Their love is far from perfect.

Ryou watches Yugi and the pharaoh share an ice cream cone. Yami chuckles gently as he licks a dab of the frozen treat from his partner's blushing face. The white-haired boy sighs and glances at his own yami, who is threatening the frightened man selling ice cream to 'hand over that blasted dessert or there will be consequences, foolish mortal'.

Ryou comes home to find that, not only is the lamp broken again, but the toilet is clogged, the shower curtain is ripped to shreds, the oven is smoking, and various pieces of silverware have been sent to the Shadow Realm. Bakura is lying on the couch, indifferently flipping through channels on TV.

Yugi and the pharaoh leave the store happily, having just finished Christmas shopping for all their friends. Ryou follows them out. He exhales into the cold winter air, then turns to Bakura and asks sternly, "What did you pocket this time?" The Thief King smirks and pulls out a solid gold watch from his pocket.

"I was thinking it would make a nice addition to our collection at home," he says casually, tone smug. Ryou just shakes his head in resignation.

"I'm sorry, this pass is invalid," the theme park attendant says, not sounding sorry in the slightest.

"Oh, I see." Ryou hangs his head. "I guess we'll have to go home, 'Kura." He is unaware that his darker half has a thoughtful look on his face.

The next day, without warning, Ryou is blindfolded and carried off by Bakura. Yelping in protest, he asks, "Where are you taking me?"

"Trust me." He can hear the smirk in the other's voice, and Ryou knows that he may regret this, but he does.

When the blindfold comes off they are at the theme park again. Bakura stands to one side, fanning himself with two sets of VIP tickets. "How - " Ryou starts, but then decides it's better not to ask. He changes it to, "Why?" and looks at Bakura, who raises an eyebrow.

"You sounded like you really wanted to come." He shrugs, and Ryou wonders if he is imagining the faint blush dusted across the man's cheeks.

Smiling, he murmurs, "Thank you," and receives a grunt in response. The rest of the day is filled with thrilling rides and greasy food. When they finally get home Ryou is exhausted from all the excitement and ready to fall asleep. Bakura, however, has other ideas.

"It's time to get my reward for bringing you there today," he purrs, grinning slyly. As he allows himself to be pinned to the bed, Ryou thinks to himself that this is going to be a rather long night.

In the morning Ryou is the first to wake. He gazes at the arm curled possessively around him, then at the person to which it belongs. The former tomb robber's face is adorned with a wicked grin (even his dreams are sinister, it seems), and the sunlight filtering through the broken blinds onto his sharp features creates a stunning effect. Ryou smiles and cuddles closer, silently noting to himself that the alarm clock is also broken, and that he will have to check the bed springs later. For now, though, he is content to lie here, next to the thief who has stolen his heart.

Their love is far from perfect. Then again, perfection is boring.