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Destined Greece


Using the excuse to look for food and walk around a bit was a great idea. If I had kept sitting there in Sanada's lap with the bulge in his jeans grinding against me, I might have just devoured him there not minding the onlookers. It was a good thing that I used my rational mind, while it still worked, and got out of there. Sanada hot on my heels. Said person had quickly pushed me inside one of the sleeping cabins and the moment the door closed had me pinned against it. My arms were around his neck as his were firmly around my waist with his whole body against mine, effectively trapping me between him and the wall. Everyone who knew me, knew that I acted upon my instincts. So if I was attracted to someone I would let that person know and not hide it. I didn't mind going fast and I liked that Sanada apparently didn't mind it either. Usually I had to set my pace a bit slower and tease them into actions. With the latter teasing hadn't been necessary although it was still fun.

I smirked into the kiss remembering the teasing I did to Sanada before. He pulled back and looked at me in a questioning way before simply asking; "What are you smirking about?"

I just answered him with a kiss on his lips before trailing downwards to his neck making him forget his question as his mind focused on the pleasure his body was receiving. My hand laid on the tent in his pants, slowly kneading. "Already hard Genichirou?" I said huskily but the tease beneath it was still clear.

"As if you hadn't noticed that before." He grunted and pushed his hips further in my hand, creating the friction he needed. Yet his lust hadn't completely taken over yet because he asked first if I wanted to take it further instead of just doing what he wanted. I kissed him passionately while pushing him towards the bed and made sure he sat on it before I kneeled between his legs.

"You know that I've wanted you the moment I laid my eyes on you and that I have no qualms whatsoever about a fast pace. So yes, I want to take this further. And I'm sure you do as well." I quickly said with a challenging smile that said 'you better not back out'. Right after I went to make work of pulling his T-shirt off. I had seen him bare chested yesterday at the beach and was very content at seeing his naked chest for a second time. I licked my lips as my eyes roved over his torso and felt my heart speeding up in excitement. I loved the thrill of it, of feeling my body react to his, of my skin tingling in a heated way wherever he would touch me. And even more of the reactions I could produce out if this stoic man.

I went back to his neck kissing while my hands started exploring every muscle of his upper body. Moving my hands over his biceps and triceps, moving up again to his broad shoulders and then slowly sliding both hands down at the same time, barely brushing his nipples. The feel of strength under my fingertips made me shiver in a very good way and I couldn't wait to be hold steady by those arms. Sanada in the meantime was calmly watching me though his eyes had darkened considerably. I smiled provokingly before I swiftly moved my tongue over his chest all the while keeping my eyes glued to his. The only response I got was a widening of his eyes quickly followed by a narrowing together with a feel of increased pressure on one of my shoulders where one of his hands had strayed to. But I didn't need to worry I was planning on getting more than that out of him. But all in good time. I had to enjoy myself as well, didn't I.


Tezuka had just left to get something to eat so only I, Jirou and Atobe were left sitting at the table on the outside of the boat. Jirou looked like he could be nodding off again soon after only being awake for less than 10 minutes. Though the chocolate muffin the stoic man would bring for him would give the curly haired boy a boost. He looked comfortable enough though, cradling against the other man and soon I saw his eyes closing once more , his mind already wandering of to his dreamland.

Suddenly and out of nowhere the other male sitting with me decided to speak up: "Fuji, I don't want to be rude. But you're not exactly making it hard for my friend to keep his hands… or his lips for that matter, to himself."

"Excuse me?" I said wittedly, not understanding where he was coming from.

"If you don't make it clear to Tezuka that you want to kiss him, which means practically spelling it out, you'll have to wait for a long time before getting anything out of him. He's just reserved like that. Once you break through that though, you'll probably have your hands full." The rich man said ending with a knowing grin.

I merely looked at him before stating: "You're seriously giving me relationship advice?" in a tone that clearly said 'why?'.

"I'm not, I'm giving you Tezuka-advice. You should be grateful that Ore-sama is helping you. He has a slow approach so you'll need to make him speed up his pace. But I'm sure you can find ways."

"Oh, I have my ways." I answered as a sadistic smile formed on my lips.

"Another word of advice. Move quickly, once you kissed him you'll be very glad you didn't wait longer. He's a very good kisser." He added confidently. And my curiosity got spiked at his last remark.

"And how would you know that?" I asked smugly as he looked caught for a moment before replacing it with a smug look of his own.

"Because I kissed him, numerous times if you want to know." He replied all haughtily. As he said that I got even more curious about it. I was surprised to know that they kissed but I had already thought that something might have happened between them by everything that Atobe had said about Tezuka. I was also quite sure that they had done more than just kissing by the challenging grin that lay on my opponents lips. It seemed as if he was daring me to ask further. So, not wanting to back down and to lessen my curiosity I did as he wanted to. On top of that, this was a fun way to get to know more about my person of interest.


"We dated in high school for a while." The smug man replied his eyes twinkling mischievous. It seemed this conversation was amusing him. "Jealous?"

"No, not really. Right now I can see that you are attracted to my sleeping friend and we both know that your ex is attracted to me. And besides that, it's clear that since you are now best friends, you must have broken up in good terms. Telling me that there is no more lingering feelings between the two of you. Otherwise the one with the feelings would have let it shown or left while trying to get over the other. So I have no reason to be jealous." I simply explained.

He looked surprised at me for a bit by my quick conductive thinking but reposed himself and followed by saying: "Even not a tad because I kissed him."

"No, after all I have kissed other people as well, and I'm sure you aren't the only one he has kissed either. Why be jealous of what was in the past? Besides as you proposed I'll be the next person kissing him. " I reasoned with a smile.

"you are smart, I have to admit that." Looking amused he tried again to get on my nerves: "And what would you say if I told you I also slept with him, numerous times."

I softly let out a chuckle making him look surprised. I already had been expecting something like this so I said the first thing that had come to my mind: "How good is he?"

Atobe let out a full laugh at what I said and then smirked widely before saying: "Fantastic good. What do you want to know?" I couldn't help myself from thinking 'now this is getting very interesting'.

"Does he like to try new things?" I liked it when I could bring some adventures to the bedroom so I would be pleased if Tezuka di as well.

Atobe's answer made me smile even more; "I'm sure you can persuade him. I know for a fact that he doesn't mind some out of the box thinking. I already told you, he's reserved at first. But once you get him going, he won't stop."

"About stopping… What's his stamina like?" I asked because who in their right mind wants someone who finishes in a minute so to speak. For me, sex has to last, I want to be drowned in pleasure first, and preferably go for another round. As I thought this a smirk played on my lips and I could see Atobe trying to understand my train of thoughts.

His lips mimicked mine before he replied: "Oh…Hn, he can go for a long time. And multiple rounds if that's what you want. And this was only with his previous lovers and me of course. His attraction towards you is something else. I'm pretty sure that once you get him worked up, he'll be insatiable around you." If it was even possible my smile widened even more and I couldn't help but play with the idea. I'm sure when, because it was not a matter of if, Tezuka gave his reservations up, I would have to tease him slowly and for a long time to see just how hard I could get him worked up. I'm sure I would love his response.

"Anything else?" my opponent asked as I was lost in my thought for a moments. I stayed quiet thinking about what more I could ask but nothing immediately popped up. Besides finding things out by myself was a lot of fun.

"You don't want to know his size?" He asked, his grin still on his lips. The twinkle in his eyes already told me that I would not be disappointed but I didn't want to know more.

"I'd like to find that out for myself." I answered him. He nodded in understanding.

"Oh! I got one more question." I suddenly said, remembering something that I was very curious about. "Since he tops, but you also top. Can I assume you switched once in a while?"

"Ah, we did. Altough Tezuka was mostly the dominate one, I got the chance to be on top a couple of times. I'm sure he would let you too. If that's the reason you asked."

"Mmh, that's great to know."

After that we talked about some other things and I found out that the two of us had a lot in common. Except for the size of our ego's and his ore-sama thingy. A bit later and Tezuka returned, bringing much needed food with him. Jirou was wide awake in a second and another second later happily munching on his chocolate muffin. I also got my muffin handed to me and smiled to the stoic man as if saying thank you. He went to sit down next to me and I returned to my previous spot, leaning snugly against him. I could see out of the corner of my eyes that a small, barely noticeable smile made its way on Tezuka's lips as he adjusted to my position and circled his arm around my shoulder.

He was calmly eating his sandwich while I had already finished my muffin. I could smell the bacon and cheese that was in between the buns and felt the need to have a small bite. So I did just that. I leaned my head forward a bit and it seemed that Tezuka knew my intentions. He moved his hand that was holding his sandwich away from his mouth. The bread was now in the direct path of my lips. I just had to lean a bit more forward and then closed my lips around it, letting my teeth sink in. I bit a piece of and pulled back my head while I started chewing. Tezuka then calmly took another bite as well and I couldn't help but think that we just shared an indirect kiss. My eyes glanced to his lips and I wondered how they would feel upon mine. Then I thought that maybe I should put that advice of Atobe to use.

I started moving my hand on his leg once again, teasing him. My head lay in the crook between his neck and shoulder so with a smile I softly blew air on his collarbone that was revealed to me. I felt him shiver slightly and I did it again, seeing if I could get more of a reaction out of him. Tezuka stayed still the entire time I was teasing him but never made any effort to stop me. So I just kept on going, not minding the amused looks I got from Atobe. I went a step further and angled my head so that I easily reached his neck with my lips. I started placing butterfly kisses there and I could see the goose bumps forming. He was surprised at first and stayed tensed for a couple of seconds before slowly relaxing again. At a certain moment I was tempted to leave a hickey but decided against it. That was for later I thought with a grin.

His hand, that was on my shoulder, started caressing my arm. I kept on kissing his neck as my hand after a while moved dangerously close to his crotch. He suddenly stood up and told us that he would go to the bathroom. I grinned knowingly as I saw him disappear around the corner. After a minute I also stood up and decided to follow Tezuka. I could still hear Atobe saying 'have fun' and Jirou laugh a bit before I too rounded the corner and went to the closest bathroom, hoping Tezuka would be there. I entered the room and saw Tezuka standing in front of a mirror as he was splashing some water on his face. I went to stand right behind him and the first thing Tezuka noticed as he looked up was me smiling at him.

"I decided to cool down a bit as well. It's warm outside, isn't it." I innocently said as he calmly looked at me. A couple of strands of hair were wet and some drops rolled down his forehead to his cheeks and dropped from his chin to the ground. He looked absolutely stunning without his glasses on but I couldn't drool long over it. He quickly put his glasses back in place after wiping his face dry. Tezuka then turned around but since I was standing so close to him, our bodies were barely a hair's apart. I moved and draped my arms around his neck and smiled coyly to him. I reveled in the feel of his strong body against mine and I couldn't help but think of wanting this in a different situation with less clothing and preferably a bed.

Tezuka had placed his arms around my waist and when I thought he would lean down and kiss me, somebody just had to come in and ruin the moment. The middle-aged man that had walked in, stopped in his steps and looked strangely to the two of us. Tezuka let go of me while putting some distance between us that I didn't like. Instead Tezuka took my hand and led me outside again. I smiled at the gentle touch. My smile grew when I suddenly heard the man that had stepped aside to let us walk out saying; "ah, young love."

I let myself happily be led away by Tezuka. But instead of going back to our friends, Tezuka took me to another place outside that was a bit more secluded and in the shadows. Since most people wanted to enjoy the sun there weren't that many person's sitting here. Tezuka let go of my hand as he sat down on one of the chairs and waited for me to sit down as well. So after I sat, he let out the smallest of smiles but seeing that he wasn't that expressive it already made my heart beat a bit faster.

"Why, Tezuka, if you wanted to be alone with me, we could have just gone to a sleeping cabin you know." I said teasingly. Tezuka merely reacted with saying; "I just wanted to be away from Atobe's smug looks for a moment." I laughed at that, not surprised that he had also noticed the way the rich man kept on glancing to us. "And I wouldn't mind some alone time with you." He softly said. My smile widened and I stood up, moving my seat closer to his. My chair then stood sideways to his, my knees touching one of his. I once again placed a hand on his leg as I leaned forward. I unconsciously licked my lips and I couldn't help but notice that Tezuka's eyes followed the movement.

We eventually started talking and I began to tease him once more. I licked my lips a couple of times under the pretense of having a dry mouth and saw Tezuka's eyes continuously glancing back to my lips. But still no response from the stoic man. I got tired of trying to coax him into kissing me and not getting a decent reaction. So I decided to go for the direct approach. I stood up and went to sit on his lap, my legs over his, facing him. He looked slightly shocked for a second before placing his arms around my waist. But there it stopped again.

"Ne, Tezuka?"

"Ah." He dryly responded.

"Do you think I'm attractive?" I asked as I looked him in the eyes. They widened for a second before I noticed his eyes searching my expression to see where I was coming from.

"…Yes." He answered after a slight hesitance, still not sure why I asked him.

"Then why don't you kiss me?" I asked next. His eyes widening once more and for a bit longer this time.

"…" his answer stayed away as he looked unsure of what to say.

"I want to kiss you. Right now." My voice a more seductive tone as I moved my arms around his neck.

"…are you serious?" he asked still wary of my intentions. I didn't blame him for it though. I could have just been teasing him after all. But I was 100% serious about this. I really wanted a kiss from him.

"I'm sitting on your lap, aren't I? I mean it. I want to kiss you. Don't you want to kiss me?"

"I do. But…isn't it too fast? I mean, we've only met each other two days ago. I've never kissed someone this quick. Won't it-"

"It's not my style either, but aren't I special? Won't you make an exception for me?" I asked as I interrupted him. I knew Tezuka was special to me and I hoped that he felt the same way. So when he softly, almost inaudible said: "You are." I could feel the Butterflies in my stomach flutter around.

"Then kiss me." I tried once more, wanting him to take the first step. Wanting him to kiss me. I've never kissed someone first. The people I have been with, always gave in to my teasing fairly easy and took the initiative. But the reserved man on who's lap I was sitting seemed to have a better resolve when it came to my provocations. I leaned closer, feeling his breath on my lips, wanting to touch his lips with mine. I saw how his wanting heart was fighting his reserved mind. He was hesitant but the thought of kissing me was slowly taking the upper hand. At least I hoped it was. I knew he would crack sooner or later. But my patience wore thin when it came to Tezuka and my need to kiss him finally made me act.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu, I am only doing this because you are special to me too." He looked questioningly to me before his eyes opened wide in slight shock.


Fuji's lips were firmly planted on mine and I reveled in the feel of his soft lips. In the back of my mind a voice was yelling: 'too soon!'. But my heart was singing in joy. After I got over the initial surprise I decided to just see where this would take me. I'm pretty sure my friends would be glad I would lose some tension. Being around a teasing nymph didn't really help said tension.

Fuji was already pulling back and when I looked to his expression I noticed something of rejection. Only then did I realize that I had been too surprised and the kiss ended before I could get over the shock, so I hadn't kissed him back. I quickly put my right hand on his cheek and pulled him closer again. I didn't want to see such a sad expression on his face and immediately wanted to make it up. He needed to understand that I did want him, a lot. His body tensed for a second but then relaxed as he kissed back. My heart skipped a couple of beats and I didn't know if we had been kissing for a couple of seconds, or minutes. Our lips seems to fit perfectly against each other as we kissed again after parting for some air. This time I softly let my tongue trace his bottom lip and he parted his lips in return. I softly teased him by just going over his bottom lip again before I searched for contact with his tongue. The moment they touched it felt like a spark of electricity passed between us. I heard a small, barely there moan from Fuji and that seductive sound alone made me kiss him even more feverishly, trying to coax more of those sounds out of his delectable lips.

After a couple of more minutes of lip locking, we parted and I smiled at him. He smiled back, diving in for another quick peck on my lips before saying: "Hmm, Atobe was right. You are a really good kisser."

I cocked my eyebrow in question as to why Atobe would have said that to him instead of paying attention to the compliment he just gave me. A smile that was between a teasing curve of his lips and a grin formed. I sighed and asked "What did he tell you?" Bracing myself for whatever my friend had told about me. I knew he was prone to meddling, but I really had to talk to him about not saying anything of my previous relationships to a possible new lover. I knew that if the heir had told him about my kissing skills, Fuji would probably have asked why he knew that.

"He told me you two used to be dating." He grinned. I just suppressed another sigh.

"Anything else?" I asked. I did not know what Fuji would ask Atobe, but I did know the heir well enough to know that he would answer whatever the other asked. And knowing Atobe, my kissing skills hadn't been the only thing he had talked about.

"He told me a few things that I was curious about. And I'm sure to find out if he was right about those as well." He answered cryptic, still with that teasing grin playing on his lips. His smug look just told me that whatever they had talked about, it had probably partly if not all, been about something sexual. I just kept a steady gaze on him while his smile only seemed to get bigger and bigger. Wanting to get that smug grin off his face I decided to occupy his lips. He didn't seem to have any problems with that. His hold on me grew tighter and I pulled him even closer to me, loving the feel of him sitting on my lap.

We, once more, reluctantly pulled apart. I opened my eyes and what I saw made my heart race like never before. Fuji, ever so slowly and sensually opened his eyes. A shot of electricity ran through me as I now stared into the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Looking in those deep pools of sapphire, I felt a strong surge of affection and the only thing I could do was instantly place my lips over his. Seeing his open eyes, left me with a feeling that was too hard to describe. Admiration, affection, lust, wonderment,…love. I tried to convey everything I felt flowing through my body in that kiss and when we parted, a twinkle in those stunning orbs told me he knew.

"You're gorgeous." I whispered, not being able to tear my eyes away from him. And the brilliant smile he gave me in response only made it harder. I was rewarded with a quick but loving peck on my lips. He laid his head on my shoulder and we stayed sitting like that for a while, content in being close. Fuji sighed contently like a cat before saying "I could get used to this."

My arms tightened my hold on him for a second, strengthening my answer as I replied: "Me too."

After being away for more than an hour, we decided to head back to the rest, although partly reluctant to leave our relaxing spot. After Fuji stood up, I already missed the closeness. So I, after also standing up, grabbed him by the waist and pulled him closer, kissing him for the umpth time.

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