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Chapter 7: It Stinks

Let's take a look at another place filled with heroes and villains, as our story continues in a city known as Star City. This location had its fair share of criminal activities, like most other cities in this world. The most well-known hero to live there is a man who has many similarities with a certain hero once portrayed by the late Errol Flynn.

Something in particular was happening in this place on this day. Somewhere in the city, there was a warehouse. Several thugs were pulling a heist. One dozen was taking care of the left side of the warehouse, a second dozen of the right side, a third one of the front end, and a fourth one of the read end. Yeah, the warehouse is pretty big.

On top of a nearby building, someone was spying on the heist with a pair of binoculars. That someone was a gorgeous blond-haired woman with blue eyes. She was wearing a blue jacket, a black bustier, fishnet stockings, black fingerless gloves, and black high-heeled boots. Her name is Black Canary.

Suddenly, someone arrived from a nearby ladder. That someone was slowly walking towards the superheroine. The latter smirked as she noticed that someone was getting closer to her from behind. As soon as the man was about to put his hands on her shoulders, Black Canary grabbed his hands at once and pushed him to the ground. The latter was about to stand up. However, the blond-haired woman pinned him to the ground with her hands before connecting her lips with his, kissing him. The man kissed her back for a moment. They then separated as they smirking to each other.

"Well... So much for trying to surprise you." The man said.

It was a blond-haired man with a goatee. He was wearing a green Robin Hood-esque hat on his head, a white domino mask to cover his eyes, a dark green, sleeveless shirt, dark green gloves, green pants, and dark green boots. He also had a quiver on his back, filled with several arrows of all types, and a green bow. His name is Green Arrow.

"Let's be serious for a moment." Black Canary said as they stood up. "All the thugs are busy doing their heist."

"In other words, it's the perfect time to go kick their asses."

"Pretty much, yeah." She said.

As the thugs on the left side of the warehouse were busy opening crates, they suddenly heard a window being broken. All of them turned to where that sound came from and saw Green Arrow land on the floor.

"Here's a present for you!" the green superhero exclaimed as he shot an arrow.

Said arrow then turned into a bola and tied two thugs together. It didn't take long before all the thugs on the left side decided to attack him. Two of them took knives from their pocket and swung them at the archer. Green Arrow dodged the knives as much as he could before punching one thug in the face. The second swung his knife again, but the green superhero hit him in the head with his own bow.

"So far, so good." He said to himself.

The archer climbed on a pile of crates, with the other thugs going after him. As he reached the summit of the pile, Green Arrow then shot an arrow at the ceiling. That same arrow had a rope on it. The green superhero grabbed the rope and swung away, hitting three thugs with his feet. Those thugs fell off the pile of crates, falling unconscious. The archer landed on the ground. Suddenly, one thug punched him in the face. Green Arrow fell on his stomach.

He tried to stand up, but another thug hit him in the back, causing the green superhero to yell in pain. A third thug tried to kick him on the sides, but the archer hit the thug's legs with his bow, making him trip. Standing up quickly, he then shot an arrow that turned into a net, trapping the three thugs together. Green Arrow rubbed his back before noticing the remaining thugs to defeat.

"Only two more." He thought.

The thugs cracked their knuckles before charging towards the green superhero. Without wasting any time, the latter shot two arrows one by one at them. The arrows then turned into green boxing gloves. The thugs yelped in pain as the boxing gloves hit them fast. They looked back at Green Arrow. Much to their surprise, the latter had vanished. The thugs looked around, searching for the archer. Suddenly, one of them heard something. He turned around, looked up, and saw a crate falling from a pile towards him.

"Oh, crap!" he exclaimed in alarm.

The thug tried to run away from the falling crate, but it was too late as it landed on him. The criminal yelled in pain at that. The last thug looked at what happened to his colleague. He looked up to where the crate fell from. Soon, he noticed Green Arrow aiming an arrow at him. Said arrow turned into a bola after being shot and tied the last thug. Then, the archer arrived next to the thug and punched him, knocking him out. The green superhero caught his breath, a little bit tired after this.

"Okay, it wasn't easy, but I've seen worse." Green Arrow said to himself.

"I hope you're not tired yet, Arrow."

The archer frowned as he recognized that voice. He turned around and noticed the one who just spoke. It was a black-haired man with a goatee. He was wearing an outfit similar to Green Arrow's, except he didn't have a domino mask, or any hat, his shirt had long sleeves, and it was mostly black and grey, with no green at all. This man was someone the green superhero never was on good terms with. Far from it.

"Hello, Merlyn." Green Arrow said. "I'm going to take a guess and say you wanna fight me, right?"

"The opposite would have surprised me." Merlyn replied.

"Just as I thought." He sighed.

Instantly, they both aimed at each other with their respective bow and arrows.

"One..." the green superhero said.

"Two..." the villain said.

"Three!" they shouted at once.

They shot their arrow at each other and dodged both of them. However, the green superhero's arrow arrived on the wall behind Merlyn and unleashed a cloud of smoke that covered the villain. The latter was coughing several times, having a hard time to breath. Green Arrow rushed at him and punched him in the face. Merlyn fell down, knocked unconscious. The green superhero rubbed his forehead before sighing.

"That was easier than usual, but I ain't gonna complain about winning so easily." He said to himself before getting some rope and tying up his rival.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the warehouse, several windows were broken at once thanks to a supersonic scream. The thugs covered their ears in pain at the sound of that. Soon after, Black Canary landed next to them, grabbed two thugs, and knocked their heads together, knocking them out.

"So... Who's next?" she rhetorically asked in determination.

The thugs didn't waste time as they ran towards the blond-haired woman. The latter dodged several punches from them. Eventually, she kicked one in the stomach, sending him crash into a nearby thug. One other thug then hit her on the side with a baseball bat, causing Black Canary to trip and land face first on the ground. The thug was about to hit her again, but he was too slow as the superheroine immediately turned around to face him and used her supersonic scream against him. The criminal covered his ears in pain, allowing Black Canary a chance to punch him in the jaw, knocking him unconscious.

Suddenly, one thug on top of a pile of crates started shooting at her. The blond-haired woman dodged the bullet as much as she could while climbing the pile of crates. She kicked the thug's gun away before punching him, making him fall off the pile. At this moment, one other thug noticed a nearby can of paint, grabbed it, and threw it at Black Canary. The latter managed to avoid the can of paint, which then exited through a nearby window.

"Missed me. Won't miss you." She said before jumping on the thug and punching him out.

While this was going on, the can of paint landed on the ground outside. Upon landing, it unleashed the white paint inside of it. The white paint landed on the back of a sleeping female cat with black fur, as well as white fur. The female cat's name was Penelope. After receiving the white paint on her back, Penelope woke up, yawned for a moment and decided to walk away, unaware of what just happened.

In a nearby alleyway, a skunk with black fur, white fur, and a tail as large as the rest of his body was walking while humming the national anthem of France. Said skunk was known as Pepé le Pew. All of sudden, he stopped humming and walking as he noticed Penelope walking from a distance. Of course, because of the white paint on her back, the skunk immediately mistook her for a female skunk. This meant he fell in love... once again.

"Ah! La belle femme skunk fatale!" he exclaimed at her sight. "This is my jour de chance." He said to the audience with a grin.

Immediately, Pepé rushed towards Penelope and started hugging her, much to her surprise.

"Hey there, mon amour!" he said as he kissed her several times on the cheek.

Penelope struggled to get herself free from the skunk's arms due to the fact she couldn't stand his stinky odor.

"You are as pretty as a flower, ma jolie." He said before kissing her on the cheek again. "We are definitely having a love at first sight. Oh, oui!"

All of sudden, the cat freed herself from the skunk's arms and ran away as fast as she could. Pepe looked at her running before looking at the readers.

"She seems a bit shy. Mais bon, I think I just need to be more subtle." He said to the readers, smirking.

Meanwhile, back with Black Canary, she managed to defeat all the remaining thugs.

"And that takes care of that." She said to herself.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of someone using a gun. Instantly, she jumped out of the way as a powerful blast missed her. The blond-haired woman turned around and noticed someone else appeared. It was a tough-looking guy with a huge gun replacing his left hand. He was wearing a dark blue and red bodysuit covering his body, except for his forearms.

"KGBeast..." Black Canary said at his sight, recognizing the villain who was originally from Gotham City.

"The little bird will die now." KGBeast said.

He shot once again at her. Black Canary managed to dodge it in the nick of time. The mercenary kept shooting at her until a powerful blast caused her to trip and land on her face. Before she could stand up, KGBeast grabbed her by the throat and held her out.

"I can't believe it was this easy." He said, taunting her. "Any last words?" the mercenary asked her.

"Yes..." she said, having a hard time talking because of the way he was holding her by the throat. "Go... to... hell."

She then immediately used her supersonic scream, causing KGBeast to release her and cover his ears in pain. As she kept using her scream, the blond-haired woman then kicked him the mercenary in the face, knocking him out. Black Canary then caught her breath, breathing normally afterwards.

"Looks like someone forgot to never underestimate an adversary." She said, sighing.

On the front end of the warehouse, the thugs were busy until a nearby door was blown out. The door was sent flying away, knocking one thug out. Two of the other thugs took a look at where the explosion happened. Suddenly, one of them received a boxing glove on the end, knocking him out. Then, Green Arrow jumped on the other thug, knocking him out with one punch.

"Hey! It's that archer!" one of the nine remaining thugs exclaimed.

"Who's next?" the green superhero asked, smirking as he aimed an arrow.

"Let me take care of this Robin Hood wannabe!" one of the thugs exclaimed, cracking his knuckles.

All of sudden, a supersonic scream sent the thug who just spoke away, knocking him out against a nearby wall. Everyone looked and noticed Black Canary suddenly appearing next to Green Arrow.

"Good to see you. The fight will be much easier now." The green superhero said, smirking again.

"We'll see about that." The blond-haired superheroine said.

Soon enough, the two of them fought the rest of the thugs together. A few minutes later, they managed to win the fight as all the thugs were knocked out.

"By the way, guess who I fought after I took take care of the thugs on the left side of the warehouse." Green Arrow made her guess.

"I have no idea." She replied.


"Merlyn? Wait..." she said, thinking about something.


"I fought KGBeast while I was on the right side." Black Canary said, getting suspicious.

"Oh. So... Wait, does that mean...?"

"We're gonna have some company."

"Good deduction, senorita." A voice with a spanish accent said.

The two superheroes turned around and noticed someone else. It was a tall, muscular man. He was wearing a black and white luchador mask with red covering the eyes, a black sleeveless shirt, black pants, a grey belt, black boots, and black fingerless gloves. He also had some tubes linked between his left glove and the back of his neck. The two superheroes glared at his sight. This man was better known as the one who was able to defeat Batman with the help of a well-thought plan which ended with the Dark Knight having his back broken a long time ago. This was none other than Bane.

"What are you up to this time, Bane?" Green Arrow asked. "You're planning to break my back?"

"People seem to think that's all I'm known for. Admittedly, it is a prestige to be the one who was able to break the Bat." Bane said. "Today, however, I'm gonna do a different performance." He said, in a menacing way.

He pressed on a button that was on his left glove. Gradually, Bane's muscles were bigger, bringing more strength to the already strong guy. He then cracked his knuckles before glaring at the superheroes. The latter two got into a fighting stance, ready to take care of the villain. Bane ran towards them. He threw a punch at them, but they dodged it by leaping out of the way. Green Arrow grabbed his bow and tried to hit the villain with it. However, the latter was faster and grabbed the archer by the head. He then punched the green superhero hard enough with his fist.

This had the effect of sending Green Arrow away. The latter groaned in pain as he landed on the floor. Using it as a distraction, Black Canary climbed on top of a pile of crates. She came next to the one that was not only the highest, but also the closest to Bane's position. The blonde superheroine pushed the crate with all her strength. The crate fell on the villain's head, making the latter groaned in annoyance as he landed face first on the floor. Standing up, he noticed Black Canary about to make another crate fall on him. As soon as the crate was falling down, Bane simply broke it by swinging his arm around.

"Nice try, but this strategy won't help you much." The villain said.

He grabbed several crates from the bottom of the pile one by one. The pile of crates started to fall apart. This caused Black Canary to lose her balance and landed on a bunch of crates. She groaned as she sat up. Her eyes widened as she noticed Bane running towards her. The blonde superheroine leapt out of the way. Suddenly, the villain grabbed her by the leg and threw her over his shoulder. Black Canary hit a nearby wall before landing on the floor. She groaned in pain from what just happened. Bane made his way towards her.

At his moment, Green Arrow sat up, groaning from the punch he received from the villain earlier. Soon after, he noticed the latter walking towards the blonde superheroine. Quickly, the archer took an arrow, aimed carefully at one of Bane's tube and launched the arrow at it. The tube was cut in a half, causing a part of the Venom serum to have no effect on the villain's body. The latter was taken by surprise by it. Right after that, Green Arrow shot two more arrows, cutting the remaining tubes in half as well. This had the effect of removing any remaining Venom serum from Bane's body. The villain's muscles became smaller. The strong man glared at the archer.

"If you think that's gonna stop me, think again, archer." Bane said.

He ran towards the green superhero. The latter quickly stood up and aimed at the villain's knee. He then shot an arrow to it, causing pain to the strong man.

"I bet you're gonna say THAT ain't gonna stop you either, right?" Green Arrow rhetorically asked.

"No, because you already said it." The villain said while rolling his eyes.

All of sudden, a supersonic scream from behind Bane was heard and caused the latter to be sent against a nearby wall. He then fell on his back, groaning in pain. Before he could have a chance to stand up, he received two punches in the face from Green Arrow and Black Canary at the same time. Bane was knocked unconscious because of that. The blonde superheroine was catching her breath, getting tired from the fights they had to deal with that day. Her boyfriend was just as tired as well. The latter then smirked as he thought about something that just happened during the fight with the villain.

"Bane used to be a really strong guy. But then, he took an..."

"NO." Black Canary loudly said. "I swear to God, you better NOT make that joke." She said, frowning as she knew what he was going to say.

"Eh, sorry." Green Arrow sheepishly said.

Meanwhile, outside the warehouse, Penelope kept running until she found an empty barrel. Thinking that it'll be the perfect place to hide, she dove into it and closed it with a nearby lid. She sighed in relief as she thought about the fact she managed to escape the skunk madly in love with her. Inside the barrel itself, it was so dark that her eyes were the only things that were visible. Suddenly, a second pair of eyes appeared and looked at her in a seductive way. Penelope noticed the second pair of eyes while her own eyes widened in alarm.

"Bonjour, ma chère. Your eyes are even prettier in the dark." A familiar voice said.

Soon after, the female cat removed the barrel's lid, jumped in the air and ran away as fast as she could. Pepé appeared from the barrel, resting his arms on top of it.

"Sometimes, I have a hard time understanding women. This is one of those times, comme vous pouvez le voir." The skunk said to the readers before jumping out of the barrel and hopping after Penelope.

At the rear end of the warehouse, several thugs were taking care of boxes, like the other thugs seen before. Suddenly, a door was blown up. All of them looked at where that door was and noticed Green Arrow and Black Canary there.

"If any of you guys never had his ass kicked before, then today is your lucky day." The archer said, smirking.

Just like before, a fight started between the superheroes and the thugs. Several minutes later, the fight was over, with the winner being the good guys.

"So... After KGBeast, Merlyn, and Bane... I wonder who is the next bad guy that we'll have to deal with." The blond superheroine said.

However, neither Green Arrow, nor Black Canary was aware that someone, hiding behind a nearby wall, was watching them through tiny holes. That someone was a man wearing a red and silver outfit, with yellow gloves and boots, along with a silver-colored hood covering his whole face. The man also had a red visor on his right eye. His real name is Floyd Lawton, but he was more well-known as Deadshot, a mercenary ready to kill anyone for a good price. The mercenary was aiming precisely with a gun at Green Arrow's head.

"Farewell, Robin Hood." Deadshot thought as he got ready to shoot.

While this was going on, Penelope stopped next to a nearby window, outside the warehouse. She was catching her breath from all the running she did within the past few minutes.

"Let me ask you something, ma jolie."

Her eyes widened at the sound of that voice. The female cat turned around and noticed Pepé in front of her.

"What is your favorite food? I'm asking because I was thinking about which restaurant to choose for our first rendez-vous." The skunk asked.

Immediately, Penelope took a leapt and crashed through the nearby window, entering the warehouse. Said window was also the one next to Deadshot. The latter was taken by surprise by that as he turned around. He noticed Penelope lying on the floor, rubbing her head. The mercenary was confused by that sight.

"What the... Why the hell is there a cartoon cat right here!?"

Right after that, Pepé entered through the same window and grabbed Penelope, hugging her and kissing her on the cheek.

"There you are, ma princesse!" he exclaimed in joy as he kissed her on the cheek once more while she struggled to get herself free from his arms.

"Wait... A cartoon skunk?" Deadshot said, confused at the skunk's sudden appearance. "Am I in a cartoon or what!?"

Before he could think of a possible explanation for this strange event, the professional killer's eyes widened as he smelled Pepé's odor.

"Oh, God! That smell is too awful! What the hell!?" he yelled in annoyance.

Green Arrow and Black Canary heard the complaint. The archer grabbed an explosive arrow and shot it at the nearby wall.


The wall was destroyed. All of sudden, the archer smelled an awful smell, causing him to cover his nose.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" he complained out loud. "What is that awful smell!? I KNOW I didn't launch a stink gas arrow."

Pepé then appeared, chasing after Penelope like usual. The two superheroes were taken by surprise by that.

"I guess the cartoon skunk kind of explains the odor, GA." Black Canary said, covering her nose as well.

Shaking his head around after what he just saw, the green superhero then looked at where the wall was destroyed. He noticed a familiar villain lying on the ground, looking exhausted. The archer walked next to the latter, grabbed him by the throat and held him up.

"Hello, Deadshot." Green Arrow said. "I bet you were gonna kill us, right?"

"No, I was going to burrow you a cup of tea." Deadshot sarcastically replied. "Of course, I was going to kill you!"

"Okay, you better tell me why."

"Or else what? You're gonna try to scare me as if you were Batman? I seriously doubt you can pull that off."

"If you think so. However... I could always call back that skunk and ask him to spend more time with you."

"Oh, God! Stop it! Anything but another minute with that stinky thing!" Deadshot yelled in alarm.
"Then talk!" Green Arrow exclaimed in a more threatening tone.

"It's Count Vertigo." He said, referring to another villain the archer was not on good terms with. "He hired me, Merlyn and the others to take care of you two. He promised us a pretty good amount of money if we succeeded."

"Thanks a lot for the information." The archer said before knocking out the mercenary at once.

"If Vertigo is behind that, we better do something about it." Black Canary said.

"Yeah. But first..."

Green Arrow whistled with his fingers, getting the attention of both Pepé and Penelope. The latter two stopped running as they looked at the two superheroes.

"You two, come here."

The skunk and the cat looked at each other. They shrugged before walking towards both humans. The latter two looked at the cartoon characters, puzzled to see such a thing happening.

"Hmm... The more I think about it... the more I think I've seen you two somewhere before." The archer said.

"Laissez-moi me présenter. My name is Pepé le Pew." The skunk replied while bowing down like a gentleman.

"Oh, yeah. One of those characters from those Looney Tunes cartoons." Green Arrow said as he snapped his fingers. "And that must be the female cat he's always chasing after." He said while pointing at Penelope, with the latter nodding at that.

"It doesn't explain how these two could possibly show up in real life." Black Canary said.

"To be honest, Mademoiselle, I have no idea either." Pepé said while shrugging.

"We may need some help on that one." the female superheroine said.

Carrying Bugs and Daffy in his arms, Superman arrived in a dark and large cave. Said cave had several technological devices, including a supercomputer. There were also several oddities, like a giant penny and a huge animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Looney Tunes looked in awe as they realized they arrived in the Batcave.

"Oh, my gosh! We're in the Batcave! This is amazing!" Daffy exclaimed in excitement.

The Man of Steel landed next to the supercomputer, putting the Looney Tunes on the ground. Sitting on a nearby chair was Batman.

"Eh... what's up, Bats?" Bugs asked, while chewing on a carrot.


The rabbit's eyes widened as he heard that voice. He turned around right as Lola suddenly arrived and gave him one big hug.

"I'm so glad to see you again! I was worried something wrong might have happened to you. But now that you're here, everything's fine!" she said in a joyful tone.

"Yeah, I'm glad to see ya again as well." He said as he patted her on the back.

"You weren't kidding when you said you met these two, Batman." Wonder Woman said as she arrived next to the entire group.

Seeing the Amazon warrior, Daffy's eyes widened as his jaw literally dropped on the ground. He then whistled in excitement at her before howling like a wolf. Less than a few seconds later, the duck jumped into her arms and looked at her directly in the eyes.

"Would you be interested to go eat at a five-star restaurant with me, tonight?" Daffy asked her. "Of course, you'll be the one to pay for the dinner, seeing how you can afford that tiara on your head."

At this moment, Wonder Woman glared at the bird, causing the latter to have his eyes widening in fear.

"Don't force me to use my sword against you." She said, still glaring at him.

The duck nervously laughed as he started to sweat.

"Sorry for disturbing you in such an inappropriate manner." Daffy said before immediately running away from her and hiding behind Superman. "Do me a favor, Supes, and don't let her hurt me. I'll give you money if you want. Would you do it for five bucks? Please answer 'Yes' to that question." He said, causing the Man of Steel to roll his eyes.

"Daffy, did ya just flirt with Wonder Woman?" Bugs rhetorically asked, rubbing his forehead in annoyance. "Aren't ya forgettin' about Tina?" he asked, referring to Daffy's girlfriend.

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot about her." The duck said, thinking about his girlfriend. "Good thing I didn't go too far or else she would probably kill me without a second thought." He said to himself, sighing in relief, and causing Bugs to roll his eyes.

All of sudden, something got Daffy's attention as he noticed the supercomputer.

"Ooh! The Bat-Computer!" the duck exclaimed, smiling gleefully. "This looks fun to use!"

Right before he could push any of the buttons available, a batarang hit his hands fast, causing him to yelp in pain. A few seconds later, the batarang was caught by Batman, who was standing up.

"Don't. Touch. Anything." The Dark Knight said, glaring at the feathered one.

"Aw, you're no fun." Daffy complained, crossing his arms.

Above the Batcave, there was a huge, expensive mansion on the surface. Said mansion was better known as Wayne Manor, which belonged to well-known Gotham City billionaire Bruce Wayne. At this moment, someone was using a vacuum in the dining room. It was an old man who was about 60 years old. He was bald, with some grey hair, and had a thin, black mustache. He was wearing a white shirt, a black bowtie, a black vest, black pants, and black shoes. His name is Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler. He soon heard the doorbell ringing. Alfred turned off the vacuum and went towards the main entrance. He opened the door, only to notice that nobody was there.

"Odd. I could have sworn someone used the doorbell." Alfred said.

"I'm d-d-d-down here, s-s-s-sir."

The butler looked down and arched an eyebrow at what he saw. The one who just talked was a pig with black hooves. He was wearing a blue jacket and a red bowtie. At this moment, he was carrying a pair of briefcases with him. Alfred arched an eyebrow at the pig.

"Hi, my n-n-n-name is Porky P-P-Pig." The pig said. "I was on my way t-t-t-t-to Chicago, but I think I got l-l-l-l-lost. May I use the phone, p-p-p-please?"

"Certainly, Mr. Pig. Come inside." The butler said, motioning Porky to enter.


The pig entered the mansion. Alfred then closed the door.

"I have the feeling Master Bruce might want to take a closer look on this. However, this pig must not know the entrance of the Batcave." The butler thought for a moment.

"I don't want t-t-t-t-to bother you too m-m-m-m-much, so I'll m-m-m-m-make the phone call as quickly as poss..."


Something hit Porky's head, causing the latter to fell unconscious and land on his stomach. A bunch of birds were seen flying above his head in a circle. Alfred put down the vacuum he just used to hit the pig.

"I deeply apologize for hitting you in the head, but I had to do it." He said to the unconscious pig.

He took a hold of the latter and dragged him down until they arrived next to a secret elevator. The butler put Porky there, closed the elevator, and pressed on a button, causing the elevator to go down. Soon after, Alfred took a nearby microphone.

"Sir, I am sending someone to the Batcave. Rest assured, as the guest is unaware of the entrance to said cave. Also, just to warn you, the guest does not seem dangerous, but you never know." he said.

Back in the Batcave, everyone heard what Alfred just said. Batman pressed on one of the Batcomputer's buttons to speak.

"Thank you for telling me that." The Dark Knight said.

"Who was that guy with the British voice?" Bugs asked.

"A very trustworthy friend." Batman replied.

Everyone looked to the elevator as the latter arrived in the Batcave. It opened itself, revealing a certain pig coming back to his senses.

"Oh, m-m-m-my..." Porky shook his head before looking around. He stood up and walked away from the elevator. "Oh, goodness... I've n-n-n-n-n-never seen such a place b-b-b-b-before."

"Porky?" Daffy said, arching an eyebrow.

The pig recognized three of his friends after hearing the duck's voice.

"Oh! Hi, g-g-g-guys!" Porky said, waving at them before coming closer to them. "What's going o-o-o-on?" He then noticed the three superheroes that were present. "And why S-S-Superman, B-B-Batman, and W-W-Wonder W-W-Woman are here."

"To make a long story short, we somehow ended up in the real world, and it seems like the same thing happened to ya." Bugs explained.

"Oh. That's quite u–u-u-u-u-unusual." The pig said, amazed to hear that.

"Really? That's your reaction? You get to meet members of the Justice League, and ALL you have to say is that it's quite unusual? Seriously, Porky, you should learn how to be more excited than that!" Daffy complained.
"Sorry, D-D-D-Daffy." He apologized.

"So, we have four Looney Tunes with us, now." Superman said.

"We should contact the Watchtower. The other members of the League may have come across other cartoon characters like those." Wonder Woman said.

"Good idea." Batman said before calling the Watchtower with his Batcomputer.

Soon enough, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter appeared on the screen.

"Batman to the Watchtower. Superman and Wonder Woman are also with me. As strange as it's gonna sound like, we came across a few cartoon characters in real life." The Dark Knight said.

"You ain't the only one." Hawkgirl said while pointing at the cage made of glass where Marvin the Martian was.

"How dreadfully ironic. A fellow Martian, albeit one from an alternate dimension, foiling my plans." Marvin complained, not paying attention at what was going on.

"Bwah! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Daffy exclaimed, laughing. "Marvin ain't so tough now!"

"Quiet, Daffy!" the animated Martian exclaimed in annoyance.

All of sudden, Hawkgirl heard the sound of someone else calling. She clicked on a nearby button, causing John to appear on screen.

"Guys, this might sound ridiculous, but..."

The Green Lantern was interrupted as Tweety landed on his head, right before Sylvester jumped in the air and tried to catch the bird. John then grabbed the cat, holding the latter with one hand.

"There's a talking cat and a talking bird with me. And I think you might recognize them."

"Oh, boy..." Hawkgirl said, rubbing her forehead. "Why do I have the feeling Flash will be the next one to call?"

Suddenly, somebody else called. A few seconds later, a certain Scarlet Speedster appeared on another screen, along with a certain mouse and a certain blue-feathered bird.

"Hey, guys! I just met Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner!" he said in an enthusiastic tone.

"Beep! Beep!" the Road Runner exclaimed.

"Saw that one coming." The Thanagarian said, rolling her eyes.

Once again, someone else was calling the Watchtower. This time, it was none other than Green Arrow and Black Canary.

"Hey, Shayera." Black Canary said. "We..."

"Let me guess... You guys came across one or several Looney Tunes?"

"How did you know that?" the archer asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Let's just say you ain't the only ones who have that problem." Hawkgirl replied.

"We should analyze this situation." Martian Manhunter said.

"Good idea." she agreed.

End of chapter.

Time for a meeting between the various members. Anyway, I've got a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do for the following chapters, so hopefully I won't have a writer's block as long as the one I just had.

Green Arrow's fight with Merlyn was inspired by "DC Showcase: Green Arrow", a 10 minutes-long animated short that is a bonus feature on the DVD for "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse".

Try to guess what joke Green Arrow was going to say after they fought Bane. I don't know if it's obvious enough given how many times that joke has been used by a lot of people, but just try guessing what he was going to say.

In loving memory of Efrem Zimbalist Jr., who voiced Alfred in every single of his appearance in the DCAU (with the exception of the first three episodes of "Batman: The Animated Series", though).

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.: November 30, 1918 – May 2, 2014

By the way, I wrote the part in this chapter where Alfred appeared WAY before his DCAU voice actor died several weeks ago. Just in case anyone thought I included this character in this chapter simply because of this sad event.

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