So, I went with school on a trip of about 10 days to Greece and this is what I got from ideas when travelling around. It was a great trip with my friends and the things we visited were definitely worth watching. This story is based on things I did with my friends, the trip was my inspiration source. ^^ And thank you to two of my best friends who dealt with the constant 'oh' when I got an idea or the weird smiles and for helping me with some ideas.

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I am warning you, since the story is actually only happening in a time span of a bit less than two weeks, their feelings and such will go fast. So couples will be formed very fast.

Destined Greece


"Nya! I'm so excited to go on a plane! I never flew before." Eiji exclaimed for all to hear. Those we were in the vicinity of the red head either cringed away from the sound or looked amazed at the capability of the voice and its amplitude.

Me and my other two friends were used to it by now and just let him be, which was the best option any way. Yukimura who had flown with me before explained some things about flying to Eiji, the hyperactive boy had a lot to ask. I was reading in one of the books that I had brought with me. And last was our sleepy boy who only found the need to be awake when it was interesting. Waiting for the arrival of the plane wasn't one of those thing.

So Jirou found it better to sleep with his body splayed over two empty white chairs with his head laying on my lap. my other friends were sitting across from me. The plane had arrived by now and we were watching for the sign to board the aircraft. About a quarter later and we could go through the gates into the craft to our seats. Jirou was of course awake by now and talking actively with Eiji. Me and Yukimura were walking close behind them, both of us wearing a calm and gentle smile.

We found our seats somewhere in the back. My three friends had seats that were next to each other. I on the other hand sat on the other side of the hallway, not that I really minded. But since I sat on the outside, i was ready to stand up any minute for the other two passengers who had to sit next to me.

Just a second later another group of four guys entered the plane and came towards the back. They were all very handsome, but one in particular got my eyes. He was tall, well-built, had brown hair that was tousled in a sexy way and wore casual clothing, he looked intelligent with his glasses, behind them were brown eyes that were searching for their seats. The man looked a bit older than me though I doubted it was a lot. My smile widened just a fraction when seeing him stop in front of me at my row.

"Excuse us." He said as I smiled at him in return. I stood up and stepped aside to make room for them. He first put his backpack he wore above our seats on the shelf after he had grabbed a book.

"Atobe, you're first." He said in this deep sexy voice. The guy he talked to was attractive as well, just not my type.

"We could have taken my private yet. This is highly unnecessary and a waste of time."

'Definitely not my type' went through my head as he haughtily walked past me and went to sit down next to the window. I saw Yukimura grinning at me, finding it funny that some rich spoilt guy had to sit on my row. In response I nodded in the direction of the handsome man with his seemingly stoic expression.

Yukimura opened his eyes wider in approval and winked towards me. I then noticed his eyes travelling off to the male the stoic guy was talking to. The two had a lot in common for their body built and their emotionless reactions. But the other one looked more severe and strict and didn't wear any glasses. He also had shorter hair that was black. It seemed more the type of my blue haired friend, who winked to me this time.

The last guy who seemed to belong to the group looked very friendly and gently, although he had some weird hairstyle, there were two parts of hair that hang before his forehead and the rest was flat on his head. He was busy explaining to the Atobe person why they weren't taking his private jet. It had to do with a travelling agency who took care of their transportations or something like that.

I ignored them the moment the other guy ended his conversation and passed me by as he sat on his seat next to me. I went to sit down as well and he apologized for the long wait. I simply replied that it was okay while smiling enticingly at him. We put on out seatbelts and the plane started its flight.


I entered the plane with a complaining Atobe behind me and Sanada followed by Oishi. There I searched for our seats knowing that the Diva sat next to me and the other two behind us. I found our according numbers and looked towards the person that already sat there. I heard him talking to his friends in this soft voice. He was beautiful.

He looked feminine in a very alluring and sexy way. He had light brown hair, a hazel like color that reached a bit above his shoulders. His eyes were closed which gave him something mysterious. The person was smiling gently while still talking to his friends, he wore a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt with a belt that hung loosely around his small waist.

I couldn't turn my eyes away from him and that was something that didn't happen a lot.

"excuse us" I told him and let Atobe pass me to go and sit on his seat. I pushed my baggage up on the shelf and talked to Sanada for a while who was waiting for Oishi to sit down. I then went past the beautiful male and sat down.

"Sorry for making you wait." I told him while bowing my head lightly.

He replied smiling in this soft inviting voice that made me want to talk to him, hear his voice again, Which was once again something I normally would never want. I put on my seatbelt as the plane was ready to take off.

I kept glancing at the man next to me and this was noticed. Atobe stomped me in my side before grinning to me with an all knowing smile. The person beside me was talking to one of his friends when Atobe whispered: "Lucky you. I wouldn't mind sitting next to him. And I see you don't either."

I merely looked at him in return before looking in front of me again. I grabbed one of my books I had brought along and started reading. I noticed after a couple of minutes that I was still sneaking looks towards the guy next to me. If I wasn't mistaken, he sometimes seemed to be looking to me as well.


"Yes?" I heard the soft voice responding, making my head turn in his direction.

"How long will the flight take? Will the view stay like this?" a boy with curly hair asked. He also looked quite feminine and seemed to be tired as he yawned after saying this. He sat on the far end next to the window with a red head next to him that seemed to be the opposite of the smaller guy. He was constantly moving and seemed to have too much energy and had this bandage on his cheek.

"It's a flight of a bit less than 11 hours and the view won't change that much. So you can go ahead and sleep, Jirou. We'll wake you up once the food is here."

"Arigatou! Oyasumi." the boy called Jirou happily answered as he closed his eyes right after it.

"Hn, sleep well." The one next to me replied, who was apparently called Fuji.

Fuji turned his attention towards me and smiled and I for some reason smiled back at him, even though it was barely noticeable. But having me smile back was something that didn't happen a lot, it was actually very rare coming from me.

He then started talking to me: "Are you going to Greece for a holiday or something else?"

"Holiday." I answered: "You?"

"The same." He smiled back.

I noticed that Fuji's smile never faded or even lessened. I was really starting to get interested in him because I wanted to know why he always smiled and seemed to be happy. There was also something mysterious about him and that enchanting smile of his, like there was a hidden meaning behind it. I was behaving very differently around him. I've never had these strange feelings before meeting him as strong as I had them at that moment, when sitting next to Fuji.

I then saw some glint in his eyes and got the idea that he was starting to flirt with me. But for all I knew the man could be totally straight. Which I would regret since I thought that he could turn almost every straight guy gay.

"Fuji Syusuke. Nice to meet you." He introduced himself.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu, likewise." I told him as he smiled brightly back.

He started asking more questions, like if I had ever been in Greece, to where I've been before, if I had flown before and more questions in that nature. I enjoyed talking to him and he didn't seem to mind that I always replied in short sentences.

After a long while being in the plane it finally started its descend as lights from Greece its capital became visible. We arrived at night of course and a lot of people were tired and glad that we would almost be able to depart the plane.

I only then noticed that I had talked most of my time with Fuji, which surprised me. I was normally never that social with people. Of course I had also been talking with Atobe and a bit with Oishi and Sanada and there had been silent moments. It had been a flight of more than 10 hours. But my biggest source of distraction for this otherwise long and probably dull flight had been Fuji.

It appeared that we were apparently staying at the same hotel for this night and needed to take the same bus. I honestly looked forward to it. I knew we probably weren't going to sit next to each other, but still. The thought was pleasant to me.

The plane landed and we got off, going into the direction to get our luggage's. after getting them, we went to the exit in search for the one responsible for our transportation and to search for our bus that would bring us to Kalamaki.

Kalamaki, is where we would stay for the next two nights before travelling further around Greece. The trip was one where we would visit Greece in about 10 days, going from one popular city to the other, visiting historic sites and museums.

Atobe started walking next to me: "So, did someone enjoy himself on the plane with a certain someone?"

"We had a pleasant conversation." I simply answered to the diva who looked to me with an inquiring look.

"Pleasant? That's all? It looked more than that. You talked more to him than to me."

"He was more interesting. You would just complain about the food and service."

"I wouldn't complain. I would tell the truth. But don't distract ore-sama. You did seem very interested in the guy indeed. A bit too interested if you ask me. Do you want ore-sama to track down his personal information so you can get his cell phone number and ask him on a date?"

"No, thank you. If I see him again and feel like asking his number, then I'll ask him."

"I'll be more than pleased to help. It's rare for you to be this attracted towards someone." He replied smugly.

"I'm no-" Atobe came in between before I could even finish my sentence.

"You are, and you won't lie to ore-sama. It is very clear to me and to the others. Right Sanada, Oishi?"

"What?" the two replied in sync. They were walking in front of us and turned their head around so they could look at us.

"Do you think Tezuka is romantically interested in the guy who sat next to him."

"You make it sound like I love him." I casually remarked, repressing the urge to sigh at his meddling.

"Do you?" he asked with a smirk.

"No, I barely know him."

"Do you want to know him?" Atobe asked still with that certain smirk on his lips.

"He's fascinating and mysterious." I replied stoically.

"So you would like to figure him out?"


"And you think he looks absolutely gorgeous?"


"Tezuka, that does sound like you are definitely attracted towards him." Sanada remarked as stoic as me.

"I would think the same. You talked a lot to him and I even saw you smile once. You rarely smile." Oishi answered a bit hesitantly, not sure how I would react if he took Atobe's side.

"I-" started my sentence but was interrupted again, this time by a more pleasant person. This way our 'talk' had to end which I really didn't mind.

"Ne, Tezuka. Right?"

"Ah." I answered as Fuji walked closer to me and came to stop in front of me.

"Me and my friends found the bus. It's over there. Are you coming?" He said in his soft voice and I was glad to hear it again.

I nodded my head as I turned towards the others explaining to them that we would be taking the same bus to the same hotel. The three looked at each other with this certain look before they looked to me. Atobe opened his mouth.

"Don't, it's pure coincidence." I said before something could even come out of the diva's mouth and started walking, following Fuji. The rest eventually followed as well. We gave out suitcases to the bus driver who put them away and then entered the vehicle. Fuji walked to where his three friends were seated, somewhere in the middle of the bus.

The smaller male looked towards me and beckoned us over: "Come here there are still four seats here."

I sat down on the seat behind Fuji and this time Oishi came to sit beside me. Fuji sat next to his blue haired friend and was installing himself in his seat. Atobe who was waiting for Sanada to sit down, smiled that weird grin again before sitting down as well.

A minute later and the bus left for a ride of around one hour. I looked outside to the now dark scenery with the street lights trying to illuminate the road. Then I heard some movements in front of me. I turned my head for a quarter and was surprised with Fuji hanging over his seat while probably sitting on his knees on his chair.

"Ne, Tezuka, I'll introduce my friends to yours and can you do the same? They are curious." He said friendly.

"Sure." I answered as my friends turned their attention on Fuji as well as they were also curious to who the others were.

"Okay then," Fuji said smiling, again,: " So this is Yukimura Seichi, he is 24, like me." He said while pointing towards the latter: "Then this is Kikumaru Eiji, the red-head, he is 23 and then we have the sleepy boy by the window and that's Akutagawa Jirou, he's the youngest 22." Fuji said while also pointing in their direction.

Atobe seemed to be looking, well more like staring at Jirou and 'look who's talking' went through my head at noticing the interested look he had. I then introduced my friends to the others, saying their names and ages. Me and Sanada were the oldest both 26, Oishi was the youngest 23 and Atobe was 25.

I would have thought that Fuji would be younger than 24, but this way there wasn't any big age difference, only two years. That was almost nothing.

…wait…age difference?... Why would I worry about something like that, did I really saw him as a possible person to date. I've had boyfriends before but the last one has been two years ago. So my three companions were all too ready to try to set me up. Thinking that I desperately needed to get laid and relief sexual tensions, which I didn't have.

Well, I just hadn't notice yet. Fuji would become a trial on itself to keep my hands away from him. But at that moment of the trip I had no idea yet what he would do to me. So far the trip would be easy.

The bus ride to Kalamaki was calm. Most of the people on the bus fell asleep so it was fairly quiet. Our group of eight were about the only ones who were talking safe for two young guys, about my age as well who made almost more noise than the 8 of us. They were giving occasional glances towards Fuji and Yukimura in a way that made it clear that they were checking them out.

I ignored them and calmly talked to Oishi or with Fuji who would turn around now and then. There was also two older couples who probably were on their pension. Then there were some girls as well also around our age, they had been watching us. Unfortunately for them were me and my friends totally gay. Fuji and his friends I didn't know, unfortunately. And then there was this family that sat in front of the bus and a couple that were all lovely-dovely in the back. In total I would guess we were with around 30 people.

We finally arrived at our hotel, the entire group grabbed their stuff and went to the rooms who had already been split up, we had a room of four and I guessed Fuji and his companions had one as well. Oishi bid everyone goodnight since he was very tired and went straight to bed. He was walking away with Eiji next to him, who wanted to sleep as well and our rooms were in the same direction. Sanada went away as well only Atobe stayed behind to talk a bit more to Jirou who weirdly enough seemed wide awake. The two of them eventually left as well which left me, Fuji and Yukimura.

I was still talking to Fuji as his best friend was standing a bit further away waiting for Fuji to finish his conversation with me. We weren't tired yet so we kept on talking, though Fuji did more of the talking than me. I had to stand up early to leave with the bus to visit the first things in Greece but I didn't want to leave yet. I wanted to keep talking to the beautiful man, finding it sad that I probably would never see him after this.

But we both knew that we couldn't just keep talking all night long. Yukimura was also getting tired so he asked Fuji if they could leave. The smaller man replied to him that they would leave. I walked to their room as Yukimura entered and Fuji turned around saying goodbye and he told me to enjoy my vacation.

"Ah, you too." I responded.

"Goodnight Tezuka." He gently said with this sweet soft smile on his lips, the sweetest I had seen so far.

"Oyasumi." I answered as I snapped myself out of my thoughts. I started walking towards my room which was a floor up at the end of the hall. I hadn't heard Fuji talking to Yukimura before their door closed.

"I like him."

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