"Irish Coffee, please." Bree told the worker at the counter. Bree had just moved out to L.A a couple days ago and she was still trying to find her groundings. She was twenty-one years old and had just finished up college at Full Sail University. It was a school of many things but she graduated with a degree in Music/Film production. And just for her father's sake, she went to the little community college down the road from it and got a degree in Psychiatric Care…Just in case the whole production thing didn't work out.

Bree had always dreamed of doing big things, and her biggest supporter was her mom. She was constantly trying to get her out into the world because she truly believed in her. She had a brother Reilly and a sister Kristi and they always supported her too. Even though her sister Kristi didn't always make the smartest decisions she still absolutely loved her.

"Here you go miss." the worker said as he handed Bree her morning coffee. She was currently jobless. Well, except for the internship she had at Warner Brother Studios. She currently worked for him…somewhat. She mainly just got the writers coffee or snacks, but she was also their therapists sometimes. Whenever the guys would get stressed out they would always come to Bree and she would always try and give them good advice. One time, Conan even came in to see her one time. He was having problems with his anger issues again. The first thing you saw when you came into work was Conan punching one of his writers.

She couldn't deny that she loved working here, but she wanted to get out there and experience more. It would be an absolute dream to work at Family Guy. Even though animation wasn't her forte she was still amazed at how it all got put together. And she also kind of had a thing for Seth Macfarlane. I mean c'mon-he was talented, funny, sexy…and he was also rich. Who could be more perfect?

As she walked back to the "Conan" studio she couldn't help but fantasize about Seth. He was becoming more and more famous by the second. He had just released his first movie "Ted". Bree had gone to see it 10 times, she wasn't ashamed at all, and she had found it absolutely hilarious every time. She fell asleep to his album every night…his voice was just so soothing, and sexy. And she couldn't deny that she watched re-runs of family guy every night on Adult Swim. Thank god they also have them on TBS now.

"Hey ditzy! What's on your mind this time?" Brian McCann said to her. Brian was a very respected writer for Conan. "Way to go Brian, you made her blush!" Head writer Mike Sweeney teased. Bree couldn't hide her noticeable blush. These guys always did this to her. "Atleast she has somebody to fantasize about" Aaron Bleayart said.

"Oh Aaron, I thought you said last week that you were dating Brooklyn Decker." Bree said, and winked at him. Aaron constantly made up ridiculous stories about how all these girls secretly wanted him. The crew laughed as Aaron stomped away like a little kid mumbling something unintelligible.

"Okay Guys, back to work!" Conan said as he strode into the building. He greeted everyone and then went to go to his usual meetings.