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Welcome to Delta.

Gohan stared out at the city far beyond as it became dusk. The thirteen year old found small glimpses of beauty in those streets and buildings. They were like beacons of light in this barren wasteland, which was what Delta Moon was. Apart from occasional cities, water masses and farms, this moon was barren, allowing all to see its pale yellow surface.

The moon itself was as large as Earth, and somehow got the right amount of sunlight from its star for life to thrive and survive on this wasteland turned settlement. This was a surprise given the large, blue planet Nemo that Delta orbited.

Gohan came to this place for a simple reason: ego. Not his ego, Vegeta's. When the bio-android Cell had been beaten to a pulp by the Saiyan prince he had tried to taint Vegeta into letting him absorb Android 18, completing his transformation and saying that he would surpass the Ascended Super Saiyan in power and give him a true challenge.

The Vegeta of this universe however, for just that moment, had about five ounces more ego than the Vegeta from the prime universe. His exact response was, "Sorry, but I don't have that kind of time to waste." And with one Big Bang Attack, the android was no more.

Those five ounces of ego had changed the course of history. This was helped by another difference: During his training in space, the prince had found Delta Moon: A colony of the last remaining Saiyans who had barely escaped Freeza's clutches, under the leadership of a Saiyan named Paragus. Vegeta however, needed to continue his training to reach the level of Super Saiyan first however, not wanting word to get out that a low-class had surpassed him in power.

When Cell's defeat came however, Goku and Gohan exited the chamber and both had already surpassed the prince in power.

Vegeta… didn't take it well… When the prince had calmed down and stopped using various colourful words in all his sentences, he decided to continue his training in space with the new found survivors.

It was a big surprise when Vegeta had offered Goku a chance to come with him, saying the Saiyans were not as bloodthirsty as before and that they had seen the error of… most of their ways.

Goku's mind was made up almost immediately: If he trained constantly with the prince and other Saiyans, no threat would be strong enough to beat him and the Earth and changed Saiyans would remain safe. Although Chichi put a fight at first, she had compromised: She would come along too, refusing to miss out on another adventure. But if both parents went, someone wasn't staying alone on Earth (alone since Vegeta wasn't leaving his mate and son behind).

All the prince had to do to overthrow Paragus and become a king was beat the old ruler in battle… Paragus lived… after five CPR attempts.

And thus Prince Vegeta became King Vegeta, that was two years ago…

"Two years." Mused Gohan, "Two years of this place. I can't believe I've even survived for so long."

The brooding Saiyan then heard a familiar, female voice in the distance, "Gohan! Time for dinner!"

"Coming mom!" Gohan said as he tried to muster a happy voice. The young Saiyan slowly walked away from the edge of the cliff in his black jeans, sneakers and hood as his tail swished behind him.

Ah… the tail. Another reason why the former prince had delayed revealing himself: his own had been cut off and it was an utter disgrace, so he had Bulma do some special surgery to make their tails grow back, but this only slowed down the process of people finding out about Gohan being a half-breed.

'Poor Goten. At least I didn't get those looks for a while. But he'll get them every day of his life.'

Gohan's thoughts were interrupted when he reached the door of his quaint home. The house itself was just like his old place back on Earth (it's amazing what you can fit in a capsule these days). Again, Vegeta had been nice enough to offer something: a whole mansion for the Son family, right next to his. But Chi-chi saw right through his plan and knew they would never see Goku again because of all the training he would be doing.

Gohan's long, black spiky hair blew in the breeze for a moment as he took in the scenery one last time for soon it would be curfew (surprisingly, nobody wanted to wake up to the sounds of a screaming Great Ape at 5. a.m. just because someone had looked at the planet and absorbed enough Blutz Waves for transformation).

The young Saiyan slowly opened the door and was soon tackled by his younger brother in a hug, "Gohan! I missed you this much!" And the younger Saiyan opened his spread his arms to show how much.

This small display of affection brought a smile to the other demi-Saiyan's face, and soon all of his bad thoughts were gone, "Hey sport! How's it goin?" He asked the pepped up two-year-old who was jumping up and down.

"Really, really, really good big bwoder!" Goten responded in his badly spoken English and his eyes lit up, "Hey Gohan! How bout we have wace?"

"Okay, I'll race you from here to the kitchen! On your marks, get set… go!" Goten took two steps when he realised they were already in the kitchen, "Ha! Ha! Gohan you so funny!" Goten declared and chuckled in his hand-me-down green and yellow outfit that Gohan had worn back on Earth.

Chi-chi then looked around the corner and smiled, "Oh there you are Gohan! Out training again?" Gohan smiled sheepishly, "Dinners almost ready so why don't you and Goten get washed up?"

Gohan picked up his snickering sibling and complied, "Kay mom, we'll be clean soon!"

This was one of the rare occasions that Gohan wasn't putting up an act for his mother and brother, little did he know, that his acting skills would slip that night, and lead to something much bigger than he could ever imagine…

Both brothers exited the bathroom at the same time smiling at each other as they walked down the hall and heard the door open, "Hey guys! I'm home!" Goten's tail moved about in excitement for the owner of that voice was someone he wanted to see all day, "Daddy!"

The boy ran towards the front door and was scooped by his father and they both chuckled, "Hey sport, did ya miss me!"

"Ah-ha! Tons daddy!" Gohan then heard another voice from the kitchen, "Goku! About time you got here! I've been worried sick!"

Gohan stood outside the living room, arms folded and couldn't help but smile when he saw his father with Goten laughing and his father looking afraid as Chi-chi brought out her frying pan.

After some more shouting on Chi-chi's end and an apology or two from Goku, the volume returned to normal and as Chi-chi took her leave to get dinner done, Gohan took this chance to enter the living room.

Goku smiled at his first born as he put Goten down, "Hey son!" Goku then frowned, "Why so glum?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Gohan hadn't realised that for a moment, his smile had faltered and was seen as a look of pure sorrow. Before Goku could explain this however, "Boys! Dinners ready!" And Goku forgot about Gohan's mood swing for the moment, and boy was Gohan glad for that!

It was midway through the meal that Gohan's trouble began…

"So Gohan…" Goku asked with a full mouth as he chowed down about a tenth helping of a blue, mushy substance, "What did you learn in school today?"

"The usual." Gohan responded with an equally full mouth, "Geography, math, some new moves and we started something new today called purging."

Goku and Chi-chi's eyes widened and the Saiyan almost choked to death. As Goku had a small coughing fit, Chi-chi spoke to Gohan, "Purging? Why would they teach that?"

Gohan shrugged as answer. He didn't see the harm in learning about something bad so that you knew when you were doing it. Well that was his logic anyway.

"Goku!" Chi-chi turned to her husband who was currently chugging down a glass of water to clear his throat, "You train with Vegeta every day, you need to talk to him about this."

"I'll talk to him if it ever comes up." Said the Saiyan who was more concerned with food at that moment. Goku reached for more of the blue food, but the bowl was suddenly swiped away from him by his wife who was fuming.

"Let me rephrase that: You will talk to Vegeta about it, or no food for a week!" Goku went pale and it seemed like his stomach moaned in agony at the mere thought of that terrible torture.

"Okay, okay!" Goku said waving his hands out in defence and both brothers quietly continued their meals as the adults talked, "I'll talk to Vegeta in our first training session, I swear!" Chi-chi nodded and relinquished the large bowl, allowing her husband to continue his meal.

"Well Gohan that extra class would explain why you came to training so late today." The female human said as she sat back down.

"Actually…" Gohan scratched the back of his head, "I was kinda with Sekkai*."

Chi-chi fumed, "Oh that girl! I don't like her! She keeps you away for so long!"

Goku decided to put in his two cents, "Yeah Gohan. I know you like her and all, but this is starting to affect your training. If you're not careful, me and Vegeta will start to catch up."
Gohan would normally not make an argument. He would just sit by, say "Yes." or "I know." , try and change the subject and just wait for them to forget about it. But tonight was different, he wanted to make an argument, he felt like every fibre of him was itching to complain, and Gohan couldn't resist.

Ah, hormones: Thou art a cruel being.

"Well, I think I've been doing a lot of training and work, and I deserve a break. I don't see why I can't spend some free time with people I like." The demi-Saiyan stated with arms folded.

"Oh so you don't like your family now?" Chi-chi asked with a glare, but Gohan seemed unfazed.

"I didn't say that. What I am saying is that I like her a lot, and I see no reason to not have a relationship with her."

"Wow! Timeout son." The head male of the household said making a T sign with his hands, "Don't you think you're a bit young to be in a relationship?"

The increasingly frustrated teen groaned, "No dad, not that kind of relationship. We're just friends and…"

"Just friends huh? Well I think you could do better with friends." Interrupted Chi-chi.

"Yeah!" Said Goku with a smile, "I know a few of my friends' sons who would be great sparring partners! In fact…" Nobody noticed Gohan's hands balled into fists under the table. Nobody noticed his face turning red. Nobody noticed his power level increasing by one point every second. Nobody noticed his tail curl round a leg of his chair and begin to crush it. Nobody noticed that Gohan was trying to block out his father's list of names. Nobody noticed the food begin to vibrate as Gohan looked at it. Nobody except Goten.

Goten was two, not stupid. True, he couldn't do basic maths like his brother at that age (the normal age being six or seven) and had only recently learnt that a hot pot hurts you when touched, he did what any normal child at that age did: he watched his surroundings and learnt from situations.

Thanks to the power of television, Goten had learnt what different facial expressions meant: happy, sad, angry, scared, etc. And the look Gohan had now, was one that scared Goten somewhat due to never expecting it to be on his brother's face, but he identified it almost immediately, and knew Gohan would need some time to cool down and no way was Gohan going to do that with this much attention, so Goten decided to relieve some of it.

"Daddy, daddy!" Yelled Goten, causing his father to cease his counting and his brother to calm down slightly, "Guess what? I learnt a bwand new word t'day!" Declared the two year old.

"Well, what is it sport?" Asked Goku, highly intrigued.

"Mommy said it t'day when she touch the pot. She said," Chi-chi clasped a hand over Goten's mouth and smiled.

"Now Goten, remember our deal: You don't tell daddy the secret word, and mommy gives you some candy." Goten then removed his mother's hand from his mouth and smiled sheepishly.

Before Goku could ask, a loud voice was heard throughout the moon, "Attention! All citizens are to close their drapes and lock their doors! It is now curfew! Unless you are under the Blutz Dome, do not look at the planet and stay indoors!" This message repeated again as Goku stood up and began to do the necessary deeds.

"Darn that curfew. The only downside to living here." Goku declared as he closed a drape.

"Yeah. The only downside to here." Gohan said as he stood up, head down and fists clenched, "Thanks for the food mom. I'm going to bed." The demi-Saiyan said in a dark voice and then stamped down the hall.

"Wait, Gohan!" Chi-chi yelled down the hall as Gohan entered his room, "You haven't finished your food!"

"Not hungry anymore." And Gohan closed the door behind him and collapsed on his bed, trying to push his feelings down.

His family was awestruck at what the demi-Saiyan had just said. Goku then knew that something was up.

Chi-chi however, thought this was something much simpler, "Goku." She said turning to look her husband in the eye, "I think it's time you and Gohan had 'the talk'."

Meanwhile in the royal palace, another family was eating dinner. Although this family's youngest member was already asleep… or so the king and queen thought.

"Daddy." Vegeta looked down from his meal to see a sleepy-eyed, three year old Trunks in light blue pyjamas, holding a small bear in his right hand as he rubbed his eye with his left.

Vegeta swallowed the piece of food he was eating and said, "What is it boy?"
"I had a bad dream."

"Don't worry honey." Bulma said sweetly, "Your daddy will take you back to bed and chase those bad dreams away."

Vegeta turned to his chosen mate, "Why should I? I thought we had servants for that."
The blue-haired queen furrowed her brows and put her hands on her hips, "Oh I'm sorry. I just thought it would be a good idea for a father to bond with his son a little." She said sarcastically.

"My father barely ever spent time with me, and look at me." Bulma raised an eyebrow, "Point taken. Come on son. Time for bed." And with that, the king of all Saiyans picked up the lilac haired boy and walked down the long halls to the boy's massive room as his blood red cape moved behind him and Bulma smiled at the scene.

When Vegeta arrived in the room, the man put his son in his small, expensive bed and turned away to leave when he was stopped by Trunks who clutched his teddy bear tightly, "Wait. You haven't chased away the bad dreams yet."

The king sighed but knew better than to enrage his mate who could intimidate the kitchen staff more than him somehow.

Vegeta walked next to Trunks' bed and said, "Shoo." As he made a motion with his hands. This seemed to satisfy Trunks as he gave his father a large hug and said, "Thanks daddy. You're my hero." Vegeta didn't see this coming and the only response he could think of was a pat on the head.

The boy then fell back on his bed and soon returned to the realm of dreams.

Vegeta took one last look at his son from the door and mused, 'So this is what affection feels like.' The king gently closed the door and made his way down the hall as he continued his thinking, 'Funny. I expected it to be itchier.'

*Sekkai: Japanese word for lime. Thought I'd make a tribute to the first girl Gohan met (that we know of…)

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