Hello, everyone. This is a crossover I've been thinking of doing for a while and here's where I got the idea. You see, back in the 90's, DC Comics published a four issue-miniseries titled "Superman & Bugs Bunny". As you can imagine, it was a crossover between the DC Universe and the Looney Tunes. I've never read that crossover, but I've always wanted to read it just to see how characters from both universes would react if they met. So, this is how I was inspired to write this crossover. Anyway, here's the first chapter of it. By the way, the DC characters appearing in this are mostly based on a mix between the DC Animated Universe and the comics themselves.

Chapter 1: What's Up, Superman?

Metropolis. One of the largest cities in the U.S.A. This is where Superman, the Man of Steel himself, lives. Several criminals have been trying to do harm to the citizens of this city, but the Man of Tomorrow was always there to stop them. Metropolis is also home of the Daily Planet, one of the most famous newspapers in America.

Metropolis is also the place where our story begins. It all started one night, precisely in the aforementioned Daily Planet. There, a well-built man with black hair was typing on his computer. The man was wearing glasses, a white long-sleeved shirt, a red tie, a blue vest, blue pants and black shoes. His name is Clark Kent. Long-time reporter of the Daily Planet, Clark turned off the computer and stood up from his chair, getting ready to get to his apartment.

"Hey, Smallville!"

Clark turned around to see a woman from around his age. She had long black hair, a long-sleeved purple shirt, a white skirt and purple high heel shoes. Her name is Lois Lane, long-time co-worker at the Daily Planet, as well as Clark's wife.

"I just thought of something."

"What is it, Lois?" Clark asked.

"Well, instead of eating at our apartment, maybe we could go out and eat something at a restaurant." Lois replied.

"Sure, Lois. I'd love to do that." Clark said, smiling at her.

"Good. I'm thinking of eating Chinese food. Probably some rice." She said as she made her way through the elevator, with Clark following her.

Some hours later...

Clark and Lois came out of a Chinese restaurant, right after they ate their Chinese meals that night.

"And then I told Perry 'No way. I am NOT going to make an article on that. Find someone else; I've got other things to worry about.' And you know me, Clark. When I'm stubborn, nobody's going to convince me otherwise." She said, finishing her story about something that happened to her that morning.

"Yeah, I know." Clark said, smirking. "You know when to stand up and do things your own way. That's one thing I like about you." He said, causing Lois to smirk.

"Well, thank you, my dear husband." She said, smiling as she grabbed his hand.

"You're welcome, Ms. Kent."

"Now, let's go back home. I'm getting a bit sleepy."

"Sounds like a... WATCH OUT!" He exclaimed as he jumped on her, getting her out of the way.

At this moment, a car flied into them. Because Clark saw it just in time, the car avoided Lois and himself. However, the car landed on the Chinese restaurant, destroying the window. The people inside the restaurant screamed in terror.

"Are you alright?" he asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lois said as they stood up. "Where did that car come from?" she wondered, looking at the damages it did on the restaurant.

A few seconds later, Clark and Lois heard people screaming in the streets. Soon, they find out what was happening. Someone in particular was terrorizing the citizens of Metropolis. That someone was a cyborg, with half his head being covered by flesh and hair. At this moment, the cyborg grabbed another car and held it in the air.

"Show yourself, Superman! You wouldn't want these people getting themselves hurt because of me!" the cyborg shouted.

"Metallo..." Clark said to himself, recognizing the villain.

"Now would be a good time for you to change your outfit." Lois whispered to him.

"Exactly what I was thinking." He whispered back. "Just be safe while I fight him."

"Don't worry. I will." She said before quickly kissing him on his lips.

Clark nodded before running towards a nearby, empty alleyway. Meanwhile, Metallo threw the car at some people on the street. Those people ran away, screaming while avoiding the car. The cyborg then grabbed a lamppost and got it out of the ground he swung it around, trying to hurt the citizens of Metropolis with it. Just as Metallo was about to swing it again, he was suddenly stopped, as if like something was blocking the lamppost.

"What the..."

Just as Metallo was about to look at the lamppost, all he saw was a fist coming at him full speed, sending the cyborg away. The metallic fiend crashed into a store. Floating above the street was a well-built black-haired man. He was wearing a blue superhero suit with a big red 'S' symbol in a yellow triangle, red briefs on the blue suit, red boots and a red flowing cape. His name is Superman, the Man of Steel himself. Metallo stood up from what happened, having a little headache. Right at that moment, Superman quickly came near his enemy, bringing the lamppost with him. With his speed and strength, the superhero bended the lamppost around the cyborg, tying him up.

"You want me? Here I am. What do you want, Metallo?" Superman asked, glaring at his enemy.

"What do I want?" Metallo said, smirking sinisterly. "Your death. That's what I want."

Using all his strength, the cyborg broke the lamppost around him and quickly threw his right fist at Superman. The Man of Tomorrow instantly caught the fist with his bare hand. Metallo threw his other fist at him, which was instantly caught by Superman as well. All of sudden, the cyborg used both of his feet to kick Superman in the stomach. The superhero was then forced to release both of Metallo's hands. The metallic fiend immediately punched Superman as many times as possible. After a few seconds of receiving all these hits, the Man of Steel had enough and punched Metallo with all his strength, causing the cyborg to be knocked away in the sky. While falling, Metallo was heading towards a nearby park.

While all of this was going on, something strange was happening in that park. Something was burrowing tis way through the park under the ground. Whatever was burrowing in that park stopped burrowing and came out of a hole.

"And here we are, at Pismo Beach!" Whoever was burrowing exclaimed.

It was a grey-furred rabbit with long ears. He had buck teeth, whiskers and white fur on his muzzle, belly and feet. His name is Bugs Bunny. The rabbit was smiling, with his arms in the air. However, he stopped smiling and raising his arms when he looked around him. This wasn't what he was expecting to see.

At this moment, someone else came out of the same hole Bugs came from. It was a black-feathered duck with an orange bill, orange webbed feet and a white collar around his neck. His name is Daffy Duck. The duck was shaking his head around, removing all the dirt that was stuck on his head.

"I still don't get why I even agreed that we travel to Pismo Beach by borrowing in the ground. Not really good for a duck!" Daffy complained in annoyance. Then, he got puzzled as he looked around. "Wait a second..." The duck then realized what was going on as he dropped his head on the ground and hit the back of his head with his hands several times. "Not again!" Daffy then looked at Bugs and glared at him. "You did it again. Admit it, you despicable rabbit! YOU made that mistake ONCE AGAIN! You didn't take that left turn at Albuquerque! You never take that left turn at Albuquerque! Why do you never take that left turn at Albuquerque? Here's a good advice for ya. The next time you travel to somewhere and you somehow end up at Albuquerque, TAKE THAT DARN LEFT TURN AT ALBUQUERQUE!" The duck screamed.

Daffy panted heavily from the screaming he did.

"Alright, calm down, Daffy. I'm sure we'll find a way to get to Pismo Beach as soon as possible." Bugs said, trying to calm the duck down.

"It'd better be. Where are we, anyway? I hope there's no angry guy with a sword guarding a treasure or that moronic abominable snowman here." He said, still angry they weren't at Pismo Beach yet.

Bugs rolled his eyes, when he suddenly noticed something coming from the sky. Metallo was falling down towards the rabbit and the duck.

"Hum, Daff... We should run away." Bugs said right before running away.

"And why should we do that, rabbit?" Daffy asked, still glaring at the rabbit.

The latter pointed towards Metallo. Daffy turned around and looked up. As soon as he noticed the cyborg falling towards him, the duck's eyes widened while his irises instantly shrunk.


Metallo landed on the ground, his back crushing Daffy. Unaware of the rabbit and the duck's presence, the cyborg stood up, groaning. He then smirked.

"This was only a warm-up, boy-scout. Time for the real game to start." Metallo said before running to join Superman.

As the cyborg was leaving, Daffy was lying on the ground, flat like a sheet of paper. Bugs came near the duck, arching an eyebrow.

"Are you alright?" the rabbit asked.

A few seconds later, Daffy came back to his original shape, gasping for air.

"What the heck was that? I'm too confused, now!"

"Well, I know it was some guy. But whoever it is, there's only one way to find out." Bugs said before following Metallo.

"You want to follow that huge piece of metal? No thanks! I'm not gonna do that as well. There's no way... AARGH!"

Daffy was interrupted when Bugs grabbed him by the neck and dragged him along with him. The duck frowned, as he had the feeling they would get themselves into trouble.

Metallo was back at fighting Superman. While the two of them were trading punches, Bugs and Daffy hidden themselves behind a mailbox, observing the fight.

"Hey, that's Superman!" the rabbit said, recognizing the famous superhero.

"Superman? What is he doing here?" Daffy asked, puzzled.

"I think the question is 'What are WE doin' here?' instead. This looks like Metropolis." Bugs said, looking at the city around him.


"Metropolis. This is where Superman lives."

"Honestly, rabbit, I suggest we simply leave this place right now before something bad..."

At this moment, Superman punched Metallo hard enough to send him flying away. The cyborg landed right next to the mailbox. Bugs and Daffy stayed behind the mailbox, hoping the villain wouldn't notice them. Standing up with a groan, Metallo grabbed the mailbox, not noticing the Looney Tunes right away. The cyborg then ran towards the Man of Steel and tried to hit him with the mailbox. Superman blocked it by grabbing the mailbox with both hands. He then put it on the ground while avoiding Metallo's punches. The cyborg hit the superhero's stomach with his knee. Metallo then grabbed the Man of Steel and threw him away. Superman landed next to a building, lying on the ground.

"We should help him." Bugs said before going towards the superhero.

"Do we have to?" Daffy asked, gulping in fear.

The rabbit and the duck arrived next to Superman. The latter sat up, groaning and not noticing the Looney Tunes yet.

"Are ya okay, doc?"

"Don't worry about me..." Superman then looked up and was extremely surprised when he noticed the rabbit, wondering if he was dreaming or not. "Bugs... Bunny?" he said, confused.

Meanwhile, Metallo grabbed another lamppost and charged towards the superhero. He swung the lamppost before aiming it at the superhero. Seeing the lamppost, Superman quickly grabbed Bugs and flied away. However, Daffy was still standing there and gulped when he saw the lamppost coming towards him.

"This is gonna hurt..." he said to himself.


The duck yelled as he flied away in the sky, disappearing into it. Bugs saw the duck disappearing into the sky and cringed.

"That must have hurt. Though I'm sure he suffered worse pain than that." The rabbit thought.

"Are you alright?" Superman asked him.

"Yeah, I'm fine, doc."

"Good. Now, I'm not sure what you're doing here, but I have to deal with Metallo first." The Man of Steel said before flying towards the cyborg.

Metallo was lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. He then smirked when he noticed Superman coming towards him. Quickly, the cyborg opened his chest, revealing a glowing green rock as he stood up. Superman instantly stopped at where he was and felt himself weaker while being close to the Kryptonite, his most well-known weakness.

"I hope you were expecting that." Metallo said, smirking.

"I did expect it. I just thought I'd be able to stop you before you could use it." The Man of Steel said, getting weaker.

"Too bad for you that you weren't able to stop me in time. Now, taste even more Kryptonite!" He exclaimed while a beam of light came from the Kryptonite and hit the superhero, causing him more pain.

"Hey there, sir!"

Metallo turned his head around and noticed Bugs Bunny, dressed like a mechanic.

"What the..." the cyborg said, confused by seeing a cartoon character standing right next to him.

"Ya seem to have some damage. Let me handle this. I'm an expert in mechanic!" Bugs said. The rabbit hopped and landed on the cyborg's chest. He went inside the chest, examining it. "I see some of the problems there. I know just what to do."

Bugs summoned a wrench and started messing around the circuits inside Metallo's body with it. The latter was getting annoyed by that.

"Get out!" he exclaimed as he grabbed the rabbit by his tail, but Bugs refused to get out as he held onto the Kryptonite.

"Just one more thing to do."

He summoned a huge cartoon bomb, lighted it, and put it inside the chest. As the rabbit got out of Metallo's chest, he closed it, stopping the Kryptonite from hurting Superman. Bugs then summoned a screwdriver and put some screws around the chest, preventing it from opening. He ran away from Metallo and went next to the superhero.

"And now would be the good time to see a big boom." The rabbit said while removing his mechanic outfit.


The bomb exploded inside Metallo's body. The cyborg was knocked unconscious, lying on the ground and in a really bad shape.

"What have you done to him?" Superman asked the rabbit.

"Eh, I just put a cartoon bomb inside his body. He's not dead. Just knocked out." He replied while munching on a carrot.

At this moment, police cars arrived next to them, with police officers ready to put Metallo back in prison. While this was happening, several citizens from Metropolis surrounded Superman and Bugs. They all looked strangely at them, mostly at the rabbit.

"Do ya think they want autographs?" the carrot eater whispered at the Man of Steel.

"Look, mom!" a little girl exclaimed with excitement while pointing at the rabbit. ""It's Bugs Bunny!"

Soon enough, several boys and girls ran towards the rabbit and surrounded him. Many of the kids were either touching him to see he was real, while others were staring in awe at him and some others were laughing with joy at seeing Bugs. The latter couldn't help but being amused at seeing these kids acting like that. Suddenly, he was lifted in the air and realized Superman grabbed him and he was floating in the air.

"Sorry, children. I need Bugs right now. I'll give him back to you as soon as possible." Superman said to the children.

The Man of Steel flied away with the rabbit, both of them hearing the children being disappointed the rabbit had to leave. The adults that were present couldn't believe their eyes. Lois was still there, just as impressed as everyone else.

"Just when I thought I've seen everything with these superheroes around... Bugs Bunny appears out of nowhere." She said to herself. "My God..."

Several moments later, Superman and Bugs arrived on top of a building. The superhero put the rabbit down.

"Eh, what's up, Superman?" Bugs asked, munching on a carrot.

The Man of Steel stared at the rabbit, still in amazement.

"Wow... I mean, wow. That's just incredible." He said.

"What? You were expectin' maybe Mickey Mouse?"

"I mean... Well, you're Bugs Bunny. You are a cartoon character. I've watched your shorts when I was a kid!"

"Eh, I'm just as surprised to meet ya, doc."

"Do you have any idea how you were able to come in Metropolis?" Superman asked him.

"Well, I remember I went to Pismo Beach on vacation." Bugs replied. "But once again, I missed my destination because..."

"Let me guess." The Man of Steel interrupted him. "You didn't take that left turn at Albuquerque?"

"Eh, ya know your classics, doc." The rabbit said, smirking. "Anyway, I didn't take that left turn and, for some reason, I ended up here. And then I saw that cyborg fightin' ya. Ya know what happened next." He then remembered something else. "Oh! And I remember that cyborg accidentally sent Daffy flyin' in the air."

"Wait... Daffy? The duck is here too?"

"Yeah, I forgot to mention we both went on vacation and were both headin' for Pismo Beach, so he also ended up here in Metropolis. However, he's no longer here. I think he may have fly away outside the edge of Metropolis. Ya may have missed him because he was standin' behind ya and didn't say anythin' at all."

"Do you know which direction he was sent to?" Superman asked.

"Well, I think..." Bugs looked around for a few seconds. He then pointed towards one direction. "Yep, he went that way."

"Alright. Then I have another question. In terms of cartoon physics, just how far Daffy would have fly away in the air after receiving Metallo's lamppost?"

"Probably a couple of cities from here. Why?" Bugs asked.

"Among the cities that are close to this side of Metropolis... there's Gotham City."

"Uh-oh..." Bugs said, worried about Daffy's safety.

"He could have ended up in another city, but I fear he might be in Gotham." Superman added.

"Well, then, we should go there before Daff gets into trouble with the criminals from that place."

The Man of Tomorrow grabbed Bugs by the waist and flied towards where the duck was sent away.

"So, ya said ya watched my shorts when you were a kid? Does that mean you're a fan of my works?" Bugs asked.

"You could say that." Superman replied, smirking.

"That's great to hear. I'd never thought I'd have a superhero like you enjoyin' what I do." The rabbit said, grinning.

"You're welcome."

End of chapter.

Superman and Bugs Bunny met. They're now searching for Daffy, who might be in Gotham City. You know what this means for the next chapter.

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