaid skirt combination for you," I answered. "Feel free to try it on, wouldn't want you wearing something too loose or too tight."


After a few more pain staking hours I decided to wear my Civil War ball gown and Wendy was wearing the plain day dress that I had suggested. In the trunk I had found an early bustle hoop and decided to wear that under my dress. Hayes managed to get into his gambler's attire, even though I had begged him not to.

"Ali, I don't trust Stan, and if that freak Gideon is goin' to be there, I'm goin' to give him a piece of my mind." He said.

"You're going to be a wallflower and prob'ly the first male wallflower in history." I joked

"Not funny Ali, besides maybe I can scare up a poker game…"

"I don't think Blubbs would take too kindly to that."


"Sheriff Blubbs, if'n you ask me I think he's got something to do with the goings on here."

"Ali, I hardly think the sheriff would be involved in anything seedy."

"Hayes, you're right; I'm just jumping to conclusions."

"That's my girl, now how does my tie look?"


I sat next to Hayes at one of the side tables at the barn dance. The blue grass music that was playing reminded us too much of the barn dances back home, plus with Hayes' leg being as it was I didn't feel right dancing with another.

"Why Alison, I thought that you weren't coming." Gideon said.

"Evening Gideon," I replied, dryly.

"No call to be uncivil Alison."

"Ali, why don't you go get us some punch, I want to speak to Gideon alone." I got up from the table to get the punch. "You little freak, you almost got us killed."

"Whatever do you mean William?"

"The other week Ali had you do a palm readin' because she was worried about somethin'; accordin' to her you said she had nothing to worry about."

"And she didn't, did she?"

"No, other than the fact that I was nearly killed by a wolf like thing in the woods behind the Mystery Shack."

"Well, I'm sorry that my prediction was a little off, I only meant spare her feelings."

"You didn't do a very good job, now I suggest that you bug off and leave us alone for the rest of our stay here in town."

Gideon left our table just as I was returning with two cups of punch. I sat down and offered one to Hayes.

"What was that all about?" I asked

"Just telling that little weirdo what happened."

"Don't start Hayes; the little moron will screw up again sometime."

"I'm doing it to help you out,"

"Oh look, there's Robbie and Wendy; she look good in that dress, I just may let her keep it."

"No, you look better in it."

We argued back and forth on the subject for a while, and then the band started to play a waltz.

"Care to dance?" Hayes asked.

"Not with your leg being busted like it is."


June soon faded into July and with it came hot, muggy, rainy weather. Everything seemed normal, or as normal as a town called Gravity Falls could be. Or at least until Summerween came along.