So, I've written quite a bit of this already, but it's all about the readers if I post more. This one, I am proud of. It has a clear storyline. Not all wibbly wobbly like my other fics. Set after "Alls Well That Ends" and I can't honestly say it's a "fix-it" fic, a few of you may find it quite surprising. But, not necessarily. Expect my usual to those who have read my work before. Hopefully it'll be a little twisty and turny…. Please Enjoy.

She awoke in a cold sweat, her cheeks covered in tears. They streamed down the entirety of her face, soaking into her beat red skin. Her heart raced within the confines of her tight chest. She shuddered at the images from her nightmare, shaking her head back and forth as she groped around for her lamp. The light flooded the room, revealing the sheets, tangled and soaked with perspiration, her pillow case bloody.

"Let me take care of that partner." He said soothingly, lifting her chin up gently, "Look at the ceiling, and squeeze your nose…" he instructed, brushing her blonde hair from her eyes.

"When will it stop daddy?" she asked, squeezing her eyes shut tightly, hoping to trap the tears underneath her eyelids. She blinked a few times, attempting to catch a glance of the man crouching down beside her, keeping the dishrag out of her view of the popcorn ceiling with his large hands. He looked sympathetic, inching a little closer; he held her in and awkward hug stroking a few strands of her hair between his fingers, cleaning the dried blood from it.

"It will stop; everything will be fine partner, just take a deep breath….. that's it." He praised, while wiping the crimson mess from her nostrils, "There, all better now." He smiled, pulling the towel away and planting a kiss on her forehead.

Mary looked at herself in the mirror, her first, and last bloody nose was at six years old, after tripping over the leg of Brandi's rickety wooden crib, running to see her father. His work van had just pulled up and whenever he arrived home at a reasonable hour she made it a point to venture down the long, paved sidewalk to greet him. She shook the memory away, only for another to come sliding through her brain.

"I'm fine Marshall, really." She smiled, tugging at his bow tie, trying to straighten it out. She guessed it was the effort that made him smile.

"I just don't want you to feel obligated-

"Marshall! Who else would have gone with you? Don't be an douche!" she argued, playing with his collar, creasing his tux between her fingertips.

"I could have had my brothers…

"No! Honestly, Doofus quit it! I'm helping you with your tux fitting, not barreling over Niagra Falls… Jesus Christ. It fits… There. Mission Accomplished. Go home and tell Law Enforcement Barbie you've got something to wear to the big shebang!" she quipped, grabbing her coat.

"How could I ever repay you?"

"By getting your ass back in your jeans so we can get back to freakin work!"

She wiped the last of the blood from her face, sighing.

"Mommy?" the voice was small and quavering, "Are you awight?" Mary cringed, she had warned Jinx to quit the baby talk when Norah turned one, and she had let it slide in her daughter's infancy, but now as Norah came out with different impediments as her vocabulary thickened, it was clear she should have enforced 'the no baby talk' rule better than she had.

"Oh Bug- she sniffed- I'm fine. Mom just had a bad dream…." She smiled, smoothing down the blonde locks, untangling them as she pulled through the matted mess on her daughter's head.

"You have bad dreams?" she asked sweetly, her tiny three year old hands wiping at her tired eyes.

"Yes Norah, everyone has scary dreams sometimes-even me." She lifted the curious toddler in her arms.

"Even Daddy? And Marshall?" the little girl continued, pushing her mother's hair to the side sweetly, as if to examine Mary's nose. Marshall always told her, "Leave it to you to raise a little girl uninterested in dolls, but medical series' on TV." She blamed Jinx for Norah's obsession with Medical Mystery's and Trauma: Life in the E.R. It was a wonder she wasn't the one having nightmares.

Meanwhile, her daughter, curious for an answer from a woman she sought wisdom from on a regular basis, waited patiently for her mother to answer, seemingly understanding that it was late and it was very easy for anyone's mind to wander.

"Yes my girl, even Daddy, even Marshall and even Stan…" She wasn't sure why she had even mentioned Stan. Since he had been transferred to D.C he didn't get much time to mingle around Albuquerque. The last time Stan the Man had made it back to New Mexico, Norah had just celebrated her second birthday. Mary wouldn't have been disappointed if she didn't remember, but her eyes lit up,

"Stan? And Marshall! Really?" For some reason, the blondie in her arms found this most amusing, as if every man other than her father was not an actual human being.

"Yes Bug." She reassured again, nodding to reinforce her short statement.

"Mommy, I'm not sleepy no more." She yawned, causing Mary to grin. She pulled this nearly every time she woke up in the middle of the night, but always fell fast asleep in Mary's arms- sometimes before they even reached her bedroom.

"Mary, what's wrong?" The sentence was not unfamiliar sounding coming from his mouth. The six year old moved forward on her shaky legs, her knees buckling when she made it to her father's lap.

"I can't sleep."

"What's on your mind?" he asked, clearing his throat.

"Everything." She replied, curling up into her father's chest, taking in the scent of his cologne, pressing her cheek against his faded blue jumpsuit.

"Now a little girl couldn't possibly have everything on her mind. What do you say I tuck you in after I check up on your mother, okay?"

She shook her head up and down, condoning him to get up from the old recliner. Moments later he returned, to take her up in his arms and carry her off to dreamland.

"Shhh Bug, if you stop making words you'll want to sleep again."

"Mommy, will you read me- the sentence was interrupted by another yawn, loud and more violent, which caused her to forget what she was about to say and rest her chin on Mary's shoulder. By the time she had sauntered her way down the hall, enjoying the warmth of her daughter in her arms, Norah was fast asleep, chest rising and falling peacefully and rhythmically.

Mary laid her daughter in her bed, covering her up with both her lime green sheet and dark blue comforter.

"Love you." She whispered, running her fingers through the child's hair affectionately, feeling a little silly for speaking to her unconscious tot. Mary smiled as she clicked on her kid's orange night light and slowly began the trek back to her own bedroom.

Norah hated pink, refused to wear it, refused any ballet lessons from Jinx, refused any bows and most of all loathed having her hair brushed or braided. Her little girl was nothing like her two year old cousin. Brandi's daughter took to the girlie stuff quickly, enjoying ribbons and dresses, Barbies and fake kitchen sets, while Norah graciously accepted building blocks and toy trucks. Mary shook her head, snickering at how much of polar opposites Norah and Riley were and thankfully, even without her undivided attention managed to make it out of her daughter's cluttered bedroom without stepping on any Legos.

"Riley? Really Squish Do you want your daughter to get kicked around the playground during recess?" She asked, holding the birth certificate in her hand, staring down at the new baby girl's name with skepticism.

"What? I've always liked that name…" she replied defensively, snatching the piece of paper from Mary.

"Yeah, but you've spelled it the wrong way! She's a girl Brandi, or did you not get that when the doctor held her up and announced 'It's a girl!' Look at this blanket, PINK. ?" She pronounced, holding the swaddled infant up carefully for her sister to see and then replacing her in her crib gently.

Mary took the certificate back turning away, not feeling the least bit like she was instigating anything,

"Oh here's a funny one, 'biological father'." Mary laughed, turning back around on one heel to face her little sister again to reveal her index finger pointing out the blink line in need of an identity.

"Do you really have to put that down?" Brandi rasped, surprise overcoming her face.

"Uh, duh… Someone else has to be liable for the little rugrat." She answered plopping down on the chair beside the bed, awaiting Jinx to return with some sort of coffee.

"Can I put your name down?"

"NO. First of all Squish- if you haven't noticed I'm not a dude, plus that sounds sketchy and somewhat like a freaky form of incest and second of all just tell me who the bastard was who knocked you up and I'll find his number for you."

"Mary, he's not a bastard."

"I haven't seen him around, don't stick up for him Squish, clearly if you haven't wanted to tell mom or me, then you're ashamed or embarrassed or something!." Mary snorted, feeling a little frustrated as her sister continued to look like a deer caught in headlights, "You had to realize this was gonna happen eventually, just give me his name." the older sibling coaxed, stroking her sleeping nieces few strands of dark hair gently as her sister still fought with herself to divulge the name of the mystery daddy.

"Mary it's- she stopped, "Do you really need to know?" A few tears escaped the corner of her eye, and her heart rate increased in a barely noticeable way and even though Brandi was obviously distressed, Mary still urged for the truth,

"It would be nice Brandi!"

She sighed one more time, cringing as she adjusted herself in her bed. After what seemed like two forevers, she said,

"It's Peter."

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