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Destined Greece


The morning was much the same as the previous one. The only difference was that I didn't need to search for Tezuka and his friends because they were sitting on the exact same table we were at yesterday night. The four males already had their breakfast in front of them as me and my friends went to stand in line. The half of the terrace was occupied by people eating their breakfast and because of the early hour, everyone was from our travel agency. We went to sit down at the table where the others already were and started eating after greeting them a good morning. We ate mostly in silence as the most of us still had to wake up properly. As everyone was done eating we headed to our rooms for the last time to grab our suitcases. Next we headed towards the reception to give our keys back and then went for the bus. The bus driver was already loading a couple of luggage's inside of those who were already getting on the bus. I was the fourth to get on the bus and I knew that there was a chance that Yukimura and Sanada would go and sit next to each other. So as I stood in the hall of the bus and saw Yuki going to sit next to Sanada, I wondered if maybe I could sit next to Tezuka. Then I noticed said man sitting on the other side of the hallway and he seemed to be looking expectantly at me in return. This gave me the idea that he wanted me to sit next to him as well. I decided to take the chance and stopped in front of him.

"Do you mind?" I asked as I glanced towards the empty seat next to him.

"No, go ahead" he said in his smooth voice as he stood upright. I felt a bit confused to why he would stand up and not just move to the seat next to him but that was cleared as he elaborated. "You like to sit by the window right?"

I stood perplex for a moment remembering that Yuki had done the same yesterday and then smiled brightly at the fact that he had remembered such a trivial thing. Though Yuki had only done that so I could sit in front of Tezuka, it was true that I preferred that seat. This way I could take a couple of pictures of the scenery we would pass by and be able to enjoy the nature. I moved besides him and sat down, my heart speeding up as my body touched his in passing. We left at about half past five as all the other travelers had taken their seat as well. Eiji and Jirou were still sitting next to each other which mean that Oishi sat next to Atobe. The ride was calm as three quarter of the bus fell back asleep after leaving the hotel behind us.

Jirou had also fallen asleep again and I could see that Eiji was trying his best to stay awake. Yuki had put his head on Sanada's shoulder with closed eyes, though it was debatable if he was really asleep. The man sitting next to him was calmly looking outside with his eyes moving down towards the blue haired male once in a while. The last person to be asleep was Oishi, Atobe on the other hand was busy with his cellphone, making me wonder what he was doing. I looked outside at a couple of passing cars that were already on their way to work. This reminded me that none of us knew what the other were doing for work or if they were still studying.

I turned my head towards Tezuka who had been looking outside as well. His eyes focused on me in a curious glance, waiting for me to say something. "Ne, can I ask you where you work, or are you still studying?"

He looked to me with a calculating look, probably wondering why I suddenly asked this before answering in a sort of fond tone: "I'm working at Atobe's corporation along with mister rich over there." I noticed by the tone he used that he liked to work there. I also smiled at his nickname for Atobe and then suddenly made a click. Atobe's name was the same as the company. I had heard of the Atobe corp. before, I mean who hadn't. It was one of the most successful companies of Japan. It had a lot of international contacts and was still expanding. I had found Atobe's name to sound familiar but I just never knew from where, and at that moment I had made the connection. But I asked still to be sure of it: "Is Atobe the son of the current president?"

It would make sense why he was so rich, but still to be heir of something so big, it was a bit bewildering to say the least. Tezuka on the other hand calmly replied: "yes."

Apparently the mentioned man had heard his name and decided to give a bit of input to it. "Ore-sama will decided to make Tezuka Vice-president from the moment I'm in charge. So Fuji you should take him and keep him, that way you won't have to worry about money." He said in an almighty tone.

"Money isn't that important to me." I said in reply as I heard Tezuka softly sigh at what his best friend had said. On the opposite side of the bus, the latter looked completely shocked as I made this statement with my always present smile. He was about to argue when Tezuka decided to say something that seemed to be on his mind.

"Atobe, You can't just make me your vice-president the moment you are the president. People will say you did that because I'm your friend. I'll just work my way up like everyone else." He said and I thought that it was very honorable of him. Of course his friend thought otherwise.

"Oh no, you don't. I know you are more than capable for the position. Besides I don't want some old man as my vice-president who will think he can do it better than me."

"You can't be serious. People will think you're uncapa-"

"Let's not talk about business now Tezuka. We're on vacation." The rich man said interrupting the bespectacled man. I noticed Tezuka holding in another sigh while thinking that the other man started the conversation in the first place about their position in the company.

I softly chuckled and this seemed to draw the attention to me. Tezuka asked what I did for a living to which I told him I was still studying. "I'm in my last year of art school majoring in photography." I said smiling, showing him my camera that lay on my lap.

"Nya! Fujiko is a tensai when it comes to photographing and other artistic related things. He can draw really pretty too!" Eiji suddenly exclaimed.

Tezuka looked back at me before asking: "Could you show me some of your drawings or pictures?"

I smiled happily when he seemed to be genuinely interested and replied: "Of course, but I don't have any pictures worthwhile at this moment. And I haven't drawn anything yet, but you can see them when some are finished if you would still like it of course."

"…Ah. I'll be patient then." He said as a soft barely noticeable smile played on his lips. We kept talking about our lives at home in Japan and found out that all of us lived in Tokyo. I also learned that Oishi had graduated last year as a vet and was now looking for work. Eiji delighted by that news kept asking questions to a surprised Oishi who tried to answer all of them. My eyes then diverted towards the sleeping boy who rested his head on Eiji's shoulder unaware of his surroundings. I noticed the rich man looking gently towards my best friend that was sitting behind him and told myself that this was worthwhile. So I grabbed my camera and took a picture of the cute scene. Only Tezuka noticed and I smiled teasingly before snapping a picture of him as well. He looked disapproving for a moment but I think he softened when he saw my genuine smile.

I also learned that Sanada was working at a company as the manager assistant of the financial department and that he would probably be working for Atobe in the future as well as his chief of finance. I then told them in return that Jirou was also still studying at the same college as me. Though he was majoring in music. Jirou was a pure talent in playing the piano. Yuki on the other hand was already working in an editing company as a beginning editor and Eiji still didn't really know what to do in his future, though he was currently working as the assistant of a pet owner shop since he loved animals.

I kept asking question but Tezuka didn't seem to mind much as he asked me a couple in return. We talked about our families, about our hobbies and found a similar interest in tennis to which I asked him to play a game with me once we returned home. I felt all giddy when he replied positive, knowing that this meant that we would keep in contact even after the vacation. I found our conversation really pleasant with a couple of times getting some extra information when one of the other's gave their input. I was really glad with getting to know him better and found out that my interest in him had only grown deeper.

After some time we arrived at the dock were our boat was harbored. The bus stopped at a designated parking lot for busses, let us out and then were the suitcases pulled out by the driver one by one. When everyone had their luggage, we had to wait in line to board the cruise ship. Once we entered the vehicle we were pointed along with everyone in the group to put our bags away in a seperated room. As finally everything was settled we could go up a stair to get to the middle of the boat were a lot of bars were, and the entire space was divided in different kind of rooms to sit in. one with tables were people could eat this is also where the bars were placed, another one with very comfortable looking sofa's, there was a souvenir shop at the middle and at the other side of the boat the same rooms and bars were located as well. There were three decks where the traveling people were allowed to be. The lowest deck held our lugages and was forbidden for passengers. The floor we were on also had a little hall with about 15 sleeping cabins. From each floor there were sliding doors on each side of the boat that led outside were more chairs were placed. Half of the highest deck was outside and was called the sunning deck because there were lying chairs placed and you had a good view of everything.

Our little group of 8 stayed together and we decided to head to the side of the boat to sit outside. We chose a place that was still covered with glass and only an older couple were seated there as well. We could look out on the sea and see the islands that we passed. I already had grabbed my camera and was busy taking pictures by the railing before I went to sit down as well. I went to sit down next to Tezuka because that was the only chair left open, not that I minded. We had placed two tables next to each other and had grabbed 8 chairs to put around it.

Once everything calmed down on the boat and we had left the port for around half an hour, the walking around of the passengers had died down as well since everyone had found their own place. Of course there were still people walking around but that didn't really bother us.

As I sat down I deliberately moved a bit closer to Tezuka so our arms were barely touching. I decided to have a bit of fun on this boat trip since it would take about 9 hours before we would reach our destination. There were a couple of ports were the boat had to stop but when you didn't need to depart you had to stay on the boat. So we were in for a long day, that's why I decided to make the best of it.

I gently laid my hand on Tezuka's arm and softly traced patterns with my fingers. I reveled in the feel of his muscles and my heart skipped a beat when Tezuka looked curiously at me and then at his arm that was being touched before he slowly looked back to the others and let me be. A genuine smile traced my lips though it quickly became a smirk as I saw Eiji and Yuki eyeing me suspiciously. I moved my hand from his arm after some minutes and instead of pulling away I placed it on his upper leg. I got another look and again was left with a giddy feeling as the bespectacled man let my hand on his leg and a very small smile had formed although it soon disappeared. But I had seen it and took it that he liked what I did. Tezuka was wearing khaki shorts that were just above the knee together with a plain white T-shirt that showed his muscles perfectly. I laid my hand on his upper leg were his skin wasn't covered and again softly let my fingers trace invisible lines.

I focused back on the conversation the others were having as I kept the man that I was teasing in the line of my sight so I could watch his reactions to my ministrations. I also noticed that Yuki seemed to have gotten some inspiration by what I was doing as he too laid his hand on Sanada's leg although his was placed a bit higher than mine. Not that the stoic man seemed to mind, the look he gave my friend could easily be read as a challenge. And it wasn't hard to figure out what the other was thinking, most likely it was about that hand being placed somewhere much more enjoyable. The look Yuki gave in return spoke of his not minding that thought one bit and only seemed to fuel the bigger male on. The tension between those two was very noticeable and we all decided to just leave them to their silent conversation they seemed to be having.

On Yuki's other side was Eiji who was animatedly talking to Oishi who sat on the head of the table. Jirou was slowly falling asleep, he was sitting at the very corner of the table opposite from Oishi because Atobe was sitting there and they were sitting rather snugly together. It was any minute then that Jirou's head would lean on Atobe's shoulder and the smaller boy would be in dreamland. The two have seemed to get quite attached as well.

At first I was slowly moving my hand up and down, once in a while stilling my hand as I gave feathery touches with the tops of my fingers. And then slowly almost unnoticeably my hand moved higher and higher, crawling under his shorts. In response Tezuka's eyes would widen as he looked at me in a way that told me to stop. I just smiled, well grinned like a Cheshire cat in all truth, before I moved my hand back and just slowly traced patterns on his skin again.

After a while I got tired and decided to sleep for a bit while my hand stayed on his upper leg.


Fuji was fast asleep and looking at his calm sleeping face, I just couldn't get mad for his teasing. After all it wasn't that I really minded, there was just a certain limit to how high his hand could get. I noticed that the smaller male was sitting in an uncomfortable position and he seemed to subconsciously agree as he moved. He leaned towards my side until his head was on my shoulder. I decided to sit a bit lower so my back was a bit more horizontally. This way I could move my arm behind his back and rest it on the railing of the chair so I could lay my hand on his right shoulder without his head falling off mine.

Atobe then decided to meddle again: "when are you going to kiss him, ahn?" Eiji and Oishi had left to get something to eat, while Jirou was still sleeping and the other two were too much in their own little world to pay any attention to what the rich man was saying.

I honestly replied: "I don't know." I mean I had thought of kissing him before, for example when we were dancing I had wanted nothing more than to lean down and place my lips over his, which I had almost done. But I found it too fast to be kissing him already. Normally I never have the need to get intimate with someone in any form when I only knew that person for two days. But the sleeping beauty was something completely new to me and the way he made me feel was in all aspects overwhelming. I got jealous much easier, wanted to touch him, kiss him and do even more than that, protect him and already miss his voice after only an hour of not hearing it. I honestly didn't know how to react to those feelings.

"You don't know? Honestly Tezuka, I know you don't act fast like I normally do. But we can all see that Fuji and your interest in him is special. So make an exception for him. The tension between the two of you is sometimes even bigger than that of those two over there." He said while pointing towards Sanada and Yukimura who were busy with kissing each other until neither had any breath left. The sexual tension between those two was very visible as the blue haired male was almost sitting on my friends lap.

"For the love of God Yukimura, why don't you just sit on him." Atobe added sarcastically. The addressed people stopped their activity and looked in our direction. "What a great idea, Atobe. Thank you." The smaller one said before he stood up, standing over Sanada with his back to us, then sitting down with the stoic man's legs between his. Only seconds later did the stoic man's arms move around Yukimura to keep him seated and pulled him even closer so that their chests were touching. In reaction the blue haired man slid his arms around his neck and they resumed their passionate kisses.

The two of us ignored them again and I thought about what the heir had said. I wasn't oblivious to the fact that Fuji was flirting with me and we both knew we wanted each other. But acting was a different story. Though I was sure that once we kissed I would loosen up and be a lot more forward. I just hoped that Fuji wouldn't be scared by that change. Then a thought came to my mind and I asked Atobe: "Why are you actually lecturing me? You haven't kissed Jirou either and it is also very clear that there is something going on between you two."

"Ah, there you are wrong Tezuka. I have already acted and kissed him. He just doesn't want things to go to fast so I will let him initiate the next kiss. On the other hand, Fuji seems to be wanting a bit of a faster pace. So now is your turn to act. Otherwise innocent and considerate Oishi will be kissing Eiji before you have made a move."

I decided to just answer with my monosyllable word and favored the sleeping beauty above the rich man's meddling.

After half an hour the kissing couple decided to go and walk around a bit, probably searching for something to eat as well. Fuji woke up about a quarter later and noticed the position we were in. He seemed to like it, for he smiled to me and snuggled a bit closer while the hand that still laid on my leg started to move up and down once more. I tightened my arm around him in response. He then asked where the missing persons were and I replied, saying that they were eating somewhere on the boat.

After another fifteen minutes my stomach rumbled as well and I decided to go and grab a sandwich from the nearby bar. I had to bring a cup of coffee for Atobe and two muffins, one for Jirou and one for Fuji. As I stood up I couldn't help but wonder if the latter wanted to sit like that again when I returned. I walked away from the tables and went inside again where it was a tad cooler than outside. I knew a lot of people would be sitting inside by the time noon came since it would be very warm outside. But seeing as it was only 9 o'clock the temperature difference wasn't much yet.

I passed the hall with the sleeping cabins and walked by one from where I could hear a soft moan followed by a grunt. I stopped and shook my head for a second because that grunt sounded awfully familiar. I decided to just keep on walking and ignore it, those two were old enough to decide how fast they wanted to go. And knowing Sanada I wouldn't be wanting to open that door.

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