Their bright eyes beat back the Dark...

We cannot, shall not understand

Their rage, their joy, the burning brand,

That fathomless Ilúvatar

Gave unto those that ageless are:

A brighter spark.


Their rough songs carve through the Dark...

Shall we ever understand?

The shorter years, the weaker hand

That wise Eru Ilúvatar

Bestowed on them that Mortal are:

A lesser spark.

Well, I hope it's obvious, but this is about the Two Kindreds: Men and Elves; and what they think of each other. The first stanza is men to elves, and the second is elves to men. I tried to make it more challenging for myself by using the same rhymes in both stanzas. :) Feedback would be lovely.

~RandomCelt, the (as always) non-Tolkien